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Miami Herald Reports:

DEA's Figures on Latin America Drug Busts:


Narco News 2001

The Narco News Bulletin:

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

The Drug War Goes On Trial

February 1, 2001 990,775 Visits Since April 18, 2000

Zapatista Caravan Grows

And CNI Page is Up...

Indigenous National Congress info

New Communique from Subcomandante Marcos...

"Brother and Sister Cybernauts..."

More news from across América...

Gorman Predicted Perú

Plan Colombia Switch

Narco News Perú Correspondent's January 1 Prediction:

Confirmed by Reuters

It's Almost Official:

European Union Rejects "Plan Colombia"

"The US Proposal is a War Plan"

Reports from our Bureaus...

De Greiff Speaks

Colombian Hero Still Towers Over Attackers

Teddy Bear Wants Picnic in Central Park...

Escobar Demands Free NYC Trip

Narco-Snitch Conditions Testimony

Guess What DC Lobbyists This Government Hired...

Bolivia Narco-Censorship

Now They Want to Make Evo Disappear

P.J. Peralta Reports:

Narco-Banking Destroyed Ecuador Economy

Zapatistas Beat Army!

The New Year's Occupation

Rebel Radio in Colombia

Click to Listen to FARC Broadcasts

...and other stories from December 2000 still news

Hero of the Year 2000 Narco of the Year 2000

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade...

Cynthia Cotts Broke the Story:

"Drug War Goes on Trial"

(This Lemonade will Pack Quite a Punch)

Drug War on Trial Journalists Answer Questions:

José Martínez Interviews Mario Menéndez:

"Roberto Hernández, Economic Power, and Narco-Politics"

Beatriz Fregoso Interviews Al Giordano:

The Banamex-Press Case: Narco-Politics on Trial

And This Just In...


 La Crisis Reports...

"Zedillo's House is Banamex's

...and the ex-president owes property taxes"

Translation on the way!

Read The Lawsuit Against Us:

The Banamex Complaint by Akin Gump

Read our Open Letter to their Web Provider:


attend a Grand Opening...

Akin Gump Data Dump Museum

See how the system doesn't work for the good of all

And after 13 days in the darkness...

Banamex Web Site Returns!

Get your downloadable copies of the lawsuit against us...

...before they change their minds again!

Carlos Ramírez Alerted All of Mexico...

The Lawsuit Against The Press

"Menéndez has suffered attacks - Mexican style - above all owed to the power relations that the banker Hernández Ramírez had with president Carlos Salinas..."

Letter from Narco News to Akin Gump...

"There is an Order from the Judge"

And Mexican Press Freedom Expert Makes...

A Journalist's Call to Action:

Stay Tuned as We Turn the Tables on Our Would-Be Censors

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