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June 5, 2001

Narco News 2001

The Narco News Bulletin:

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

June 5, 2001 3 million 693,828 Hits Since April 18, 2000

Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

A Narco News Global Alert

Legalization Proposed

in Mexican Congress!

Call to "Break the Spinal Column" of the Narco

DynCorp Exposed

The Spy-Glass Turns

"The Nation has obtained a copy of State's contract with DynCorp -- a contract that requires all employees to have a "secret"-level clearance and "not communicate to any person any information known to them by reason of their performance of services." Additionally, it instructs DynCorp to "not refer to this award in any public or private advertising" or in the news media.

"Looking through it, it's not hard to see why. The contract reveals DynCorp's Andean aerial counternarcotics operations to be far more expansive and far-flung than previously reported..."

- By Jason Vest

Read the..

DynCorp-State Department Contract

Corpwatch has acquired a copy of a $600 million dollar contract between DynCorp and the U.S. State Department. The company carries crop fumigation against coca farmers in Colombia, Boliva and Peru. In Colombia it is also involved in drug interdiction, transport, reconnaissance, search and rescue missions, medical evacuation and aircraft maintenance, among other operations. Only a handful of members of Congress are aware of the details of DynCorp's operations, despite the fact that they were funded through U.S. taxpayer dollars. The following is an excerpt from that contract.

Also on CorpWatch:

DynCorp in Colombia:

Outsourcing the Drug War

By Jeremy Bigwood

From the MEDIUM RARE newsletter...

DynCorp From Kosovo to Peru

By Jim Rarey

The Citigroup-Banamex Merger

Citigroup &

Montesinos, Inc.

"Private Banking" for Montesinos Family

Protection for U.S. Favored Drug Traffickers

The Selective White Collar Drug War

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

By Al Giordano

Breaking The Information Blockade

The Mexican Press Speaks:

The Dean of Mexican Journalists Weighs In...

The Narco...

and the Press

Banamex, Fox and the webs of neo-power

The Weaknesses of Hernández

By Carlos Ramírez

Mexico's Most Widely Read Columnist

in El Universal and 24 Other Dailies

The Clamor in Mexico

Over Citigroup's Deal

By Francisco Cárdenas Cruz

From El Universal, May 21, 2001

"Dirty Money"

Foundation of U.S.

Growth and Empire

By James Petras

From La Jornada, May 19, 2001

"In the case of Citibank's laundering of Raul Salinas (brother of Mexico's ex-President) $200 million account... When Salinas was arrested and his large scale theft of government funds was exposed, his private bank manager at Citibank, Amy Elliott told her colleagues that 'this goes in the very, very top of the corporation, this was known...on the very top. We are little pawns in this whole thing'"

Free Speech Showdown:

Citigroup v. Narco News

Drug War On Trial

Now More Than Ever

"Know Your Plaintiff!"

NEW! CitiGroupGrope

A Companion Archive/Research Tool to the...

AkinGumpDataDump Museum

Don't Forget to Study The Dossier...

Operation Casablanca


Check Out Rainforest Action Network's Citigroup Campaign

"Citibank buys Banamex. Both institutions have been linked to facts in which the powers of money and politics have mixed: The foreign bank, in relation with the financial maneuvers of Raúl Salinas de Gortari; The Mexican bank, for the accusations (above all in the daily Por Esto!, of Yucatán) that the properties of Roberto Hernández, friend of Zedillo and of Fox, have been used for drug trafficking operations. Now, the two institutions unite in pompous matrimony."

-- Julio Hernández López
La Jornada
Mexico City, May 18, 2001

Billionaires Against the Press

By Fred Rosen, NACLA

A Case of Free Speech Boundaries

By Mark K. Anderson, WIRED NEWS

"The investigative journalism that's gone on primarily in Mexico has stood the test under Mexican legal process -- where an investigative journalist takes on some very big fish. And if the big fish can then pursue the journalist around the world and threaten the website wherever it emanates from, that's potentially harmful to spirited investigative journalism."

- Charles Nesson
Harvard Law Professor
Berkman Center for Internet and Society

Letterman Provokes

L-Word in Colombia

And Read Up on Legalized Bribery in Washington...

List of U.S. Companies that

Profit from Plan Colombia

VladiVideo #1487: April 21, 1999

The Invasion

Montesinos Video

Reveals U.S. Plan

"Nobody Shoots Down Anything Unless the CIA Says So"

Former DEA Agent on Peru Cover-Up:

"It's Bullshit!"

Mike Ruppert Talks with Cele Castillo

More Holes in the

Peru Plane Cover-Up

By Peter Gorman

Cynthia Cotts Says It All...

"The CIA-Friendly NY Times"

Analysis of Press Coverage:

Peru, the Plane and the Press

Bolivian Unions Unite with Coca Growers

General Strike!

From Vieques...

The New McCarthyism in Puerto Rico:

The Anti-Drug Pretext

A Dirty War Against Political Dissidents

By Héctor L. Pesquera Sevillano

Sharpton Sentenced to 90 Days

For Protest vs. U.S. Base in Puerto Rico

Gutierrez, R.F. Kennedy Jr., Sharpton, Edward
James Olmos and Others Arrested at Vieques
U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois):
"Sailors Kicked and Threw Me"
Mexico: Indigenous National Congress...
Indigenous Manifesto

Zapatistas Respond to Congress' Betrayal

The War Doesn't End

From Somewhere Near Cancún...

Together Again

Roberto Hernández and Ernesto Zedillo

A report by Vértigo Magazine

In Mexico City...
Consensus Growing
The News Staff Reporter

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March 16, 2001

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