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-- Simón Bolívar

September 8, 2000 434,095 visits since April 18, 2000

Heinz Dieterich reports...

Ecuador Civil Society Wants US Airbase at Manta Closed

Today's Press Briefing is Now Underway with guest commentator Hugo Chávez

Attention, Pulitzer Committee:

Bombshell Ottawa Citizen Series by Dan Gardner in 3rd Day

Says Drug Prohibition is "imposed by the US" on other countries

América's Foremost Social Satirist Opens New Web Site:

"In Colombia, President Clinton observed "This is not Vietnam." Of course it isn't. If it was Vietnam he'd have been nowhere near the place. What Clinton really meant was "The war on drugs is not the Vietnam War." Which makes no sense since Vietnam was the original war on drugs -- everybody was on drugs over there.... and George W. Bush was born with a silver spoon -- in his nose."

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Today's Press Briefing from El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia and More...

FMLN in El Salvador Sues to Stop US Anti-Drug Base

Gullible Press Believed Spain's Claim of S.A. Cocaine Siezure

The Folly of Reporting Based on "Official Sources"

US Media "Body Count" Games Begin in Plan Colombia

We've Caught them Lying Again

Click Here to enter the Plan Colombia briefing room

Archives of August 24-29 briefings

Freedom of the Press Under Fire:

Gunmen Walk After Attack on Cancún Newspaper

It's only a crime to shoot at journalists if they result killed or wounded, say officials

Authorities say they "forgot" about the bag of cocaine in possession of the gunmen before releasing them onto the streets

More On the Mexico Front:

What does the defeat of the PRI mean for the Peace Process and the Narco Trade?

Chiapas Election Analysis

Urgent Message about Paramilitary Action in Chiapas

More Plan Colombia Updates:

"US Marines Land in Colombia"

Despite last week's claim by General Barry McCaffrey that "We are not offering to engage U.S. troops. It's not on the table. It's simply not going to happen," somebody forgot to tell the troops not to write home about it...

On August 22 we had posted a Narco News Surprise Link to:

On August 27th the Authorities REMOVED the incriminating information!

The Camp Lejeune Web Page Now Says:

"The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

Narco News, having anticipated this move by the US Marines and General McCaffrey, SAVED A COPY of the incriminating text:

Click Here for the Truth that Washington is hiding from the People

Lesson for Washington: Peace Talks Among Journalists!

Ex-Miami Heralder Tim Johnson Responds to Narco News

Narco News shoots surface-to-air info missile in New York

Colombia Army Massacres Schoolchildren

Your US Tax Dollars at Work: Plan Colombia's first Acteal

Washington Isolated on Plan Colombia:

Brazil Snubs Albright's Plea To Join Plan

"We have no intention of participating in any common international action."

Colombian Civil Society: We Won't Accept $

"We have ethical and political difficulties receiving aid from this program."

This on the heels of the July 26th bombshell:

Europe Freezes Plan Colombia

European Nations Put Financial Aid on Ice until 2001...

To Read the Original Story in French from Le Monde click here

To Read an English Translation of the July 26th Story click here

Narco News August 2000 Story-of-the-month explains the details:

A Conversation in Exile with Alfredo Molano:

Hidden Motives for a War

The Narco News Interview with exiled Colombian Journalist Alfredo Molano in Barcelona:

The LA Times reported on Sunday, August 6 that 83 US "military advisors" have just entered Colombia...

New Poll (8/6) from El Espectador newspaper in Colombia:

71 % of Colombians disapprove of President Andrés Pastrana

Earth to President Clinton:



"There is no question that Colombia suffers from the problems of a state yet to consolidate its power: a lack of confidence in the capacity of the armed forces, the police, and the judicial system to guarantee order and security; a credibility crisis at different levels and in different agencies of government; and corrupt practices in the public and the private sectors. All this has been fed and aggravated by the enormous destabilizing effects of drug trafficking, which, with vast economic resources, has constantly generated indiscriminate violence while undermining our values, on a scale comparable only to the era of Prohibition in the United States."

Italics Added for Emphasis

Better Plan: End Prohibition

There were pioneers of this idea...

Abbie Hoffman Movie: Soon to be a Minor Motion Picture

Hollywood Distorts the History of the Father of Narco News

Cheney Runs But Also Hides!

Bush Veep Choice Refuses to Discuss His Role in Contra-Cocaine Scandal

And on the Democrats' side of the drug war farce...

Narco News Analysis: Why Al Gore Didn't Pick John Kerry as Veep

Meanwhile, in these present times...

Drug War Herbicide Spraying Kills 2-year-old Girl in Mexico

And for voters who thought George W. Bush was the only drug-corrupted prohibitionist running for president...

The Philadelphia City Paper Reports:

Al Gore's Party with Narcos

From Part II of the City Paper story:

Read Part I...

US Officials Protect the Narco

Anti-Drug Agents Found Out Too Much about a Politically Powerful Drug Trafficking Ring and Washington Shut Down the Investigation.

This impeccably documented work of investigative journalism confirms key points of the May 2000 Narco News Story of the Month by Michael C. Ruppert.

New Story by Preston Peet on the Dominican-to-Washington corruption trail

More Narco News....

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