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Al Giordano

Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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Argentina Exit Polls: It's Kirchner vs. Menem

Narco News Projects the Two Finalists for May 18th Final Election

By Al Giordano
Election Night Correspondent

April 27, 2003

Globalizing the Bolivarian Revolution

Hugo Chávez’s Proposal for Our América

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Globalizar la Revolución Bolivariana

April 24, 2003

Plan Colombia Extends into Peru

Hugo Cabieses Explains the Wave of Drug War Repression

By Karine Muller
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

April 25, 2003

Forero Returns from Caracas

Editorial Cartoonist Latuff Joins the Narco News Team as We Launch Our "Readers Comments" Pages

By Latuff
Narco News Editorial Cartoonist-in-Residence

en español... Forero regresa de Caracas
em português... Forero volta de Caracas

April 23, 2003

The Marketing of Drug War Myths

Brazil's Southeastern media empires need to be more honest

By Adriana Veloso
Part VIII of a series, reported from Brazil

en español... El mercado de los mitos de la Guerra contra las Drogas
em português... O marketing do mito da guerra das drogas

April 23, 2003

Media Constructed from Below

The fastest, most accurate, news agency in Venezuela has no profit motive

By Luis Gómez
Part II of Two

en español... Un medio construido desde abajo...

April 23, 2003

The New Voice of the Venezuelan People

An Interview with the Aporrea.org Collective

By Luis Gómez
Part I of a two part series

en español... La nueva voz del pueblo en Venezuela

April 21, 2003

Coca Growers Take Lima

Nancy Obregón Leads Perú Coca Growers' March, Demands Meeting with Toledo to Stop Forced Eradication

By Itala Ureta
Translated from the daily La Razon, Lima, Perú

en español... Cocaleros toman el centro de Lima

April 21, 2003

Brazil's Attorney General Wants Drugs Decriminalized

"I favor the decriminalization of drug use," says Márcio Thomaz Bastos, to a Congressional Committee

By Al Giordano
A Narco News Global Alert

en español... El Procurador General de Brasil Quiere Descriminalizar las Drogas

April 17, 2003

Brazil Health Ministry Writes Decriminalization Law

According to the Ministry, the current law treats the consumer as a criminal and impedes access to treatment

By Luciana Constantino and Iuri Dantas
Folha de São Paulo, Brasília Bureau

April 17, 2003

One Great Latin American Nation

Evo Morales in Caracas

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Reporting from Caracas with the Narco News Team

en español... Una patria grande latinoamericana
em português... Uma grande pátria latinoamericana

April 16, 2002

Chávez Beats Forero (Again)

One Year After Venezuela's Counter-Coup, a Winner and a Loser Duel

By Luis Gómez
Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

en español... Chávez vence a Forero (una vez más)

April 15, 2003

Thousands of Voices, United in Venezuela

On the Anniversary of the defeated coup, the Bolivarian Revolution gathers strength

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Reporting from Caracas with the Narco News Team

en español... Miles de voces unidas

April 11, 2003

"President Lula, listen to the experience of your countrymen!"

Northern Brazil, after a late start, leaps to the front of drug policy reform creatively and popularly

By Adriana Veloso
Part VII in a Series, Reported from Brazil

en español... “Presidente Lula, ¡escuche la experiencia de sus paisanos!”
em português... Presidente Lula olhe para a experiência de seus conterrâneos!

April 10, 2003

Lula's Anti-Crime Secretary Calls for Decriminalization

Public Safety Secretary Luiz Eduardo Soares: Drug Use Should Not Be a Crime

By Elder Ogliari
O Estado de São Paulo, translated by Narco News

em português... Secretário: uso de droga não deve ser crime

April 9, 2003

The History of Brazilian Harm Reduction

From AIDS prevention efforts came a broader social movement

By Adriana Veloso
Part VI of a series, reported from Brazil

en español... La historia de la reducción de daños brasileña
em português... O desenvolvimento das ações de redução de danos no Brasil

April 9, 2003

Doing the US's Dirty Work

The Colombian Paramilitaries and Israel

By Jeremy Bigwood
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... Haciendo el trabajo sucio de Estados Unidos

April 8, 2003

"The Most Emotionally Healthy Culture on the Planet"

A North American Falls In Love with Brazil

By John Perry Barlow
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

em português... A cultura mais saudável do planeta

April 7, 2003

New Viceroy Threatens Bolivian Democracy

U.S. Ambassador David N. Greenlee's Strange "Letter" About a Coup Plot

By Luis Gómez
Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

en español... El nuevo virrey de Bolivia y sus amenazas

April 5, 2003

Simone and William
Photo D.R. 2002 Jornal da Tarde

The Marginal Diplomat Explains "Organized Crime" in Brazil

Simone Bastos de Menezes tells a young journalist about the rise and fall of an Ethics Code of the narco

By Adriana Veloso
Part V of a series, reporting from Rio de Janeiro

en español... La Diplomática Marginal explica el “Crimen Organizado” en Brasil
em português... A diplomata marginal explica o “crime organizado” no Brasil

April 4, 2003

U.S. Journalist Arrested in Bolivia

Authorities Detain Lucian Read, New York Photojournalist, in Coca-Growing Chapare Region

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

en español... Detienen a Reportero de Estados Unidos en Bolivia

April 3, 2003

Regina Benevides, Executive Secretary
of Brazil's Health Ministry, wants change
in her administration's drug policies
D.R. 2003 Adriana Veloso

Brazil Health Official Slams Current Drug Policy

Regina Benevides Criticizes Her Own Government's Anti-Drug Office

By Adriana Veloso
Part IV in a series, reported from Rio de Janeiro

en español... Funcionaria de Salud de Brasil cierra la puerta a la política de drogas actual
em português... Secretária executiva do Ministério da Saúde critica a oficial política de drogas

April 2, 2003

130 Drug War Opponents Gather in São Paulo

Toward a "Tupiniquim" Path that Leads to Reality

By Karine Muller
Part III in a Series, reported from São Paulo

en español... 130 Opositores a la Guerra contra las Drogas se reúnen en Sao Paulo
em português... 130 oponentes à guerra das drogas encontram-se em São Paulo

March 30, 2003

Questions Without Answers

Will the United States rescue its three captured “citizens” from the FARC?

By Augusto Fernández C.
Reporting from Colombia

en español... Preguntas sin respuestas...

March 30, 2003

A Drug Policy from Below

From a Salon in Rio de Janeiro, the Future is Being Born

By Al Giordano
Part I in a series from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

en español... Una política de drogas desde abajo
em português... Uma Política de Drogas a Partir da Base

March 27, 2003

Celia Szterenfeld
DR 2003 Al Giordano

Drug Users and Addicts are "Self-Organizing" in Brazil

Celia Szterenfeld's "Pedagogy of Harm Reduction" Takes Root

By Al Giordano
Part II of a series from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

en español... Los usuarios y los adictos a las drogas se “auto organizan” en Brasil
em português... Usuários de Drogas e Adictos Estão se Organizando no Brasil

March 28, 2003

In the Shade

Between the buildings of Paulista Avenue, Narco News publisher launches an invisible attack

By Karine Muller
Reporting from São Paulo, Brasil

em português... Na Sombra

March 24, 2003

"Storming the New Seat of Power"

Remarks to the Mídia Tatica convention

Text of speech by Al Giordano
In Sao Paulo, Brazil

en español...
em português... As Massas contra a Mídia

March 24, 2003

If The Tyrants Want War…

A Communiqué from South of the Equator

By Al Giordano

en español... Si los tiranos quieren guerra…

March 24, 2003

Drug Warriors Shoot Children in Bolivia

Soldiers Fire on the Sons and Daughters of the Cocaleros

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Reporting from Bolivia

en español... Balas contra los niños del Chapare

March 12, 2003

Legislators from Six Nations Call for Drug Legalization

Bolivian, Colombian, Mexican, Uruguayan, Costa Rican and European Legislators Offer Prescriptions for Change

By Adam Saytanides
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

March 11, 2003

Personal Drug Use Already Decriminalized in Ecuador

A Conversation with Fernando Buendía

By Reed Lindsay
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

March 10, 2003

“American youth hold the biggest responsibility on the planet”

Anthony Lappé, Guerrilla News Network

By Dan Malakoff
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

March 8, 2003

Worthy Victims

Colombia's War on Terror

By Doug Stokes
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

March 8, 2003

Rio de Janeiro Erupts

The Drug War Turns Rio into a Scene from Film Noir

By Karine Muller
Reporting from Rio de Janeiro

em português... Como numa tela de cinema

March 5, 2003

Gary Webb receives the cane of leadership from Al Giordano

Gary Webb Joins Narco News as Guest Editor

Giordano goes to look for América: "The objective conditions now exist for an authentic revolution against Commercial Media Tyranny"

By Al Giordano
Publisher On Sabbatical

en español... Gary Webb se une a Narco News como editor Invitado
em português... Gary Webb une-se ao Narco News como editor convidado

March 3, 2003

Crack, Cigarettes, and the arrival of Gary

"Journalists are revolutionaries and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

By George Sanchez

en español... Crack, cigarrillos y la llegada de Gary
em português... Crack, Cigarros e a chegada de Gary

March 3, 2003

So that they don't cut your wings

The Renaissance of Authentic Journalism

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
De la Escuela de Narco News de Periodismo Auténtico

en español... Que no te corten las alas...

March 3, 2003

Buendía Calls for “Exorcism” of Drug War

Advisor to Ecuador's President Blazes New Trail in Mérida Summit

By Reed Lindsay
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 20, 2003

The Superior Bush

"How Did I Go 33 Years Without Raw Coca?"

By Ashley Kennedy
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

en español... El Otro Arbusto (no Bush)

February 17, 2003

Mama Coca

María Mercedes Moreno Brings the Words of the Colombian People to the World Wide Web

By Ana Cernov
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

em português... Mama Coca

February 17, 2003

What the People Are Saying

Merida Conference Attendees in their Own Words

By the Narco News Street Team

February 15, 2003

A Collective of Nationalist Movements

Ethan Nadelmann, in Mérida, Urges Decentralized Approach to Reform

By Andrea Daugirdas
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 14, 2003

“They Are Killing in the Name of Democracy”

Mario Menendez Indicts U.S. Drug War, Calls for Decriminalization

By George Sanchez
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 14, 2003

De Greiff Makes Opening Argument

Grandfather of Drug Legalization Speaks of "Rational Answer"

By Sunny Angulo
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 14, 2003

The Two Bolivias Clash

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro
Boliviano del Periodismo Auténtico

en español... Las dos Bolivias se enfrentan…

February 13, 2003

“A Path to Dialogue”

Mexican Congressman Launches Pan-American Battle vs. “the repressive policies of the U.S.”

By Adam Saytanides
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 13, 2003

In Defense of Life and Democracy

A comuniqué from el Mallku, speaking for the Bolivian people in revolt

By Felipe Quispe Huanca
El Mallku de América

en español... En defensa de la vida y la democracia

February 12, 2003

Authentic Journalism Orchestra Begins to Play

Students, Professors, Assemble in the Yucatan to Report on Drug Legalization Summit

By Carola Mittrany
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

en español... La Orquesta del Periodismo Auténtico Empieza a Tocar

February 12, 2003

Narco News Launches Tri-Lingual Coverage

Drug Legalization Summit, Authentic Journalists, Merge in Mexico

By Adriana Veloso
Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar

February 12, 2003

The Venezuela Papers

Archives from December's Strike that Wasn't... and from April's Failed Coup d'etat

January 12, 2003

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