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Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion

The Bogotá Connection: Narco News Investigates DEA Corruption and Cover-Up in Colombia

The House of Death: U.S. Law Enforcement Complicity with Murder in Ciudad Juárez

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The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign

State of Mexico and Mexico City Coverage

More coverage in the Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Dutch State of Mexico and Mexico City pages

One Year After The Swine Flu "Crisis" in Mexico, "Love In Times of Swine Flue" is Now Playing Online

In Which an Intrepid Reporter and His Piglet, "Dobbs," Go Looking to Smithfield Farms for the Piglet's Mother, "Michelle"

By Gregory Berger
Via The Narcosphere

May 10, 2010

Federal Police Intimidate Electrician Union Members in Iztapalapa, Mexico

Laid-Off Workers Vow to Relocate Their Table to Continue Assisting Striking Customers

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La Policía Federal intimida a miembros del Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas en Iztapalapa, México

March 4, 2010

What Does it Mean to be Compañeros?

An Other Mexico, and World, is Under Construction between San Salvador Atenco and East Harlem

By RJ Maccani
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... ¿Qué Significa Ser Compañeros?

February 26, 2010

Mexican Drug Policy Reform Movement Takes Shape

International Conference in Mexico City Provides Hope, Inspiration to a Budding Domestic Movement

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... El movimiento mexicano por la reforma de la política de las drogas comienza a tomar forma

February 25, 2010

Bolivian President Evo Morales Visits Mexico City

The Event, Organized by the Mexico City Government, Was Evo's First Official Visit to Mexico

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Evo Morales, Presidente de Bolivia, visita la Ciudad de México

February 22, 2010

SME: "Don't Pay Your Electric Bill!"

Supporters Argue that the Closure of Luz y Fuerza is an Affront to Taxpayers, Electricity Customers, Workers, and Subcontractors

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... SME: “¡No paguen su recibo de electricidad!”

January 26, 2010

Frustrated With Government Lies, Mexican Electricians Declare Wildcat Actions

Two Workers Detained and Later Released Following Other Campaign Mobilizations

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Frustrados por las mentiras del gobierno los electricistas mexicanos declaran acciones no reconocidas por la dirección sindical

January 14, 2010

Mexico Is On the Brink of Its Third Revolution

The Question is Whether That Revolution Will be Peaceful... Or if it Will be Violent with an Uprising of Millions of Down-Trodden Citizens

By Ramón Alberto Garza
Reporte Indigo

en español... México está en la antesala de su tercera revolución

January 4, 2010

Unions Take Over Mexico City to Support Electricians

“Unionists took to the streets in support of Luz y Fuerza workers... They want to negotiate the reinstatement of SME’s 44,000 employees...”

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Sindicatos toman la Ciudad de México en apoyo a los electricistas

December 5, 2009

Call to the Peoples of México to Organize the Revocation of the Presidency of Felipe Calderón

On the Eve of the 2010 Bicentennial of Mexican Independence, an Organizing Campaign Begins

By More than 300 Organizations and Signers
Republic of México

en español... Llamado al pueblo de México para organizarse por la revocación del mandato de Felipe Calderón

November 30, 2009

The Numbers Don’t Add Up in Mexico’s Drug War

Drug Seizures are Down; Drug Production, Executions, Disappearances, and Human Rights Abuses are Up

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... En México las cifras de la guerra contra las drogas no tienen sentido

November 29, 2009

Electricians Take Over Luz y Fuerza Buildings

Ex-Workers from Luz y Fuerza del Centro Tried to Enter the Pachuca Station and Hung Red and Black Banners in the Nuevo Necaxa, Puebla, Hydroelectric Plant

By Editorial
El Universal

en español... Electricistas toman instalaciones de LyFC

November 6, 2009

Privatization Behind Calderon's Attack on Electricians Union

A Spanish Company and National Action Party Members Hope to Exploit Luz y Fuerza's Fiber Optic Network

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La Privatización detrás del Ataque de Calderón contra el Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas

October 18, 2009

“We’re Looking For the ‘President of Employment’”

Thousands of People March in Mexico City Against Calderon’s Order to Shut down Luz y Fuerza

By Fernando León
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... “Andamos Buscando al ‘Presidente del Empleo’”

October 16, 2009

Military and Federal Police "Kidnap" Electricians to Put them to Work

Federal Agents Take Them By Force to Power Stations with Problems

By Patricia Muñoz and Fabiola Martinez
La Jornada

en español... Secuestran electricistas para que trabajen: SME

October 14, 2009

Military, Federal Police Bust Mexican Electrical Workers Union

Calderon Uses 6,000 Federal Agents to Fire Over 44,000 Luz y Fuerza Workers

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La Polícia Federal y Militares Arremeten Contra el Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas

October 12, 2009

Mexico "Anarcho-Bombings" Spark Student Witch Hunt

Government Uses the Explosions Against Leftist Strongholds on University Campuses

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... México: “Anarco-bombazos” Inician la Cacería de Estudiantes

October 11, 2009

Six Ideas for Re-thinking the War in Mexico

The Security Situation has Worsened, and Mexicans are Desperate for Policy Change... Any Policy Change

By Sabina Berman

en español... Seis ideas para repensar la guerra

October 6, 2009

US State Department's Merida Initiative Human Rights Report: Unconvincing Whitewash

US Likely to Release Millions in Training and Military Hardware to Mexico Despite Failure to Comply with Human Rights Conditions

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

September 29, 2009

Merida Initiative Police Screenings "Inefficient" and "Ineffective"

Lauded Polygraph Tests Have Failed to Reduce Corruption

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... La Depuración Policiaca de la Iniciativa Mérida “Ineficiente” e “Ineficaz”

September 27, 2009

Mexico Legalizes Small Quantities of Some Drugs

A Look at How the Law Is Implemented in Tijuana

By Rocky Neptun
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

August 30, 2009

Mexico’s Emerging Narco-State

"As the economy rots in joblessness, their politicians court powerful moneyed interests... The supposed 'failed state' looks a lot more like a corporate-backed narco-state"

By Todd Miller

July 2, 2009

Carlos Pascual Nominated as US Ambassador to Mexico

On March 26 We Reported that His Nomination Was "Likely." Today It's Official. Read About the Nominee They Call "the Shock Doctor"

By Al Giordano
Originally Published on March 26, 2009

June 4, 2009

Persecution of Monterrey Community Radio "Tierra y Libertad"

Mexican Government Used the Drug War to Raid a Rebellious Poor Neighborhood's Radio; Radio Magnates Rejoice

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Persecución de la Radio Comunitaria “Tierra y Libertad” en Monterrey

June 1, 2009

Congress Sends Drug War South, Taxpayer Money to Defense Firms

The Bush Security Doctrine and Defense Interests Continue to Control the U.S. Government's Foreign Policy

By Laura Carlsen
Via the NarcoSphere

May 31, 2009

Plan Mexico Reality Check in US Senate

All Eyes on Conference Committee to Resolve $404 Million Difference Between Senate and House Versions of New Plan Mexico Funding

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

May 18, 2009

Plan Mexico: US Congress Abandons Human Rights Posturing in Favor of Black Hawk Helicopters

Majority of Proposed Funds are for Military Aircraft; House Appropriations Axes Human Rights Conditions to Speed Delivery

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

May 13, 2009

Mexico Decriminalizes Simple Possession, Cracks Down on Everything Else

New Laws Strike a Symbolic Blow to Prohibition, But Net Result is Increased Law Enforcement Powers

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

May 9, 2009

El Chapo Guzman: the National Action Party's Drug Baron

"It is estimated that drug trafficking money is linked to about 78% of legal Mexican activities"

By Ricardo Ravelo

en español... El capo del panismo

April 20, 2009

Mexican Drug War: Soldiers vs. Soldiers

The Most Severe Blows Against the Military in the War on Drugs Have Come from Former Soldiers

By Jorge Carrasco Araizaga

en español... Militares: el enemigo, de la misma familia

April 18, 2009

Over 10,000 Dead: Is Mexican Drug War Violence Ebbing?

Statistical Slights-of-Hand and Temporary Lulls Have Obscured the Drug War's Rising Costs

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Con más de 10,000 Muertos: ¿Esta bajando la Violencia de la Guerra de las Drogas en Mexico?

April 17, 2009

Merida Initiative: the United States’ Bureaucratic Invasion

With the Bilateral Strategy’s Implementation, Dozens of Experts Began to Arrive in Mexico to Collaborate with Authorities in the Fight Against Drug Trafficking

By Víctor Hugo Michel

en español... Invasión burocrática de EU

April 16, 2009

Former Mexican Intelligence Director: “We’ve Lost Half the Country” to Organized Crime

Ex-Intelligence Directors and Attorney General Medina Mora Contradict Clinton and Calderon on Drug War

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

April 15, 2009

Mexico's Democratic Revolution Party Endorses Marijuana Decriminalization

“In the case of drugs neither total deregulation nor total prohibition is the answer... Instead, a balance must be found”

By Rolando Ramos
El Economista

en español... Avala PRD despenalizar marihuana

April 14, 2009

Regime of Exception: Mexico's Two-Track Justice System

US-funded Judicial Reform Creates Two Justice Systems: Citizens and Enemies of the State

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

April 1, 2009

No to Intervention

Open Letter to US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

By Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Por Esto

en español... No a la intervención

March 26, 2009

Reports: Carlos Pascual May Be Designated as US Ambassador to Mexico

The Vice President of the Brookings Institution Is a “Shock Doctor” Who Specializes in “Post Conflict Stabilization”

By Al Giordano
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

March 26, 2009

In Two Years the Number of Gang Members Doubles in Monterrey, Mexico

In 2006 There Were Eleven Thousand Youths Involved in Gangs; In 2008 the Number Rose to 26 Thousand; Military Report Confirms that Los Zetas Financed the Tapados Protests

By Diego E. Osorno
Milenio - Translation by Kristin Bricker

en español... Se duplicaron en 2 años los pandilleros de Monterrey

March 24, 2009

The Border’s “Agent Orange” Controversy

Ignoring Health Concerns in Nuevo Laredo, US Border Patrol Will Spray 1.1 Miles of Border Land with Chemical Herbicide

Frontera NorteSur

en español... La controversia del “Agente Naranja” en la frontera entre México y EE.UU.

March 21, 2009

Abuse Allegations Rise Against Mexican Army

Since the Deployment of Troops in the Drug War, Allegations of Illegal Searches and Arrests, Rape and Torture Have Risen, Rights Groups Say

By Ken Ellingwood
LA TImes

March 21, 2009

‘Migracorridos’: Another Failed Anti-Immigration Campaign

Payola: In Hopes of Deterring Immigration the US Border Patrol Purchases Airtime in Mexico to Promote its Own Corridos Album

By Marisol LeBrón

March 20, 2009

Mexico, Pakistan, and the So-Called “Failed State”

Washington’s War on “Narco-Terrorism”

By Shamus Cooke
Global Research

March 16, 2009

Drug War Doublespeak

The U.S. Government and Media Barrage Spin Failure Into Success as Prohibitionist Polices of the Past are Implemented in Mexico

By Laura Carlsen
Americas Program, Center for International Policy

March 11, 2009

Plan Mexico is Back in Congress

House Passes 2009 Plan Mexico Funding Despite Mexico’s Failure to Comply with the 2008 Funding’s Human Rights Conditions

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

February 26, 2009

Mexican Defense Secretary Opposes Civilian Trials for Military Human Rights Abusers

Tribunals -vs- Civilian Courts for Members of the Military Accused of Human Rights Violations Takes Center Stage in Mexico’s Drug War

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

February 25, 2009

Meeting Obama on Monday, Calderon Backed McCain in ‘08

Obama’s Appointment of the New US Ambassador to Mexico Will Offer the First Test of Whether Change Is Coming to US-Mexican Policy

By Al Giordano
Via the NarcoSphere

January 10, 2009

Loose Ends: Washington Subordinates Mexico Through Security Agreements

Mexico's Drug War Fits into the Rubric of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the US Security Agenda

By Carlos Fazio
La Jornada

January 1, 2009

Why Plan Mexico will Crash and Burn

Rampant Corruption on Both Sides of the Border Exacerbate the Ineffectiveness of an Already Failed Strategy

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

December 10, 2008

A Border Under Siege

American Military Training and Texas Guns are Helping Boost Drug-War Violence

By Peter Gorman
Fort Worth Weekly

en español... El entrenamiento militar y armas de EE.UU. aumentan la violencia de la guerra de la droga

December 4, 2008

Links Between Mexican Security Secretary Garcia Luna and Drug Kingpin “El Mayo”

Federal Police Say Garcia Luna’s Bodyguards Witnessed the Head of Mexico’s Public Security Ministry Discuss an “Agreement” with a Drug Cartel Gangster

By Ricardo Ravelo

en español... Vínculos García Luna - “El Mayo”

November 25, 2008

US Releases $90 Million in Plan Mexico Military Hardware

Sources Within the US Congress Have Confirmed to Narco News that the US Government has Released a Large Portion of the $116.5 Million Assigned To Plan Mexico

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

en español... Material militar por 90 millones de dólares para el Plan México

November 19, 2008

Up to the Highest Level: Narco Infiltration in Felipe Calderon’s Government

The Agencies in Charge of Mexico’s Drug War Have High-Ranking Officials Who Protect the Cartels

By Ricardo Ravelo

en español... Hasta lo más alto…

November 13, 2008

The Battle for Pemex: a Mexican Oil Worker Explains Energy Reform

Mexican Congress Approves Light Reforms for the State Oil Company; Legislators Vow to Continue the Campaign to Privatize Pemex

By Kristin Bricker
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... La batalla por PEMEX

November 4, 2008

Rice Refuses to Rule Out Deployment of Armed US Agents under Plan Mexico

During a Recent Visit to Mexico, the US Secretary of State Discusses Plan Mexico, Security Cooperation, and the War on Drugs

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

October 29, 2008

High-Ranking SIEDO Officials Detained; They Were Working for the Beltrán Leyva Cartel

Arrests Within the Mexican Assistant Attorney General’s Office on Organized Crime Are Only the Latest; Drug Traffickers May Also Have Informants in Interpol and the US Embassy

By Agencias and La Jornada
La Jornada On Line

en español... Detienen a mandos de SIEDO; servían a los Beltrán Leyva

October 28, 2008

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission Blames Plan Mexico for APPO Arrests

Official Human Rights Ombudsman Says the Government Believed Plan Mexico Funds were Conditioned on Resolving Brad Will Case

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

October 24, 2008

Capitalist Games Cause Peso Crash

Mexican Companies’ Scramble for U.S. Dollars Caused the Peso to Fall 50% Against the Dollar

By Kristin Bricker
Via the NarcoSphere

October 21, 2008

Mexican Defense Department Plans to Expand Anti-Drug Operations

The Military Will Carry Out Joint Operations in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Sonora, Tabasco, Coahuila, and Campeche

By Jorge Alejandro Medellin
El Universal

en español... Sedena planea ampliar operativos antidrogas

October 20, 2008

Plan Mexico: Calderón’s Endless War

There are 40,000 Soldiers Deployed in 11 States, Since Open War Was Declared on Organized Crime a Year and a Half Ago

By Kristin Bricker

October 17, 2008

Alleged Zetas and Municipal Police from Puebla Kidnap 32 Undocumented Migrants

Those Responsible Demanded Ransom from the Victims’ Families in the United States

By Martín Hernández Alcántara (La Jornada de Oriente)
La Jornada

en español... Presuntos zetas y policías municipales de Puebla secuestran a 32 indocumentados

October 17, 2008

Plan Mexico in the Caribbean: Payday for Haiti Coup Co-conspirators - Part III

No Significant Policy Change in Haiti or the Dominican Republic, but The Merída Initiative Leaves Room for Expansion in the Caribbean

By Kristin Bricker
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

September 30, 2008

Plan Mexico in Central America - Part II

Increased Militarization and Police Security will be the Primary Strategic and Financial Focus for the Merída Initiative

By Kristin Bricker
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

September 24, 2008

Atenco’s Political Prisoners: The Persistence of Resistance

Thirty-One Year Sentences for Protest (or Being Near It) in Mexico

By Alejandro Reyes
Radio Zapatista

en español... Los presos políticos de Atenco: la persistencia de la resistencia

September 22, 2008

Plan Mexico Spending Plan Released - Part I

Narco News Has Obtained, and Makes Available to the Public, the 38-Page FY 2008 Appropriations Document

By Kristin Bricker
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

September 16, 2008

Multimillionaire Budget to Assure State Viability

The Mexican Department of Public Safety Will Have Operation Centers for Immediate Reaction to Coordinate Intelligence and Investigation Tasks.

By Enrique Mendez and Roberto Garduño
La Jornada

en español... Presupuesto multimillonario para asegurar la viabilidad del Estado

September 11, 2008

Mexican Generals Propose a Militarized National Police Force

Under the Proposal, Police Allied with Drug Traffickers Would Face the Death Penalty

By Kristin Bricker
Via The NarcoSphere

August 30, 2008

León Torture Trainers Identified

Mexican Daily El Universal Reports More Details Behind the Training-for-Torturers Video

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

July 4, 2008

US Private Contractor Leads Torture Training in Mexico

Warning: Graphic Content from the Training Videos Appear with This Story

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

July 2, 2008

Mexico’s Battle Over Oil

President Felipe Calderon Seeks to Privatize the Most Profitable Aspects, Including Refining, Processing, and Transport

By Laura Carlsen
Foreign Policy in Focus

May 15, 2008

Felipe Calderón’s Lost War

A Good Anti-Drug Strategy Would Result in the Reduction of Violence, but in Mexico, Just the Opposite is Happening

By Erich Moncada
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... La guerra perdida de Felipe Calderón

February 20, 2008

Narco News Reporters Harassed

Mexican Journalists Denounce Possible Early Effects of Country’s Proposed “Gestapo Law”

By Hermann Bellinghausen, Eugene Bermejillo, Gloria Muñoz Ramírez, Ramón Vera Herrera and Yuriria Pantoja Millán
La Jornada

en español... Hostigamiento contra reporteros de Narco News
in italiano... Intimidazioni Contro i Giornalisti di Narco News

February 20, 2008


Analysis of Plan Mexico

An Interview with Laura Carlsen, Director, Americas Program Center for International Policy

By Chicago Public Radio

December 11, 2007

“Mexico will Turn Into a Pressure Cooker. And... it will Explode”

An Interview with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos

By Jo Tuckman
The Guardian of London

en español... “México se convertirá en una olla de presión... Y va a estallar”
en français... « Le Mexique va se transformer en cocotte-minute… Et il va exploser. »
in italiano... Il Messico diventerà una pentola a pressione. E… esploderà

May 13, 2007

“It is You and We Who Must Not Wait for the Conditions to Fight”: Zapatistas in March for Atenco

After the Repression in Texcoco and Atenco, the Other Campaign Marches to Demand Freedom and Justice for the Country's Political Prisoners

By Juan Trujillo
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... “Somos ustedes y nosotros quienes no debemos esperar las condiciones para luchar”: Zapatistas en marcha por Atenco

May 8, 2007

Who Can Imprison the Fury of a Volcano?

Letter from Nacho del Valle, Sentenced to 67 Years in Prison, from “the La Palma Extermination Camp” in Mexico

By Ignacio del Valle
Peoples Front for the Defense of the Land, Atenco, Mexico

en español... “¿Quien puede aprisionar la furia de un volcán?”
en français... Qui peut emprisonner la fureur d’un volcan ?
in italiano... “Chi può imprigionare la furia di un vulcano?”

May 7, 2007

After the Repression in Atenco and More than Six Months Setting up the Protest Camp, Only Five People Maintain It

“There’s No Hope for Them Through the Legal Path... Don’t Leave Us Alone, at Least Come to Visit,” Exclaims Jesus from the Camp Outside Santiaguito Penitentiary

By Juan Trujillo
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Después de la represión en Atenco y a más de seis meses de instalado el campamento cuenta con sólo cinco personas

February 1, 2007

The Other Campaign in the North of Mexico: Saying “Oaxaca” from Above and Below

Words of Delegados Zero, One, Two and Three During the Conclusion of the National Tour

By the Sixth Commission of the EZLN
Enlace Zapatista

en español... La Otra Campaña en el Norte de México: decir “Oaxaca” arriba y abajo
auf Deutsch... Worte des Delegierten Null auf der 4. Konferenz der Politischen Linken Antikapitalistischen Organisationen (COPAI) mit der Anderen Kampagne, in D.F.
en français... Le Mexique du Nord, l’Autre Campagne et Oaxaca : dire « Oaxaca » en haut et en bas
in italiano... L’Altra Campagna nel Nord del Messico: dire “Oaxaca” in alto e in basso

December 6, 2006

The Zapatista Other Campaign Tour Arrives Back in Mexico City

Comandanta Grabiela: “We Are Here Because We Have Completed Our Work. Now We Get to Return, but You All Will Not Remain Alone”

By Amber Howard
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... La Gira de la Otra Campaña Zapatista Regresa a la Ciudad de México
en français... La tournée de l’Autre campagne Zapatiste revient à la ville de Mexico
in italiano... Il giro dell'Altra Campagna Zapatista ritorna a Città del Messico

in het Nederlands... De rondreis van de Zapatistsche Andere Campagne komt terug aan in Mexico Stad

December 3, 2006

The Coup d’Etat in Mexico

As a New Regime Prepares to Seize Control December 1, Promising a New Wave of Repression, the Antidote Is Being Born from Below

By Al Giordano
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... El Golpe de Estado en México
en français... Coup d’état au Mexique
in italiano... Il Colpo di Stato in Messico

November 29, 2006

Letter from Political Prisoners to the People of Oaxaca in Struggle

“You Have Shown Us to Unite in Our Struggles”

By Compañeras Gloria, Mariana, Norma, Suelen, Edith, Magdalena, Maria Luisa and Patricia
Chiconautla and Santiaguito, the State of Mexico

en español... Carta de Presas Políticas al Pueblo de Oaxaca en Lucha
en français... Lettre de prisonnières politiques au peuple de Oaxaca en lutte

November 11, 2006

Members of the Zapatista Other Campaign Blockade the Mexico City-Acapulco Superhighway in Defense of the People of Oaxaca

On the Day of the Dead, Mexico’s Busiest Highway is Brought to a Standstill to Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of the PFP from Oaxaca

By Greg Berger
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Morelos

November 1, 2006

The Atenco, Oaxaca and Zapatista Rebels Unite in Public for the First Time

At the Scene of the Atenco Massacre of May 3–4, the Mexican Left Shows its Willingness to Forge Alliances and Defy the State

By Greg Berger
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in the State of Mexico

en español... Los rebeldes de Atenco, Oaxaca y Zapatistas se reúnen en público por primera vez

October 22, 2006

Message from the Political Prisoners of Atenco in the La Palma Maximum Security Prison

“The intensification of the repression is nothing but the intensification of the federal and state war against the people.”

By Prisoners of Atenco
Writing from the Santiaguito Prison

en español... Mensaje de los compañeros presos políticos de Atenco desde el penal de máxima seguridad de La Palma, Estado de México

October 17, 2006

Mexico's Presidential Swindle

Anatomy of an Election Fraud and the Surge of a More Determined and Non-Electoral Left from Atenco to Oaxaca to the EZLN Other Campaign

By Al Giordano
New Left Review, London

October 16, 2006

Oaxaca Popular and Indigenous Organizations Boycott Negotiating Session in Mexico City

They Refuse to Sit at the Same Table as Ulises Ruiz; the Federal Government Says It Will Try Again on Thursday

By Kristin Bricker
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

October 8, 2006

The Zapatistas and the Other Campaign: Pedestrians of History III

Part Three: The Longest Day and the Longest Year

By Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Translated by Narco News

en español... L@s zapatistas y la Otra: los peatones de la historia. III.
en français... Les zapatistes et La Otra: les piétons de l’histoire. III.
in italiano... Le/Gli zapatisti e L’Altra: i pedoni della storia III

October 3, 2006

Marcos: “Oaxaca Is Not Just an Emergency, It Is Also an Example to Follow”

Delegate Zero Presents Seven Zapatista Comandantes to the Other Campaign in Mexico City

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Marcos: “Oaxaca es una urgencia, pero también un ejemplo para seguir”
en français... Marcos: « Oaxaca n’est pas seulement une urgence, c’est aussi un exemple à suivre »
in italiano... Marcos: “Oaxaca è una urgenza, ma anche un esempio da seguire”
in het Nederlands... Marcos : “Oaxaca is niet enkel een noodgeval, het is ook een te volgen voorbeeld.”

October 2, 2006

Zapatistas in Atenco: Chapias Caracoles Reopen Today; “Intergalactic” Gathering Is Called for December 30 to January 2, 2007

Grabiela, Zebedeo and Miriam will Stay in the Center of the Country

By Juan Trujillo
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Zapatistas en Atenco: Caracoles en Chiapas reabren hoy, llamado al encuentro “intergaláctico” para el 30 de diciembre al 2 de enero, 2007
em português... Zapatistas em Atenco: Os caracóis de Chiapas reabrem hoje; o encontro "intergalático" é chamado para 30 de dezembro a 2 de janeiro de 2007
in italiano... Zapatisti ad Atenco:I Caracoles in Chiapas riaprono oggi, incontro “intergalattico” convocato dal 30 dicembre al 2 gennaio 2007

October 1, 2006

A Proposed Calendar from the Sixth Commission of the EZLN for the Continuation of the Tour

Proposals Requested for Activities, Meeting Sites, Lodging and Food

By the Sixth Commission of the EZLN
The Other Mexico

en español... Propuesta de calendario de la Comisión Sexta del EZLN para la continuación de la gira
auf Deutsch... Reiseplan-Vorschlag der Sechsten Kommission der EZLN für die Fortsetzung der Anderen Kampagne
en français... Projet de calendrier de la Sixieme Commission du EZLN pour la reprise du tour
in italiano... Proposta di calendario della Commissione Sesta dell’EZLN per continuare il giro

September 17, 2006

Delegate Zero’s Words on the Night of September 15 in Atenco

“Those Up Above are Discovering that the Government is Shit and that the Institutions are Useless”

By Subcomandante Marcos
Translated by Narco News

en español... Palabras del delegado zero la noche del 15 en Atenco
auf Deutsch... Worte des Delegierten Zero in der Nacht vom 15. September in Atenco
in italiano... Discorso del delegato Zero il 15 settembre ad Atenco

September 17, 2006

“Freedom for Political Prisoners!” Calls Marcos, Giving El Grito in Atenco

State and Federal Governments are Trying to Reinitiate the Airport Plan, Warn Speakers

By Javier Salinas
La Jornada

en español... “¡Presos políticos, libertad!”, pide Marcos al dar el Grito en Atenco
auf Deutsch... „Freiheit für die politischen Häftlinge!“, fordert Marcos beim Grito in Atenco
in italiano... “Prigionieri politici, libertà!”, chiede Marcos lanciando il Grido in Atenco

September 16, 2006

The EZLN Announces Reinforcement of its Solidarity with Atenco and the Resumption of the National Tour

The Tour Will Restart This October 9

By Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
The Other Mexico

en español... Anuncia la Comisión Sexta del EZLN el reforzamiento de la solidaridad con Atenco y el reinicio simultaneo de la gira
in italiano... Annuncia la Commissione Sesta dell’EZLN il rafforzamento della solidarietà con Atenco e la ripresa simultanea del giro

September 14, 2006

The Other Side of the Red Alert

A Reply to John Ross

By Alejandro Reyes
Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action

en español... Otra mirada a la Alerta Roja

August 20, 2006

Designer Uprising

Scenes from Mexico City’s Post-electoral Mobilizations

By John Gibler

August 8, 2006

EZLN Comandantes Will Join the Struggle to Free Atenco Prisoners

They Will Travel to Central Mexico, Anounces Marcos; the FPDT Will Step Up Mobilizations

By Javier Salinas Cesareo
La Jornada

en español... Comandantes del EZLN se sumarán a la lucha por la libertad de atenquenses
auf Deutsch... Marcos: EZLN Comandantes kommen um sich den Mobilisierungen für die Atenco Gefangenen anzuschließen
en français... Les commandants du EZLN se joindront à la lutte pour la libération des prisonniers d’Atenco
in italiano... Comandanti dell’EZLN si uniranno alla lotta per la liberazione degli atequensi

July 25, 2006

Time and Urgency: Reflections on the Politics of Listening in the Other Campaign

A Defense and a Critique

By John Gibler
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... El tiempo y la urgencia: reflexiones sobre la política de escuchar en la Otra Campaña
auf Deutsch... Zeit und Dringlichkeit: Überlegungen zur “Zuhör- Politik“ der Anderen Kampagne
in italiano... Il tempo e l’urgenza: riflessioni sulla politica di ascolto dell’Altra Campagna

July 20, 2006

Government Prevents Subcomandante Marcos’ Radio Appearance

The Hosts of Política de Banqueta Resign from Radio 620

By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada

en español... Impiden presentación del subcomandante Marcos en un programa de radio
auf Deutsch... Regierung verhindert Radioauftritt von Subcomandante Marcos’
in italiano... Impedita la presentazione del subcomandante Marcos in un programma radiofonico

July 19, 2006

The Words of Delegate Zero in Atenco, July 11

Was it worth it to give solidarity to all those people who felt alone because they were just a few and because they had to confront the authorities? Were all those days in prison, the beatings, worth it?

By Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Mexico

en español... Palabras del Delegado Zero en Atenco, 11 de julio
in italiano... Parole del Delegato Zero ad Atenco, 11 luglio

July 15, 2006

Marcos Speaks: Fox and the IFE Modified the PREP Results to Prepare an Electoral Fraud

“We’re not in the electoral vibe but for ethical and moral reasons, as Zapatistas, if we see something is wrong, well, we have to say it”

By Subcomandante Marcos
Translated from Radio Insurgente by Narco News

en español... Fox y el IFE modificaron los datos del PREP (Programa de Resultados Electorales Preliminares) para preparar un fraude electoral: Marcos
auf Deutsch... Marcos spricht: Fox und die IFE haben die PREP Ergebnisse modifiziert um einen Wahlbetrug vorzubereiten
en français... Fox et l’IFE ont modifié les chiffres du PREP pour préparer une fraude électorale, a affirmé Marcos
in italiano... Fox e l’IFE hanno modificato i dati del PREP (Programma dei Risultati Elettorali Preliminari) per preparare una frode elettorale: Marcos

July 4, 2006

And the Winner in Mexico Is… The Zapatista Other Campaign

There Are Four Possible Election Results In the Mexico of Above, but the Mexico from Below Has a Surprise Waiting for Each of Them

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico

June 30, 2006

Atenco: Never Again

Adolfo Gilly’s Words for the Presentation of the CCIODH’s Human Rights Report on the Events at Atenco

By Adolfo Gilly
The Other Mexico

en español... Otro Atenco, nunca más
in italiano... Un altro Atenco, mai più

June 28, 2006

Atenco: Breaking the Siege

A New Documentary that Reveals the Extent of the Brutality in Atenco… and the Commercial Media’s Complicity

By Canal 6 del Julio and Promedios
Watch it in the Salón Chingón Screening Room, Now with English Subtitles

en español... Atenco: Romper el Cerco
in italiano... Atenco: Rompere l'Assedio

June 13, 2006

“How is it possible that the government assassinates a young student and to the government, the political parties and the mass media everything stays the same?”

“I am going to deliver this (tear gas canister) to his Alexis’ father so that it can be used as evidence… I recommend that they look for the fingerprints of Vicente Fox and Enrique Peña Nieto on it.”

By Subcomandante Marcos
Translation of Remarks on the 35th Memorial of a Student Massacre in Mexico City

en español... “¿Cómo es posible que el gobierno asesine a un joven estudiante y para gobierno, partidos políticos y medios de comunicación, todo sigue igual?”
auf Deutsch... Worte von Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos auf dem Zócalo von Mexiko Stadt, zum 35. Jahrestag des „Corpus Christi“ Studentenmassakers in D.F.
en français... « Comment est il possible que le gouvernement assassine un jeune étudiant, et que pour le gouvernement, les partis politiques et les médias, tout reste pareil? »
in italiano... “Come è possibile che il governo uccida un giovane studente e per governo, partiti politici e mezzi di comunicazione tutto prosegua normalmente?”

June 12, 2006

Friends and Family Say Goodbye to Ollin Alexis Benhumea Hernández

“To Alexis Benhumea, the Dance of Death Will Only Tickle Him,” said his Dance Teacher at his Funeral

By Quetzal Belmont
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Amigos y familiares se despiden de OIlin Alexis Benhumea Hernández
in italiano... Amici e famigliari salutano OIlin Alexis Benhumea Hernández

June 10, 2006

Letter from Subcomandante Marcos to the Family of Alexis Benhumea

“Ollin Alexis now takes on a name and face for the brutality of those who don’t know how to govern without intimidating, repressing, raping, imprisoning, assassinating.”

By Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Mexico City

en español... Carta del SCI Marcos a la familia de Alexis Benhumea
auf Deutsch... Brief von Subcomandante Marcos an die Familie von Alexis Benhumea
in italiano... Lettera del Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos alla famiglia di Alexis Benhumea Hernández

June 9, 2006

Student Alex Benhumea Dies in a City Hospital a Month after the Repression in Atenco

A Multitude Arrives at the Wake to Say Goodbye to the Young Man Shot by a Gas Canister

By Juan Trujillo
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... El estudiante Alexis Benhumea fallece en un hospital de la ciudad a más de un mes de la represión en Atenco
in italiano... Lo studente Alexis Benhumea è deceduto in un ospedale della città dopo più di un mese dalla repressione in Atenco

June 8, 2006

East to West and North to South, the Other Campaign in National March Demanded Liberty and Justice

More Than 10,000 People March Past Symbols of Power to Demand Justice for Atenco

By Juan Trujillo
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... De norte a sur y de este a oeste, la otra campaña en marcha nacional exigió justicia y libertad
en français... Du nord au sud et d’est en ouest, L’Autre Campagne en marche nationale exigea justice et liberte
in italiano... Da nord a sud e da est ad ovest, l’altra campagna con una marcia nazionale ha richiesto giustizia e libertà

June 8, 2006

Alexis Benhumea (1986-2006)

Funeral at 1 p.m. Thursday at Calle Tonalá #16, Colonia Roma, Mexico City

By Radio Sabotaje
Mexico City

en español... Alexis Benhumea (1986-2006)

June 7, 2006

One Month from the Atenco Atrocities and the Zapatista “Red Alert,” Narco News is Working Harder than Ever

New DVD from the Other Journalism, “Delegate Zero in Yucatán and Quintana Roo,” Now Shipping for Narco News Supporters

By Dan Feder
Managing Editor, Narco News

June 6, 2006

Police Testify that the Beatings and Arbitrary Arrests in Atenco Were Committed on Explict Orders from Above

Cops Turn Against their Bosses: the Atenco Citizenry Runs Televisa Out of Town in Front of Four State Troopers

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico

en español... Policías testifican que los golpes y arrestos arbitrarios en Atenco se cometieron por órdenes explícitas de arriba
auf Deutsch... Polizisten bezeugen, dass die Prügel und willkürlichen Festnahmen in Atenco auf den ausdrücklichen Befehl von oben erfolgten

June 5, 2006

In Mexico, a Month Later, the Police Brutality in Atenco is Covered Up with Newer Violations of Human Rights

Political Prisoners, Many Still Gravely Wounded, Are Held Incommunicado and Without Access to Doctors, Family Members or Human Rights Investigators

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico

en español... En México, un mes más tarde, la brutalidad policial en Atenco se oculta con nuevas violaciones de derechos humanos

June 3, 2006

The Other According to…

Subcomandante Marcos’ words at the National School of Anthropology and History in Mexico City on Friday, Assisted by Durito, Elías Contreras, and Old Antonio

By Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Mexico

en español... La Otra según…
auf Deutsch... Die Andere Kampagne nach...
in italiano... L'Altra secondo…

June 3, 2006

A Letter from Delegate Zero to Adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign

Comments on the Action Proposal by the Sixth Commission of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

By Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Mexico

en español... Carta del Delegado Zero a los adherentes a la Sexta y a la Otra
auf Deutsch... Einige Überlegungen von SupMarcos zum vorgeschlagenen Aktionsplan der Sechsten Kommission der EZLN, präsentiert am 29. Mai 2006
en français... Lettre du Delegue Zero aux adherents de la Sexta et à L’Autre Campagne
in italiano... Alcune considerazioni del sulla Proposta di Piano di Azione della Commissione Sesta presentata il 29 maggio 2006

June 1, 2006


Audio: Reports from the Mexican States to the National Assembly of the Other Campaign, May 29

Voices from the 31 States, Mexico City, and the Other Campaign on the Other Side Reveal a Truly National Movement

By Radio Pacheco
Mexico City

en español... Audio: Informes de los estados a la asemblea nacional de la Otra Campaña, 29 de mayo
in italiano... Audio: Relazioni degli stati all’assemblea nazionale dell’Altra Campagna, 29 maggio

June 1, 2006

“If You Listen, Mexico 2006 Seems a lot Like Chiapas in 1992”

An Exclusive Interview with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos: Part IV

By Sergio Rodríguez Lascano
Rebeldía Magazine

June 1, 2006

A Different Path for Latin America Rides Through Mexico

An Exclusive Interview with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos: Part III

By Sergio Rodríguez Lascano
Rebeldía Magazine

May 31, 2006

A Message for the Intellectuals and their “Magnificent Alibi to Avoid Struggle and Confrontation”

An Exclusive Interview with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos: Part II

By Sergio Rodríguez Lascano
Rebeldía Magazine

May 31, 2006

The Extra Element: Organization

An Exclusive Interview with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos: Part I

By Sergio Rodríguez Lascano
Rebeldía Magazine

en español... El elemento extra: la organización

May 30, 2006

Unprecedented Turnout for the Left in Colombian Presidential Race

Reformer Carlos Gaviria at 22.10 Percent; Uribe Wins Four More Years in First Round

By Dan Feder
Via The Narcosphere

May 28, 2006

The Zapatista Other Campaign vs. Mexico’s 2006 Presidential “Election”

The View from Above and to the Right Fails Because It Ignores “the Repression Poll” from Below

By Al Giordano
Second of Two Parts

en español... La Otra Campaña Zapatista vs las campañas presidenciales de México en el 2006
in italiano... L’Altra Campagna Zapatista vs. le Elezioni Presidenziale in Messico del 2006

May 27, 2006

Police Aggression in Atenco Meant to Send an “Intimidating Message” to the Mexican People

TeleSUR Interviews América del Valle in Hiding

By TeleSUR

en español... Agresión policial en Atenco es un "mensaje intimidatorio" para población mexicana
in italiano... Intervista di TeleSUR con América del Valle

May 27, 2006

The Zapatista Other Campaign and the Netwar over Defining Atenco

How a Horizontal Communications Network Unmasked Repression and Simulation by the Mexican State and Media

By Al Giordano
First of Two Parts

en español... La Otra Campaña zapatista y la ciber-guerra (“netwar”) en torno a la definición de los hechos de Atenco
en français... L’Autre Campagne zapatiste et la guerre cybernétique ( “netwar”) en ce qui concerne les événements d’Atenco
in italiano... L’Altra Campagna zapatista e la “guerra dei media” sui fatti di Atenco

May 26, 2006

Women: Assembly Instructions?

Words from the Sixth Committee of the EZLN for the Public Event “Women Without Fear: We Are All Atenco”

By Subcomandante Marcos
The Other Mexico

en español... Mujeres: ¿Instrucciones de Ensamblado?
en français... Femmes : Instructions d’assemblée ?
in italiano... Donne: istruzioni per il montaggio?

May 25, 2006

Several People Wounded By Bullets in the Invasion of Atenco, NGO Doctor Reveals

At Least Three of the Beaten Have Been Visited in Prison; The Most Gravely Injured Requires Hospitalization

By Emir Olivares Alonso
La Jornada

en español... En la toma de Atenco fueron varios los heridos de bala, revela médico de ONG
in italiano... Nella presa di Atenco ci sono stati diversi feriti da arma da fuoco, rivela un medico di una ONG

May 24, 2006

Atenco’s “Operation Rescue” Planned by PFP and Approved by Fox, Following Established “Dirty War” Tactics

Radio and TV Anchors, Consciously or Not, Were Part of the Psychological War Used to Justify the Paramilitary Action of May 4

By Carlos Fazio
La Jornada

en español... El rescate de Atenco, planeado por PFP y aprobado por Fox
in italiano... Il riscatto di Atenco, pianificato dalla PFP ed approvato da Fox

May 21, 2006

Video Appears on Internet of the Illegal Arrest of Chilean Filmmaker Valentina Palma, May 4, in Atenco

“Help Me,” She Pleaded as They Grabbed Her by the Hair: Video Reveals that Police Carried Firearms, Contradicting Claims by the Government of Vicente Fox

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Aparece video en Internet sobre el arresto ilegal de la cineasta chilena Valentina Palma, el 4 de mayo, en Atenco
in italiano... Video diffuso in Internet dell’arresto illegale della documentarista cilena Valentina Palma, il 4 maggio ad Atenco

May 20, 2006

Mexico: Violence and Backlash in San Salvador Atenco

A Blogger Scrutinizes Many of 3,000 Weblog Entries and Press Reports to Deconstruct What Really Happened

By David Sasaki
Global Voices Online Blog

May 18, 2006

The “Dirty War” Returns to Mexico

San Salvador Atenco Attacks Follow Blueprint of Terror from the 70s and 80s

By John Ross
Blindman’s Buff

en español... La “guerra sucia” regresa a México
in italiano... In Messico ritorna “la guerra sporca”

May 18, 2006

Police Recognize Atenco Repression as Illegal

“The government always uses us; we are always the bad guys in society’s eyes, but the reality is that these are orders we receive from the government and from our commanders, to repress.”

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Fuera de la ley, la represión en Atenco, reconocen policías involucrados
in italiano... Fuori legge, la repressione in Atenco, riconoscono i poliziotti coinvolti

May 18, 2006

Letter to Valentina Palma, Cristina Valls and María Sostres, Foreign Women Deported from Mexico

“It is so good that you are talking about what just happened to you! So good for you and so good for us…”

By Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar
Mexico City

en español... Carta a Valentina Palma, Cristina Valls y María Sostres, extranjeras deportadas de México

May 18, 2006

Javier Cortés Was Shot from Less than 28 Inches Away

The State Attorney’s Office Confirms that Killing of the Youth in Texcoco May 3 Was Intentional Homicide

By Israel Davila
La Jornada

en español... Dispararon contra el menor Javier Cortés a menos de 70 centímetros
in italiano... Hanno sparato a Javier Cortés a meno di 70 centimetri di distanza

May 18, 2006

Interview with Subcomandante Marcos, Part III: “The ruling class and the system don’t have a solution”

Many Are Going to Be Surprised by the Left that Will Emerge

By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada

en español... Entrevista con el subcomandante marcos, III y final: “La clase política y el sistema no tienen remedio”
in italiano... Intervista al subcomandante Marcos, III e ultima: “La classe politica ed il sistema non hanno rimedio”

May 18, 2006

Case Files: Testimonies of Rape by Police in the Aftermath of Atenco

As Mexican Politicians (Guided by U.S. Advisors) Deny the Evidence, Each Woman’s Story Corroborates the Next

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Archivos del caso: testimonios de violación por policías tras la desgracia de Atenco

May 17, 2006

May 19 and 28: “No one can hold back our mobilizations”

Communiqué from the Intergalactic Commission

By Lieutenant Colonel Moises
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

en español... 18 y 29 de mayo: “Nadie nos detendrá en nuestras movilizaciones”
in italiano... 18 e 29 maggio: "Nessuno ci fermerà nelle nostre mobilitazioni"

May 17, 2006

Let the cries of "You are not alone!" Tear Down the Prison Walls

Communiqué from the EZLN Sixth Commission

By Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

en español... Que el grito de "¡No están solos!" rompa los muros de las prisiones
in italiano... Che il grido “Non siete soli!” abbatta i muri delle prigioni

May 17, 2006

Thoughts on Marcos and Leadership

The Paradoxes of Being a Spokesperson for a Hierarchical Organization that Fights for Radical Democracy

By RJ Maccani
Left Turn

May 17, 2006

U.S. Political Consultants Dick Morris and Rob Allyn Are the Virtual Rapists of Atenco

Fox’s Government Tortured, Raped and Expelled Foreign Journalists as His Own Gringo Political Handlers Violated Article 33 of the Mexican Constitution

By Al Giordano
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Los violadores virtuales de Atenco son los asesores políticos estadounidenses Dick Morris y Rob Allyn
in italiano... I consulenti politici USA, Dick Morris e Rob Allyn, sono gli stupratori virtuali di Atenco

May 16, 2006

Marcos: Either Release All Prisoners from Atenco, Or We All Go to Jail

In Mexico, “The State has Converted Justice into an Expensive Commodity,” Says the Zapatista Subcomandante at the Presidential Mansion

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... O sacan a todos los presos de Atenco, o vamos todos a la cárcel: Marcos
auf Deutsch... Marcos: Lasst die Atenco-Gefangenen frei, oder sperrt uns alle ein!
in italiano... Marcos: o tirano fuori tutti i carcerati di Atenco, o andiamo tutti alla prigione

May 15, 2006

The Man Who Lost His Garments

A Reflection on the Police Riot in Atenco: “A government that doesn’t know el pueblo cannot possibly understand what feeds its revolutionary spirit”

By Miles Train
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico

en español... El hombre que perdió sus vestiduras
auf Deutsch... Der Mann, der Seine Gewänder verlor

May 15, 2006

Mexican National Meeting of Legal Strategies for the Other Campaign

Representatives from Many States Discuss How to Best Defend Social Movements, with Focus on Atenco

By Amber Howard
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Reunión Nacional Mexicana de Estrategias Legales para la Otra Campana

May 14, 2006

Students Maintain Blockade Despite Repression

Police Beat and Gas Students at the National School of Anthropology and History

By Juan Trujillo
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... A pesar de la represión, el bloqueo continuó en alianza universitaria

May 13, 2006

Interview with Subcomandante Marcos, Part II: “At This Rate, the Elections Will Take Place Under Military Supervision”

Delegate Zero Predicts the Emergence of an Unprecedented, Cultural, Political, Scientific, and Humanist Movement

By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada

en español... Entrevista con el subcomandante Marcos II: La clase política en el gobierno está operando la destrucción
en français... Entretien avec le sous-commandant marcos: a ce rythme-la les elections se feront sous contrôle militaire
in italiano... Intervista al Subcomandante Marcos II: La classe politica di governo sta attuando la distruzione

May 13, 2006

A Week After the Repression in Atenco, Alexis Benhumea’s Life Hangs in the Balance

Narco News Obtained the Projectile That Struck the Student and Put Him in a Coma… and Saw That it Was Made in the USA

By the Narco News Road Team
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco and Mexico City

en español... A una semana de la represión y en estado de coma, Alexis Benhumea se debate entre la vida y la muerte
en français... Une semaine après la répression et en état de coma, Alexis Benhumea se débat entre la vie et la mort
in italiano... Ad una settimana dalla repressione, Alexis Benhumea, in stato di coma, combatte tra la vita e la morte

May 12, 2006

“They Ordered Me to Lay My Head In a Pool of Blood”

A Letter from Valentina Palma, Chilean Anthropology Student and Filmmaker Who Was Beaten, Tortured and Deported After the Violence in Atenco

By Valentina Palma Novoa

en español... “Me ordenaron bajar la cabeza sobre un charco de sangre”
auf Deutsch... Sie befahlen mir meinen Kopf in ein „Becken voll Blut“ zu legen
in italiano... “Mi hanno ordinato di mettere la testa in una pozza di sangue”

May 12, 2006

More Police Repression in Mexico

Police Attack Mexico City Students Protesting the Violence in Atenco

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Otra represión policíaca en México
in italiano... Ulteriore repressione della polizia in Messico

May 11, 2006

Interview with Subcomandante Marcos: “The conflicts already exist. The Other Campaign makes them visible.”

Delegate Zero Says That Change Must Come, but That, with the Other Campaign, it Will Be Non-Violent

By Hermann Bellinghausen
La Jornada

en español... Entrevista con el subcomandante Marcos: “Los conflictos ya están. La Otra Campaña los hace visibles”
in italiano... Intervista con il Subcomandante Marcos: “I conflitti già ci sono. L’Altra Campagna gli dà visibilità”

May 11, 2006

Crackdown in Mexico: 200 Jailed, Women Claim Sexual Abuse by Police

Radio Report Featuring Interviews with Valentina Palma and John Gilber

Democracy Now!

May 11, 2006

The International Network Mobilizes

Summary of International Actions in Solidarity with the People of Atenco and the Other Campaign

By the Intergalactic Commission of the EZLN

en español... La red internazional se moviliza
en français... Rejoignez le grand combat pour casser le boycott par les médias de l’Autre Campagne zapatiste

May 11, 2006

Letter from Ángel Benhumea to the Other Campaign, to the Workers of the Countryside and the City

Ángel, Father of Alexis Benhumea — Who Lies in a Coma After the May 4 Police Operation in Atenco — Demands “Punishment for the Material and Intellectual Authors of the Crimes”

By Quetzal Belmont
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Carta de Ángel Benhumea a La Otra Campaña, a los trabajadores y trabajadoras del campo y la ciudad
in italiano... Lettera di Ángel Benhumea a L'Altra Campagna, ai lavoratori e lavoratrici delle campagne e delle città

May 10, 2006

Solidarity with the Atenco Movement in Paris

Account of Demonstration in Defense of the People of Atenco and Texcoco

By Miguel Fuentes
Reporting from Paris

en español... Solidariedad con el movimiento de Atenco en París

May 10, 2006

Declaration of the Fourth National Indigenous Congress, in San Pedro Atlapulco

“For real autonomy and indigenous resistance”

en español... Declaración del IV Congreso Nacional Indígena San Pedro Atlapulco
in italiano... Dichiarazione del IV Congresso Nazionale Indigeno San Pedro Atlapulco

May 10, 2006

“Hard Line” or Witch Hunt?

The Reality of the Atenco Violence Amidst Media and Government Lies

By Quetzal Belmont
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... ¿“Mano dura” o cacería de brujas?
auf Deutsch... „Hartes Durchgreifen“ oder Hexenjagd?
in italiano... “Mano pesante” o caccia alle streghe?

May 9, 2006

Spanish Women Tell of Abuse at the Hands of Mexican Police

“They did everything to us, but our faces were covered”

By Armando G. Tejeda
La Jornada

en español... Ciudadanas españolas dan cuenta de vejaciones a manos de policías
in italiano... “Ci hanno fatto di tutto, ma eravamo incappucciate”

May 9, 2006

Join in the Grand Struggle to Break the Media Boycott Against the Zapatista Other Campaign

A Letter from Mercedes Osuna, from San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

By Mercedes Osuna
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Chiapas

en español... Únete al gran esfuerzo de romper el boicot de los medios masivos de comunicación contra La Otra Campaña zapatista
in italiano... Unisciti al grande sforzo per rompere il boicottaggio dei mezzi di comunicazione di massa contro L’Altra Campagna zapatista

May 9, 2006

Atenco: After the Lies Come the Facts

The People Tell the Story the Mass Media Tried to Hide

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Atenco: después de la mentira, vienen los hechos
in italiano... Atenco: dopo le menzogne, ecco i fatti

May 8, 2006

Communiqué from Cochabamba, Bolivia of Solidarity with Atenco’s Struggle

To Our Sisters and Our Brothers of Atenco, Our Hearts and Our Voices Are in Your and Our Struggle for Justice and Liberty

By Oscar Olivera Foronda and Abraham Grandydier
National Coordinator in Defense of Water and Life

en español... Comunicado desde Cochabamba, Bolivia de solidaridad con la lucha de Atenco
in italiano... Comunicado da Cochabamba, Bolivia, in solidarietá con la lotta di Atenco

May 8, 2006

LA Times Reporters Jump on the Coffin of 14-Year-Old Javier Cortés in Atenco to Invent an Untrue Story

LA Timesmen Sam Enriquez and Carlos Martinez Wage a Knowingly False Smear Campaign Against Political Prisoner Ignacio Del Valle

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Reporteros de LA Times falsean información en el caso de joven asesinado

May 7, 2006

The “Other Cinco de Mayo” in NYC

New Yorkers Protest Fox Government Repression of the Other Campaign at Mexican Consulate

By Mark Swier and RJ Maccani
The Ricardo Flores Magòn Brigade Reporting for Narco News from New York City

May 7, 2006

Video Newsreel: We Are All Atenco

The Other Campaign in New York City

By The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign
Watch it in the Salón Chingón Screening Room

en español... Video noticiero: Todos Somos Atenco

May 7, 2006

“Enough!”: Letter from a Spanish Citizen Forced to Leave Caracol Roberto Barrios by the Zapatista Red Alert

“Please get out in the world and see, with your own eyes, the cost of our comfort”

By Santi Trias Molist
From Chiapas

en español... “Ya Basta”: Carta de un español obligado a salir del Caracol Roberto Barrios por la Alerta Roja zapatista
in italiano... “BASTA”: Lettera di uno spagnolo obbligato ad uscire dal Caracol Roberto Barrios a causa dell'Allerta Rossa zapatista

May 7, 2006

Police Brutality in Mexico

Testimonies of beatings, rapes and arbitrary arrests in San Salvador Atenco

By John Gibler

en español... Brutalidad Policiaca en México

May 6, 2006

Police Brutality in Atenco: Reports of Rape and Murder as the Number of Political Prisoners and Disappeared Passes 400

The Other Campaign Announces Mobilizations Across the Country and a National Popular Assembly for Saturday

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Brutalidad policíaca en Atenco: violaciones de mujeres, un asesinato y, ahora, la cifra de presos políticos y desaparecidos rebasa los 400
in italiano... Brutalità poliziesca in Atenco: donne stuprate, un assassinato ed il numero dei prigionieri politici e dei desaparecidos supera i 400

May 6, 2006

Last But Not Least: National University Students Join Atenco March

Authorities Set Up Obstacles to Keep Potential Protesters Inside Mexico City

By Amber Howard
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Los últimos, pero no en importancia: Estudiantes de la Universidad Nacional se unen a la Marcha de Atenco

May 6, 2006

Marcos Reappears in Atenco and Challenges Commercial Media to “Tell the Truth”

Holding Up Bullet Cartridges Used by State Police in Atenco, “Delegate Zero” Offers Interview to Any Mass Media that “Guarantees it Will Be Uncut and Unedited”

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in San Salvador Atenco

en español... Marcos reaparece en Atenco y desafía a los medios comerciales para que “digan la verdad”
in italiano... Marcos ricompare ad Atenco e sfida i media commerciali a “dire la verità“

May 5, 2006

Unofficial List Released of Arrested, Hospitalized and Missing from the Events in Atenco

List Shows 216 Arrested and 63 Dissapeared; Protest March Scheduled for Today

By Juan Trujillo
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Lista no oficial de detenidos y heridos en los hechos de violencia del estado de México
in italiano... Lista non ufficiale degli arrestati e feriti nei fatti di violenza nello stato di México

May 5, 2006

People Respond with Solidarity to Violence in Atenco

A Day of Protests and Roadblocks In and Around Mexico City as Townspeople Flee Police

By Amber Howard
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Responde la gente con solidaridad a la violencia en Atenco
in italiano... La società civile risponde con solidarietà alla violenza di Atenco

May 5, 2006

Machetes in the Air

“Now is the time to prove whether the self-appointed adherents to the Other Campaign are able to respond”

By Alberto Híjar
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Machetes en alto
in italiano... In alto i machete

May 5, 2006

In Chiapas, a Response to the Violence Against Atenco

The Struggle of Other Campaign Adherents Against the Police Invasion of their Rural Communities Inspires a Demonstration and Other Actions in San Cristóbal

By Giovanni Proiettis
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Chiapas

en español... En Chiapas empieza la respuesta a las violencias de Atenco
auf Deutsch... Eine Antwort auf die Gewalt gegen Atenco aus Chiapas
in italiano... In Chiapas comincia la risposta alle violenze di Atenco

May 4, 2006

Protests Announced at Mexican Consulates in Boston, Houston, San Francisco

Rising Clamor for End to Repression Against the Other Campaign

By Narco News Copublishers
Via The Narcosphere

May 4, 2006

Demonstration Called in Los Angeles, at Mexican Consulate, for 8 a.m. on Friday

The Other Cinco de Mayo, from Coast to Coast

By Raymundo Reynoso
The Other Campaign on The Other Side

en español... Manifestación llamada en Los Angeles, al Consulado Mexicano, a las 8:00 horas el viernes

May 4, 2006

Protest at Mexican Consulate in New York, Friday, 12:30 p.m., Against the Repressive and Violent Regime of Vicente Fox

“The Other Cinco de Mayo” Will Call Global Attention to the Zapatista Red Alert in Mexico

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Protesta frente al Consulado Mexicano en Nueva York, el viernes a las 12:30 contra el régimen represivo y violento de Vicente Fox

May 4, 2006

Atenco: A Violent Attack Against The Other Campaign Adherents

The People’s Front in Defense of the Land made up part of the security team for Delegate Zero on May 1st

By Quetzal Belmont
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in the State of Mexico

en español... Atenco: Un ataque violento en contra de adherentes a La Otra Campaña
en français... Atenco : Une attaque violente contre les adhérents de La Otra Campaña
in italiano... Atenco: Un attacco violento contro gli aderenti all’Altra Campagna

May 4, 2006

Actions in Support of Atenco Compañeros

Subcomandante Marcos’ Words at Tlatelolco

By Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

en español... Acciones en apoyo a compañeros de Atenco
in italiano... Azioni a sostegno dei compagni di Atenco

May 3, 2006

Zapatista Red Alert: The Other Mexico on the Verge of an Explosion from Below

The Story Behind the Zapatista Red Alert as the Other Campaign Arrives at Zero Hour

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos and Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... Alerta Roja: el otro México al borde de un estallido social desde abajo
auf Deutsch... Die Zapatisten lösen roten Alarm aus: Das Andere Mexiko am Rande einer Explosion von unten
in italiano... Allerta Rossa Zapatista: L’Altro Messico sull’orlo di un'esplosione dal basso

May 3, 2006

Other Campaign Suspended Due to Violence in the State of Mexico

Red Alert in the Zapatista Good Government Councils of Chiapas

By Juan Trujillo
Via The Narcosphere

en español... Se suspende la Otra Campaña por violencia en estado de México
in italiano... Sospesa L’Altra Campagna

May 3, 2006

At the Zócalo, May 1st, Marcos Warns the Rich: “We’re Taking Everything!”

The Other Campaign Arrives at the U.S. Embassy, Adding Itself to the Boycott in Support of Mexican Migrants

By Bertha Rodríguez Santos
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... En el Zócalo, el Primero de Mayo, Marcos avisa a los ricos: “¡Vamos a quitarles todo!”

May 8, 2006

Arrested Narco News Journalists Released, Two Remain in Jail

Oaxaca Authorities Free the Other Journalism Correspondents for Lack of Evidence, but the Fight Continues to Liberate Moisés Altamirano Bustos and Hasavias López Cortés

By Dan Feder
Via The Narcosphere

en español... Liberaron los colaboradores del Otro Periodismo de Narco News detenidos en Oaxaca; dos siguen presos

May 3, 2006

“Take Back What Belongs to Us!”: Marcos Previews the Other Message of May 1st

The Zapatista Subcomandante Makes a Prosecutor’s Case that Workers Have a Right to Expropriate the Means of Production

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Mexico City

en español... “¡Recuperar lo que es nuestro!” Marcos anuncia el otro mensaje del 1° de mayo
in italiano... “Riprendiamoci quello che ci appartiene!”: Marcos lancia L’Altro Messaggio del Primo Maggio

April 30, 2006

In Nezahualcoyotl, Marcos Announces that May 1 Labor March “Will Meet In Front of the U.S. Embassy” in Mexico City

Thousands of Workers in “Neza York” Greet the Zapatista Subcomandante and Join with the Other Campaign

By Al Giordano
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in the State of Mexico

en español... En Nezahualcóyotl, Marcos anuncia que la marcha obrera del primero de mayo “partirá de la Embajada Yanqui” en la Ciudad de México
in italiano... A Nezahualcóyotl, Marcos annuncia che la marcia operaia del primo maggio “partirà dall’Ambasciata Yankee” a Città del Messico

April 27, 2006

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