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Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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Dear Santa: Donate to The School of Authentic Journalism, Please

Can You Fill Your Sack with the Recorders, Cameras, and Pencils that Citizens and Journalists Need to Document Civil Resistance?

By Kara Newhouse
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010

en español... Querido Santa: Dona para la Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico, por favor

December 10, 2009

Another Journalism Is Possible… Let’s Make It Reality!

Journalism Also Needs a Revolution

By Maylin Alonso Chiong
Havana, Cuba

en español... “Otro periodismo es posible…hagámoslo realidad”

December 8, 2009

Interview with Assassinated Anti-Mining Organizer Mariano Abarca

Abarca and His Lawyers Discuss Mining Pollution, Drug War Repression, and Government Corruption

By Chiapas Media Project

en español... Entrevista con Mariano Abarca, líder antiminero asesinado

December 7, 2009

Electoral Fraud Proved in Honduras: More than 50 Percent Did Not Vote

Journalist Jesse Freeston of The Real News Provides the Hard Evidence that Claims of "62 Percent" Voter Turnout in Honduras "Elections" Were Falsified

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Fraude electoral comprobado en Honduras: Más del 50 por ciento no votó

December 7, 2009

Stand Up and Be Counted to Fund Authentic Journalism!

Help Us Share with the Global Public (and with You) our Methods, Techniques and Tricks of the Trade to further Democratize and Decentralize the Rising Tide of Authentic Journalism

By Al Giordano
The Field

December 6, 2009

Unions Take Over Mexico City to Support Electricians

“Unionists took to the streets in support of Luz y Fuerza workers... They want to negotiate the reinstatement of SME’s 44,000 employees...”

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Sindicatos toman la Ciudad de México en apoyo a los electricistas

December 5, 2009

ICE Agent Fired for Not Reporting US Informant’s Role in Juarez Murders

But informant claims ICE officials monitored call in which the murders were discussed

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

December 5, 2009

Honduras "Election" Failed to Stop the Resistance

Five Days After, the Coup Regime and Supreme Electoral Tribunal Still Refuse to Release the Town by Town Results

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Las “elecciones” en Honduras fracasaron en su intento por detener a la Resistencia

December 4, 2009

A School of Authentic Journalism Can Amplify Hope and Reason: Are You In?

Help Narco News to Tell the True Stories so that We Can Be Better Informed, and Better Organized to Win

By RJ Maccani
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010

en español... Una Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico puede amplificar la esperanza y la razón: ¿se anima?

December 3, 2009

Radio Bálsamo Censored

“SIGET ordered that transmissions from 90.5 FM be shut down due to legal proceedings against the community radio station”

By radiobalsamo.net
Press Release

en español... Radio Bálsamo censurada

December 2, 2009

Chiapas Anti-Mining Organizer Murdered

Mariano Abarca Led a Growing Movement to Kick Canadian Mining Companies Out of Mexican Communities

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Líder antiminero es asesinado en Chiapas
en français... Meurtre d’un militant contre l’exploitation d’une mine au Chiapas

December 1, 2009

An Honest Version of Events

Supporting the School of Authentic Journalism, You Get Access to the Realities on the Ground

By Manasi Golapkrishnan
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010

en español... Una versión honesta de los acontecimientos

December 1, 2009

Paramilitaries Shoot Four Children, One Dead

While Indigenous and Local Organizing Continues

By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca

en español... Paramilitares disparan a cuatro niños, un muerto

November 30, 2009

Call to the Peoples of México to Organize the Revocation of the Presidency of Felipe Calderón

On the Eve of the 2010 Bicentennial of Mexican Independence, an Organizing Campaign Begins

By More than 300 Organizations and Signers
Republic of México

en español... Llamado al pueblo de México para organizarse por la revocación del mandato de Felipe Calderón

November 30, 2009

The Numbers Don’t Add Up in Mexico’s Drug War

Drug Seizures are Down; Drug Production, Executions, Disappearances, and Human Rights Abuses are Up

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... En México las cifras de la guerra contra las drogas no tienen sentido

November 29, 2009

Memo: Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

Repression and Simulation Define Today's "Mock Election" Under a Coup Regime

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Memorando: Empleados del Estado hondureño forzados a asistir al cierre de campaña del candidato presidencial Elvin Santos

November 29, 2009

Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights

Sunday’s Vote to Take Place Under a Cloud of Intimidation, Torture, Illegal Detentions and in Extreme Cases, Assassinations

By Tamar Sharabi
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Honduras tendrá elecciones “libres y justas” sin respetar los derechos humanos

November 27, 2009

OCEZ Political Prisoners' First Day of Freedom After Nearly Two Months: A Photo and Video Essay

"The political prisoners held a press conference and then joined their compañeros in a protest encampment"

By Luis Abarca (photos and video) and Kristin Bricker (text)
Via the Narcosphere

en español... El primer día en libertad de los presos políticos de la OCEZ luego de permanecer cerca de dos meses en prisión: Un ensayo en foto y video
en français... Premier jour de liberté des prisonniers politiques de l’OCEZ après quasi deux mois de détention : essai avec photos et vidéos

November 25, 2009

Honduras Coup Regime Declares New State of Emergency Prior to Sunday “Election”

More Military Troops, Censorship of the Press, an Indefinite Ban on the Bearing of Arms and the Expulsion of Padre Tamayo from the Country, Among the Latest Decrees

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... El régimen golpista hondureño declara nuevo estado de emergencia previo a las “elecciones” del domingo

November 24, 2009

OCEZ Leaders Released from Jail

Criminal Association Charges Dropped; Chiapas Government Paid Bail on Remaining Minor Charges

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Líderes de la OCEZ liberados de la cárcel
en français... Les leaders de l’OCEZ libérés de prison

November 24, 2009

“Legalizing Coups d’Etat by Means of Spurious Electoral Processes Divides the Unity of the Nations of América”

A Letter to the Presidents of the Hemisphere

By Manuel Zelaya Rosales
President of Honduras

en español... “Legitimar los golpes de estado por medio de procesos electorales espurios divide a la unidad de las naciones de América”

November 23, 2009

We Work Without Handcuffs

At Times What Ties Us Down Is a Lack of Resources, but Not Even That Stops Us

By Quetzal Belmont
School of Authentic Journalism, graduate and professor

en español... Trabajamos sin ataduras

November 23, 2009

"Leaked" Intelligence Report Justifies Repression, Militarization In Chiapas

Document Arguing Narco-Peasant Link Reportedly Leads to Arrests, House Searches, Spying, Harassment, and Military Occupation

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Reporte de Inteligencia “filtrado” justifica la represión y militarización en Chiapas

November 23, 2009

Government Negotiations with OCEZ Cast Further Doubt on Rumored Narco Connection

Chiapas Government Commits Over a Million Pesos, Land to OCEZ Despite Claims that the Peasant Organization is a Drug Trafficking Front Group

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Negociaciones del gobierno con la OCEZ arrojan más dudas sobre la supuesta conexión con el narco

November 22, 2009

A Week Before “Elections” in Honduras, Candidate Resignations, More Censorship and Repression

Independent Presidential Candidate and Liberal Party Vice Presidential Candidate Among Those Who Withdrew from the Ballot

By Tamar Sharabi
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... A una semana de las “elecciones” en Honduras: renuncias de candidatos, más censura y más represión

November 22, 2009

Mexican Soldiers Accused of Killing US Citizen in Matamoros

Innocent Bystander Lizbeth Marin Garcia Was Shot While Sitting in a Friend's Living Room

By Julio Manuel L. Guzman
El Universal

en español... Acusan a militares de matar a ciudadana de EU en matamoros

November 21, 2009

Honduran President Zelaya Earns High Marks for Governance, U.S. Agency Scorecard Shows

However, Current Putsch Regime is Facing Expulsion for its Failures

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Agencia estadounidense muestra una alta evaluación de gobernabilidad obtenida por el Presidente Zelaya de Honduras

November 21, 2009

Citizens Protest Lack of Consultation about Canadian Mine in San Jose del Progresso

Popular Forces Occupy City Hall and Threaten to Incinerate Hostages

By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca

en español... Pobladores protestan por no habérseles consultado sobre la minera canadiense en San José del Progreso

November 21, 2009

Haiti: Shooting Incident Sparks Anger at UN Troops

Some Haitians See the Foreign Troops as Prone to Using Reckless Force with Impunity

By Ansel Herz
IPS News

November 20, 2009

“We are sending our love down the well”

An Episode of The Simpsons and the School of Authentic Journalism

By Hugo Ramírez
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010

en español... “Enviamos nuestro amor al pozo”

November 19, 2009

Support Narco News, the Sustainable Next-Generation Newspaper

“This site is chock full of concrete, investigative journalism with a critical focus on political struggles and the Drug War in Latin America”

By Ansel Herz
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010

en español... Apoye a Narco News, el periódico sostenible de la próxima generación

November 17, 2009

Trumka: Free Elections Not Possible Now in Honduras

"The AFL-CIO asks our government to make clear its opposition to the conduct of national elections in Honduras... unless President Zelaya is reinstated"

By James Parks
AFL-CIO Now Blog

November 17, 2009

Meet 31 Scholarship Recipients for the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism

They'll Gather for Ten Days of Intensive Training, February 3 to 13, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula

By Al Giordano
President, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Conozcan a los 31 becarios seleccionados para la Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico 2010

November 15, 2009

CIA’s “Great Pretense” Exposed in State-Secrets Fraud Case

Judge Can Make History Right by Keeping Pleadings in Ex-DEA agent Richard Horn’s Lawsuit on the Books

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

November 15, 2009

US Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s Three-Day Fact-Finding Mission in Honduras Confirms Widespread Human Rights Abuses

An Inventory of Reports from Major National and International Human Rights Organizations from Honduras Under Coup d’Etat

By Tamar Sharabi
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... La misión de investigación de tres días de la congresista estadounidense Jan Schakowsky confirma la creciente violación a los derechos humanos en Honduras

November 13, 2009

US Court Allows Human Rights Suit Against Former Bolivian President and Minister of Defense to Proceed

Cases brought under the Alien Tort Statute allege crimes against humanity and extrajudicial killing of Bolivian citizens in 2003

By Comité Impulsor del Juicio de responsabilidades a Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada
La Paz, Bolivia

November 13, 2009

Building the Future of Journalism

Help the 2010 Narco News School of Authentic Journalism Provide the Technical Infrastructure so that Its Lessons Can Be Shared With You

By David B. Briones
Cyber Development Director, Narco News

November 12, 2009

Media Campaign Seeks to Link Chiapan Social Organizations to Narcos

Government Allows Misleading and False Information to Spread in the Corporate Media

By Kristin Bricker
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Campaña mediática trata de vincular a organizaciones sociales de Chiapas con el narco
en français... Une campagne médiatique cherche à véhiculer les organisations sociales du Chiapas avec les trafiquants de stupéfiants

November 12, 2009

Questions from a Reader About Honduras

A Letter to Narco News Brings a Summary of the Current Situation

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Preguntas de un lector acerca de Honduras

November 10, 2009

El Cortamortaja, the Newspaper of the People of Oaxaca, now Publishing in English

Narco News Makes this .pdf Document of the New Issue Available for Global Downloading and Reprinting

By the Colectivo Cortamortaja
Jalapa de Marqués, Oaxaca

en español... El Cortamortaja, el periódico del pueblo de Oaxaca, ahora publicado en línea

November 8, 2009

National Resistance Against the Coup d’Etat Announces Boycott of November 29 Honduras Elections

Coup Regime’s Noncompliance with the October 30 Accord Renders Last Week’s Agreement Moot

By Tamar Sharabi
Reporting from Tegucigalpa

en español... La Resistencia Nacional en Contra del Golpe de Estado anuncia un boicot a las elecciones del 29 de noviembre en Honduras

November 6, 2009

Electricians Take Over Luz y Fuerza Buildings

Ex-Workers from Luz y Fuerza del Centro Tried to Enter the Pachuca Station and Hung Red and Black Banners in the Nuevo Necaxa, Puebla, Hydroelectric Plant

By Editorial
El Universal

en español... Electricistas toman instalaciones de LyFC

November 6, 2009

U.S. Agrees to Settle Lawsuit in Which CIA Officials Are Accused of Misconduct, Fraud

Ending Litigation, Filed by Former DEA Agent Richard Horn, Will Cost Taxpayers a Pretty Penny

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

November 3, 2009

Big Gun: US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Heads to Honduras on Tuesday

She Joins former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos - Who Has Already Dismantled One Coup d'Etat - on the Verification Commission to Enforce the Agreement to Restore Honduras' Elected Government

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Pez Gordo: La Secretaria del Trabajo de los Estados Unidos, Hilda Solís, se dirige a Honduras el martes

November 2, 2009

Céleo Alvarez Casildo: The Crisis Won’t Be Resolved on Paper

For a November 2010 Referendum on a New Constitution in Honduras

By el diario Tiempo
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

en español... Céleo Alvarez Casildo: La crisis no queda resuelta en papel

November 2, 2009

Honduran Newspapers Deliver Photo Images of Resistance Participants to Police

Freedom of the Press Acquires New Definitions

By Belén Fernández
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... La prensa hondureña entrega fotografías a la policía de los participantes de las marchas de la Resistencia

November 1, 2009

U.S. Government’s Effort to Derail Former DEA Agent's Lawsuit Marked by Deceit

Recent DOJ Pleadings in State-Secrets Case Appear to Rely on Fabrications

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

November 1, 2009

Meet the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism Faculty

A Dream Team for the Next Generation of Authentic Journalists

By Al Giordano
President, Narco News School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Conozcan el cuerpo de profesores de la Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico 2010

September 17, 2009

Announcing 24 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism for February of 2010

Journalism and Civil Resistance to Be the Theme of the Ten-Day Intensive Training on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula

By Al Giordano
President, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Se anuncian 24 becas para la Escuela de Periodismo Auténtico que se llevará a cabo en Febrero de 2010

September 17, 2009

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