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-- Simón Bolívar

Publisher: Al Giordano

October 5, 2000 524,682 Readers Since April 18, 2000

Bolivia Makes Secret Offer to Coca Growers:

400 Sqare Meters Per Family

Growers Demand Double, Blockades Rage On

State Makes New Ultimatum to Social Forces

A Narco News October 4 Commentary Predicted: "Read between the lines of the US and Bolivian government statements. The only way they can end the unrest is to allow peasant families to grow a small amount of coca per family. As US officials micro-manage the situation from afar.. they are finessing the bottom line: coca growing may be decriminalized for small scale producers. In other words, harm reduction in Bolivia. And yet the governments, rather than trumpet such a move as progress, will instead go to all lengths to claim it didn't happen. This, of course, is only one possible outcome of these earthshaking events...."

What we predicted on Tuesday became a governmental offer on Wednesday. According to the daily La Razon in La Paz, State negotiators contacted coca-grower leaders by telephone to make the behind the scenes offer.

Here is the report from La Razon today, and other fast-breaking news from Bolivia.

Wednesday's Press Briefing:

Generals Said Reluctant to Fight Bolivian People

"Coca or Death," the Battle Cry

Jim Shultz files a...

Report from Cochabamba

Sunday-Monday Press Briefing:

Mass Bolivian Revolt Against US-Imposed Drug War

US Media's Silence: Deafening

Narco-Media Watch Update:

The Sam Dillon Story

NYT's Sam Dillon Hid Info from Pulitzer Committee

False Narco Accusations Undressed

Translation of Today's Column by Carlos Ramírez that Shakes the World of International Journalism

Those Were Different Times...

Read 1978 Letter from NY Timesman Sulzberger to poet Allen Ginsberg: We were wrong to dismiss CIA involvement in drug trafficking

Christian Science Monitor: NY Times Editors To Blame on Wen Ho Lee Stories

September 29, 2000

SHOWDOWN IN BOLIVIA: Banzer vs. The People

Banzer Vows "Clenched Fist" Against Popular Movement

Everything is Negotiable Except the War on Drugs says Bolivian Ruler

See Related Stories in September 28 Press Briefing:

Colombia Soldiers Who Killed Schoolchildren Acquitted

Bolivia's Banzer Convenes Military to Stop Protests

A Narco News Global Alert

Carlos Castaño:

"Those who know Castaño know that any statement that places in doubt his claim of a distance from drug trafficking can provoke attacks of rage." -- El Nuevo Herald (9/25)


Colombia's Paramilitary Boss Carlos Castaño:

War Criminal & Drug Trafficker

Readers' Alert: Beware the "Plan Colombia Virus"!

Do Not Open A File Titled: GULEN.JPG.vbs
The text of the computer virus says:

"Plan Colombia" virus v1.0 by Sand Ja9e Gr0w... Dedicated to all the people that want to be hackers or crackers in Colombia. This program is also a protest act against the violence and corruption that Colombia lives... Santa fe de Bogota 2000/09

Por Esto! Editorial Denuncia a la PGR y al Narco-Banquero

And for consumers of the poorly-informing English-language Media:

Agent Green Over the Amazon

Drug War Policy Threatens to Unleash Havoc in South America

An Investigative Report from Lago Agrio, Ecuador

By Jeff Conant

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

September 25th Political Prisoners Update:

1. Jim Williams Out of Ecuador Prison: US Fight Ahead

2. Urgent FARC Communiqué: Free Father Oliverio Medina

Narco News Story of the Month by Heinz Dieterich Steffan:

Friends of the CIA

From Chile to Perú, the New York Times and the Complicit Press Corps in Latin America

by Heinz Dieterich Steffan

Saturday's Press Briefing:

"Merchant of Death" Speaks

CIA-Coddled Arms Dealer Sarkis Soghanalian Does Interview from US Prison with Peru Daily

Thursday's Press Briefing:

Coca Crop Moving to the Congo

An Interview with Alain Labrousse

Wednesday's Press Briefing:

Governments and Media Deceive Public Over What Plans Colombia and Bolivia Have Wrought

Also, Tuesday's report on an antidote for the anti-coca fungus

More Plan Colombia News:

Panama Bishop vs. Plan Colombia

Narco News Publishes the Text Translated by Panama News

September 16, 2000 Press Briefing

Clinton Vows $4.5 Billion "Plan Bolivia"

Peru Bombshell SCOOPED by the "Free Lori Berenson" web site:

Fujimori To Step Down: New Elections Called for Perú

The DSFX Files on Mexican Press Freedom Attack:

The Media Channel in New York City Picks Up Our Report:

"In a tale of corruption and surveillance, Al Giordano, reports from Mexico on U.S. private-sector spies who're targeting journalists...

Parts I, II, and III of the DSFX Files:

Private Sector Espionage Firm Spied on Por Esto! and Narco News in New York City

Mexican Attorney General Used DSFX Spy Info to Seek Secret Arrest Warrant vs. Por Esto! Editor, Photographer and Reporters

Part IV:

The Plot to Arrest Journalists:

The Empire Strikes Back

Five Days Before Gunmen Attacked the Cancún HQ of the Daily Por Esto!, Federal Prosecutors Sought Arrest Warrants Against the Journalists Who Work at that Office

Corporate Narco-Spies: New Threat to Freedom of the Press

Editorial Denuncia de Por Esto!

Names, Dates, Facts, Private E-mails...

The DSFX Files

To Begin With Part I of the Story Click Here

El Andar mag confronts its narco-attackers...

Laredo National Bank's Bush Campaign Bribes

Magazine Unintimidated by Mexican Hank Family Bank's Threats over...

The story that provoked that threat against the press

More Narco News....

Jamaica Forms Ganja Legalization Commission

Switzerland Declares Neutrality in War on Pot

Canadian Press is on a Roll!

Attention, Pulitzer Committee:

Bombshell Ottawa Citizen Series by Dan Gardner Wraps Up

And Tim Naumetz Reports in the Vancouver Sun

Colombian Legislators Propose Drug Legalization

Gringo Journos Still Asleep at the Wheel

Did you miss this report from Issue # 4?

On August 22 we had posted a Narco News Surprise Link to:

On August 27th the Authorities REMOVED the incriminating information!

Narco News, having anticipated this move by the US Marines and General McCaffrey, SAVED A COPY of the incriminating text:

Click Here for the Truth that Washington is hiding from the People

More News from Issue #4

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