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April 30, 2001

Narco News 2001

The Narco News Bulletin:

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

April 30, 2001 More than 2.7 Million Hits in 1st Year

Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

Peru Impossible:

Baptists Killed in Peru
Drug War Shoots Down Airplane
Pilot on Tape
"They're Going to Kill Us"
CIA Role Confirmed
U.S. Operation Now Suspended
Washington Post Cyber-Chat
On Downing of the Airplaine
100 Latin American Leaders
Sign Letter vs. Plan Colombia
Meanwhile, somewhere in América...
"These days, those suspected of money laundering and other crimes linked to América's "narcosistema" don't send out hit men or mob lawyers to take care of nosy reporters and researchers. Instead, they employ former FBI agents, private investigators and high-powered Washington law firms to keep a rein on the media. They spy, they entrap, and they use lawsuits - not bullets - to silence the press."
-- Julie Reynolds, El Andar magazine

Authentic Journalism:

Preston Peet Interviews Al Giordano

A New Report from

The Internet on Trial

by Dan Kennedy in the...

Read Kennedy's Story...

featuring Howard Kurtz, Brock Meeks, Danny Schechter...

Then Read His Interview with Narco News

...Jeff Buckley, Abbie Hoffman, Barry Crimmins and You

Photo Evidence of Marines in Perú

Narco News Is Preparing a Report About U.S. Troops on Perú-Colombia Border
Photos by U.S. Marine Sgt. Chet Decker and Staff Sgt. Chuck Albrecht

Will Washington Accept Democracy in Perú?

It's Garcia v. Toledo

Supporters of Alan Garcia: Ready to Rock'n'Roll in May Final Election

Plan Colombia

in the Balance

Next on Narco News: Peter Gorman's View

See Gorman's 2/19 Report on Mercenaries in Perú

The Andeans' Initiatives...

Bolivia March Begins

Coca-Growers Begin Long Walk to La Paz

Regime Vows to Stop Peaceful March

General Strike Date Set: April 25th

(And McFarren is Not Writing the Story)

Oh, Mexico!

Zapatistas in Congress

Remarks Now Translated from...

Esther, David, Zebedeo, Tacho & Marcos

Words of EZLN Translated by Irlandesa

Nancy Davies Reports from Oaxaca:

Votes and Drugs

A Narco News Global Alert

Chihuahua Governor Offers Solidarity to

Neighbor Gary Johnson of New Mexico

Gov. Patricio Martínez Says:

"Drug Legalization

Must Be Supported"

Would You Know It If Not For Narco News?

Photos and Chronicles from EZLN Caravan in....

Evergreen Review:

"Seven Keys to the City"

Photos and Prose by Al Giordano

Materia Prima by Subcomandante Marcos

See Also Our Publisher's Editorial in...

The Zapatistas March

A Year Ago, We Wrote "Watch Mexico"...

Fox Calls for Drug Legalization as

Zapatistas Call Congress's Bluff

Traffic is Not Just a Movie

Drug Traffic, Journalism and Human Rights

Mexican Journalists Oppose Drug War

By Miguel Concha

Exclusive Interview with Notimex Translated

Mexican Federal Police

Chief Says "Legalize"

Some Film it...

We Live it...


From Reel to Real

A Narco News Movie Review

By Dennis Bernstein and Larry Everest

$550 Million More to the Big Muddy...

Bush Ups Ante

on Plan Colombia

Cynthia Cotts on Press and Plan Colombia:

Wake Up Time in the Newsrooms

Gorman Digs Under the Surface of Plan Colombia and is...

Finding Oil Below


Free At Last!

Ex- Political Prisoner

Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar

Bolivian Courts Finally Dismiss Charges

"You can't imagine how much I appreciate the support you have brought me in this most difficult week."

- Raquel Gutiérrez to Narco News, March 31, 2001

A Narco News Media Alert

Johnson Deflates Barnicle

Gov. Rocks MSNBC

Did You Miss Our Full Coverage of the Zapatista Caravan?

Special EZLN Issue Archived

Summary of EZLN in Congress

Here's What Happened Wednesday in Immediate History

Zapatista Caravan Reviews by...

Brenda Norell

Days of Indigenous Heroes

From Indian Country Today magazine

Reber Boult:

Caravanning Through Cuautla

Monos Blancos

Saturday Narco News Scoop Confirmed

Mexican Authorities: Monos Blancos Are Innocent

"We're all Indians of the Earth"

Nancy Davies

"The Preliminaries are Over"

Mike Saltz

"March of History"

Reports by Al Giordano from:

The Boston Phoenix

Rebel Rainmakers

The Philadelphia City Paper

On the Road with the Subcomandante

Become a Narco News Correspondent

Send Reports and Commentaries to:

Narco News Needs You!

Mark Jurkowitz in the Boston Globe...

"One of the Most Riveting Cases"

Banamex v. Narco News


Cop v. CIA Comments:

Michael C. Ruppert on the Banamex Lawsuit Against Us

Will You Help To Keep Us Publishing?

"Why the Lawsuit?

To Silence Him"

"Make no mistake. This court fight isn't about any particular story NarcoNews has done. It's about ALL of them, and all of the ones yet to come. And it's a battle over the continued independence of Internet journalism as well. The silencing of Al Giordano and NarcoNews isn't a theoretical possibility that might happen a couple years from now. It's already happening. Al and his volunteer lawyers are hip-deep in it right now. And they need our help."

- Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Gary Webb

March 16, 2001

A Message From Gary Webb

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-- From the First Day of Publication, April 18, 2000

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