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Al Giordano

Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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Mexico 2010: Enter the Detonators

An Unknown Group Called "Los Detonadores" Sends a Video Response to the "Iniciativa México" Consortium's TV Ad, and the Parody Has Gone Viral in Just a Few Hours

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... México 2010: Conozcan a Los Detonadores

July 2, 2010

Court Orders the Immediate Release of the Twelve Atenco Prisoners

Ignacio del Valle, Among the Freed

By Anne Vigna
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... Se ordena la inmediata liberación de los 12 presos de Atenco

June 30, 2010

In the Life of a Journalist

Your Support for the School of Authentic Journalism Makes a Better Journalism Possible

By Anne Vigna
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... En la vida de un periodista

June 30, 2010

Interview with the Attorney for Atenco Social Leaders Ignacio del Valle and Felipe Álvarez

“We are betting that the court won't grant them [legal protection], but will find them innocent instead.”

By Anne Vigna
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

en español... Entrevista al abogado de Ignacio del Valle y Felipe Álvarez de Atenco

June 28, 2010

Oliver Stone Responds to Attack from the New York Times' Larry Rohter

An Open Letter to the NYT Documents How It Is Rohter Who (Again) Misreports the Stories from Latin America

By Oliver Stone, Marc Weisbrot & Tariq Ali
South of the Border documentary

June 28, 2010

Summit Protests Are Obsolete

A Weekend in Toronto Shows How, in Trying to Relive the Glory of Seattle 1999, the "Summit Hoppers" Have Ceased to Have Any Message at All

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Las protestas en las cumbres son obsoletas

June 28, 2010

An Invitation to Continue Participating in Narco News

The Press Has to Have Ethics, and We All Have to Be Part of That

By Mercedes Osuna
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Una invitación para continuar participando en Narco News

June 17, 2010

"Where Are the Maya?" The Making of the Documentary

Nine Members of the J-School Documentary Filmmaking Team, Ten Days to Report and Film, and Today, the Premier of a Film from Mexico that Comforts the Afflicted and Afflicts the Comfortable

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... ¿Donde están los mayas? La realización del documental

June 17, 2010

US Military Has Special Ops “Boots on the Ground” in Mexico

Task Force is Embedded with Mexican Troops, CIA Operative Claims

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Militares estadunidenses tienen operativos especiales sobre el terreno en México

June 12, 2010

“There Is No Modern Day Equivalent of the Civil Rights Movement”

An Interview with Rev. James Lawson at the School of Authentic Journalism

By Andrew Stelzer
National Radio Project

en español... “No hay movimiento actual equivalente al movimiento por los derechos civiles”

June 11, 2010

The Real Crisis of Our Times Is What Crisis Does to Us

Dusting Off the Manual on Confronting the 24-Hours-a-Day War Between Media and Self

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... La verdadera crisis de nuestros tiempos es lo que la crisis nos hace

June 10, 2010

“Temporary” Camps Lingering in Port-au-Prince

Government and NGOs Fail to Address Rising Tensions with Haitian Landowners

By Ansel Herz

June 9, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone

“Solidarity, Friendship, Inspiring and Authentic Journalism; You’ll Get It All”

By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Nunca caminarás solo

June 8, 2010

Penny Arcade's Bad Reputation and a Stage Called Journalism

A Review of the Book, Bad Reputation: Performances, Essays, Interviews (2009, Semiotex(e)/The MIT Press)

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... La “Mala Reputación” de Penny Arcade y un escenario llamado periodismo

June 4, 2010

Help Hundreds of Youths from Your Community and the World to Be Happier and More Effective

Heroes Exist: You Only Have to Look in the Mirror

By Edwin Álvarez
Class of 2010, School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Ayude hoy a que cientos de jóvenes de su comunidad y del mundo sean más felices y exitosos

June 1, 2010

Real Threat to US National Security May Be Along Northern Border

Whistleblower Lawsuit Raises Troubling Questions About Cross-Border Commerce

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

May 31, 2010

Two Kinds of Migrants and the "Cultural Generation Gap"

Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers in the US Need Immigration Reform to Save their Retirement Funds

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Dos tipos de migrantes y la “Brecha generacional cultural”

May 26, 2010

Outside Haiti’s National Palace, U.N. Troops’ Clash with Frustrated Students

Peacekeeper Troop Violence Spills into Earthquake Refugee Camps

By Ansel Herz

May 26, 2010

No Newspaper Is an Island

Why We Ask for Your Support

By Al Giordano
Publisher, Narco News

en español... Ningún periódico es una isla

May 24, 2010

HIDTA Task Force on Border Mired in Corruption Charges

ICE Agents Who Blew the Whistle on Fellow Law Enforcers’ Fraud, Waste and Abuse Faced Swift Retaliation From Their Agency

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

May 16, 2010

The New Exhibitionism

The Recent Online Controversy over Facebook "Privacy Settings" Begs a Much Larger Societal Question

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... El Nuevo Exhibicionismo

May 12, 2010

How to Write a News Story: The Making of the Video

Seventh in the Series of Instructional and Educational Videos from the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Cómo escribir una nota periodística: La realización del video

May 10, 2010

One Year After The Swine Flu "Crisis" in Mexico, "Love In Times of Swine Flue" is Now Playing Online

In Which an Intrepid Reporter and His Piglet, "Dobbs," Go Looking to Smithfield Farms for the Piglet's Mother, "Michelle"

By Gregory Berger
Via The Narcosphere

May 10, 2010

Autonomous Healthcare in the Zapatista Communities

“You can't think about health and not think about the river.”

By Jessica Davies
Via The Narcosphere

en español... Sistema de salud autónomo en las comunidades zapatistas

May 3, 2010

US Consulate Worker in Juarez was Targeted for Assassination

Hit Ordered Because she Refused to Commit a Fraud, Law Enforcement Sources Claim

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

May 1, 2010

A Perfect Storm for Immigration Reform

Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Law Awakens Martin Luther King's "Fierce Urgency of Now" for a Path to Citizenship for 12 Million Undocumented Americans

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... La tormenta perfecta para la reforma migratoria

April 27, 2010

Narco News, 10 Years Transforming the Hemisphere

An Invitation to Keep Supporting the Online Newspaper on its 10th Anniversary

By Fernando León
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Narco News, diez años transformando el hemisferio

April 13, 2010

Media from Below: The Making of the Video

Milena Velis of Philadelphia's Media Mobilizing Project Led a Plenary Session at the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism, and Now We Share It with the World

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Los medios desde abajo: la realización del video

April 10, 2010

The Narco-State of Chiapas

A Narco News 10th Anniversary Flashback

By Al Giordano
First in a 10-Part Series, from NN Issue #2, June 5, 2000

April 9, 2010

Haiti: Displaced Fear Expulsion from Makeshift Camps

11,000 People Reside Where School for the Elite Seeks to Reopen

By Ansel Herz
IPS News

April 9, 2010

Disappearing the Truth in Honduras

"National Reconciliation" & the "Truth Commission" Provide Cover for Repression Aimed at Destroying the Demand for a New Constitution

By Anne Bird
Rights Action

en español... Desapareciendo la verdad en Honduras

April 9, 2010

House of Death Informant, a Confessed Killer, Soon to be Released from Jail

Sources Claim a Deal is Struck; Former ICE Operative Remains Key Witness to Drug War Corruption

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

April 8, 2010

French Journalist Accuses Mexican Police of Fabricating Evidence Against Florence Cassez

The Book "Manufactured Culprits: Florence Cassez and other cases of Mexican injustice" by Anne Vigna and Alain Devalpo (2010, Grijalbo) also Reports the Cases of Atenco and of Jacinta Maciel

By Agencia EFE
El Milenio

en español... Periodista francesa acusa a policía mexicana de fabricar pruebas contra Florence Cassez

April 8, 2010

Narco News Publisher Moves to Dismiss Banamex Lawsuit

Defendant Al Giordano's Memorandum in Support of His Motion to Dismiss the Complaint

By Al Giordano (Pro Se), April 24, 2001
New York Supreme Court

April 8, 2010


Pacifica Radio’s Expert Witness Delves into Narco News’ Coverage

The House of Death 12, Plagiarism, and the Rick Horn Case

By Mike Levine - The Expert Witness Radio Show
Pacifica Radio

April 6, 2010

Tensions Are High in Arauca and Tolima

Ground Zero for the US/Colombian War on Farmers

By James Jordan
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

en español... Hay Fuertes Tensiones en Arauca y Tolima

April 6, 2010

Judge Slams Government Attorneys for "Wrongdoing" in CIA-Enabled State-Secrets Case

CIA lawyers, however, take it personally, object to judge’s plausibly deniable assignment of guilt

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

April 3, 2010

US-Mexico "War on Drugs" a Failure

Mérida Initiative Bankrolls Half-a-Billion Dollars per Year, Often Tossed into the Murderous Hands of the Mexican Army

By Charles Bowden
Special to CNN

April 2, 2010

A Convergence of Dreams

The Third Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement

By RJ Maccani
Originally published in Spanish in Desinformemonos magazine

en español... Una convergencia de los sueños

April 2, 2010

Journalism and Civil Resistance: Rev. Jim Lawson in Mexico - The Making of the Video

Excerpts from the Keynote Speech of the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism Now Can Be Seen Online

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... El Periodismo y la Resistencia Civil: el Reverendo Jim Lawson en México—La realización del video

April 1, 2010

Haiti: Looking More and More Like a War Zone

UN Troops Fire Tear Gas into Crowd of Women

By Ansel Herz
IPS News

March 31, 2010

Narco News’ House of Death Coverage is Often Imitated, Sometimes Misappropriated

Did “investigative journalist” Kimberly Dvorak Really Unveil the Cover-Up in the House of Death?

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

March 28, 2010

House of Death Informant Won't be Deported to Mexico

Board of Immigration Appeals Agrees that Mexican Government Agents or the "Cartel" Would Likely Torture and Murder Him

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

March 24, 2010

Contribute for Our Tenth Anniversary - & Attend, If You Can, in NYC

Narco News Will Celebrate Ten Years of the Authentic Journalism Renaissance on Saturday, April 17, in Brooklyn

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... Contribuyan para nuestro Décimo Aniversario y si tienen la oportunidad asistan al mismo en la ciudad de Nueva York

March 22, 2010

Celebrate Victory, then All Hands on Deck for Immigration Reform

Historic Passage of Health Care Reform in the US Opens a Path to Deeper Changes

By Al Giordano
The Field

en español... A celebrar la victoria, y luego todos por la reforma migratoria

March 22, 2010

Wealthy Colombian Businessman is a Drug-Trafficker, CIA Operative Alleges

Another Source, a Past Employee, Also Claims Narco-Entrepreneur is Connected to Rightwing Paramilitary Forces

By Bill Conroy
Via the Narcosphere

en español... Millonario empresario colombiano es traficante de drogas, sostiene agente de la CIA

March 21, 2010

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