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November 27, 2000

Part III of The Mexican Transition

Countdown to December 1, 2000:

Fox Appoints Drug Reformer Gertz as Public Safety Czar

Mexico City's Top Cop Takes National Helm

"It is indispensable to rescue the fundamental idea of ending the economic interest in drug trafficking" -- Alejandro Gertz Manero

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Tiro de Gracia Día (11/26/00): "Autonomy is the concrete expression of the exercise of the right to self-determination" -- San Andrés Accords

Part II of The Mexican Transition: Spotlight on Chiapas

Fox's First Challenge: The San Andrés Peace Accords

Deeds, not Words, will Decide from the Start the Ability of Mexico's Next President to Govern

Read the San Andrés Accords in English and How They Restore Autonomy to Drug Policy

Part I of this Series:

Mexico's next Secretary of State, Jorge Castañeda, says:

Legalize The Drug Trade

But Other Key Fox Appointees are Allied with the Narco-Banking System

Countdown to Mexico's December 1st Transition

"What is the purpose of investing hundreds of millions of dollars, plunging countries into civil war, strengthening guerrilla groups and unleashing enormous violence and corruption upon entire societies if American leaders can simply brush off questions about drug use in their youth?

"Legalizing certain substances may be the only way to bring prices way down, and doing so may be the only remedy to some of the worst aspects of the drug plague: violence, corruption and the collapse of the rule of law. "

-- Jorge G. Castañeda, September 1, 1999

(On December 1, 2000, Castañeda Will Become Mexico's Secretary of State)

Narco News Analysis with the Full Text of the September 1999 Column by Jorge Castañeda on Drug Legalization

Another Soundbite from Fox's New Diplomat:

"Society is Not Clamoring for War" -- Castañeda, April 2000, LA Times

Read Castañeda's Comment in April 2000 LA Times Story

Read Our April 2000 Story That Predicted the Rise of Mexico's Legalization Movement

Meanwhile, Some US Election Results Don't Need a Recount:

US Voters Reject Drug War

Detailed Results At:

Summary of Results:

California: 61% Vote for Drug Treatment Instead of Jail for Possession or Use of Drugs Colorado: 53% Vote for Medical Use of Marijuana Nevada: 67% Vote for Medical Use of Marijuana and to Create a Legal Supply System Oregon: 66% Vote to Prohibit Asset Forfeiture Without a Conviction Utah: 69% Vote to Require the Government to Prove Guilt Before Forfeiture of Property Meanwhile, in two other states, significant minorities voted against the drug war: In Massachusetts, Treatment for Non-Violent Drug Offendors received 47% and in Alaska, legalizing marijuana received about 40% of the vote...

The Drug War Ballot Questions

Arianna Huffington: The Votes are Counted -- Stop the Drug War!

Exiled Colombian Journalist Alfredo Molano's Narco News Interview Now in Spanish on

Nuevo: Entrevista con Alfredo Molano sobre Plan Colombia

Clinton Loses 30 States A Week Before US Election:

Colombian Voters Reject the US-Imposed "Plan Colombia"

The Party's Over for Pastrana

His Conservative Party Loses in all 30 State Elections in Sunday's Historic Vote

"From money-counting machines to night-vision scopes, drug scales to a 318-foot cocaine freighter, the U.S. Customs Service is putting a veritable museum of crime up for auction Saturday in Puerto Rico."

"Bargain hunters will find drug-smuggling speedboats, radio encoding machines, sports cars and cell phones galore. There are satellite telephones and navigation systems, home security systems and yachts...." (from AP report by Chris Hawley)

US Customs Deals Drug Smuggling Equipment

The Washington Post Reports:

AP's McFarren Resigns

"McFarren's extracurricular efforts were disclosed by journalist Al Giordano, a former Boston Phoenix writer who recently launched 'The problem is, U.S. correspondents in Latin America receive very little scrutiny.'"

"Steve Rendall, a spokesman for the liberal group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, called for AP to launch an internal investigation. He said wire service executives should 'do what it says in their code of ethics, which is to report about their own personnel and their own conflicts.'"

-- Howard Kurtz, Media Critic, The Washington Post

Parts I and II of our series on the Para-journalists...

Conflict-of-Interest at AP Bolivia Bureau

Bolivia AP Correspondent Peter McFarren Violates the APME Code of Ethics

Part II

McFarren, AP, and the Rise of the "Para-Journalists"

Letter to Narco News Breaks Long Silence:

Gary Webb Speaks

Dark Alliance author skewers "the prevailing definition of ethics in the upper reaches of American journalism"

Free Translation and Analysis Service for Journalists and Citizens:

Narco News Press Briefings

Plan Colombia, the Bolivia Revolt, Perú Coverage and More...

October 11, 2000: Media Simulation: Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico

October 5, 2000: Bolivia's Secret Offer to Coca Growers

October 3-4: Generals Don't Want to Fight Bolivian People

October 1-2: Zero Hour in Bolivia

September 29-30: Bolivia, US, "Narco-tize" the Conflict

September 28: Spotlight on Bolivia, in Context of Perú and Colombia

September 22-27: Perú Analysis

September 21: The Closing of the Geopolitical Drug Observatory

September 19-20: Plan Colombia -- Rhetoric of Peace, Acts of War

September 8-18: Rohter's Sloppy NYT Attack on Chávez of Venezuela

September 1-7: Brasilia Summit, Heinz Dieterich on Ecuador Airbase

August 30: Clinton Presents New Colonial Viceroys to Colombia

August 24-29: Plan Colombia's Covert Op Exposed, and pre-Clinton Visit

September 2000 Narco-of-the-Month:

Colombian Paramilitary Leader Carlos Castaño

And a new entry in our Castaño dossier...

Heinz Dieterich Unmasks Carlos Castaño

(Turns out that Castaño is really Madeleine Albright)

Narco-Media Watch Reports:

NYT's Sam Dillon Hid Info from Pulitzer Committee

Friends of the CIA by Heinz Dieterich

The DSFX Files

Private Sector Espionage Firm Spied on Por Esto! and Narco News in New York City

Mexican Attorney General Used DSFX Spy Info to Seek Secret Arrest Warrant vs. Por Esto! Editor, Photographer and Reporters

Then Mexican Attorney General Used Info Provided by Narco-Spies In Failed Effort to Jail The Journos

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