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Al Giordano

Opening Statement, April 18, 2000
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On to Mérida! América's 1st Legalization Summit February 12-15, Mérida, México

"The DEA is the Most Powerful Drug Cartel"

Founder of Authentic Journalism Renaissance Hosts Mérida Summit

By Mario Menéndez Rodríguez
interviewed by The Week Online

January 11, 2003

"We Should Legalize and Regulate Drugs"

Former Attorney General of Argentina is Coming to the Mérida Summit

By Dr. Jaime Malamud-Goti
interviewed by The Week Online

January 11, 2003

Meet Ignacio "Nacho" Gómez

Our Newest Faculty Member at the School of Authentic Journalism, coming to Mérida

January 12, 2003

Colombian Journo Tells All

But did all the media bigshots at the CPJ dinner listen to - or report - what Ignacio Gómez said?

By Lucy Komisar
The American Reporter

December 3, 2002

Your reporting team for the Mérida Summit

Meet Our 26 Scholarship Winners

Authentic Journalism's Next Generation

By Al Giordano

en español... Presentando 26 becarios

December 2, 2002

Read Our November Interview with Nina Pacari, Ecuador's New Secretary of State
Photo: D.R. 2002 by Linsey McGoey, Narco News

Ecuador: Democracy Under Construction

Part II: The “Minga” for Life, with Miguel Lluco and Nina Pacari

By Luis A Gómez - reporting from Ecuador

en español... Ecuador: Democracía en construcción

November 22, 2002

Ecuador: On the Road to Legalization

Part III of a Series

By Luis A. Gómez - reporting from Ecuador

en español... En el camino de la legalización

November 23, 2002

A Brit Reporter’s Undisclosed Venezuela Conflicts

Phil Gunson and Eric Ekvall Are Upset with Narco News

By Al Giordano
With Unabridged Letters from Phil Gunson and Eric Ekvall

December 23, 2002

Christmas Comes Early in Caracas, Venezuela

Chronology of the Strike that Wasn’t

By Al Giordano

December 22, 2002

Coca in the Cola

The soft drink of Atlanta and the coca leaf of the Andes

By Luis A. Gómez
Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

en español... Coca para la Coca

December 20, 2002

Narco News Press Conference on SF IMC

IndyMedia Interviews Al Giordano on Venezuela, the Media, and Anarchism

By Nessie
San Francisco IndyMedia

December 20, 2002

AP’s One-Sided Venezuela Coverage

On Desk Reporters Who “Phone-in” the Spin

By Dan Feder
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

December 18, 2002

América Reborn: 32 Nations Back Venezuela

Historic OAS debate turns América right-side-up again

By Al Giordano

December 17, 2002

White House Venezuela Error Backfires

Bush Withdraws “Elections” Demand; “Strike” is Over

By Al Giordano and correspondents

December 16, 2002

Bush’s Desperate Venezuela Statement

Read Between the Lines: The Coup is Falling Apart

By Al Giordano

December 13, 2002

Open Letter to Bush on Venezuela from U.S. Congress members - and You

Add your signature in favor of Authentic Democracy

By U.S. Reps Kucinich, Conyers, Serrano, Frank...
U.S. Congress and Civil Society

en español... Carta Abierta de Congresistas a Bush

December 13, 2002

Same sources... same lack of disclosure...

Copy Cat Journalists Forero and Miller

NY Times and LA Times run identical stories on Venezuelan “strike”

By Dan Feder
Narco News Associate Publisher

December 12, 2002

Gaviria Should Leave Venezuela

Venezuelan Majority Takes to the Streets, Coup Plotters Hide

By Al Giordano
A Narco News Breaking News Editorial

en español... Gaviria debería dejar Venezuela

December 10, 2002

A People Defends its Democracy Against Media Power

Venezuela Changes the Terms of the Global Debate

By Maximilien Arvelaiz
Professor, Narco News School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Un Pueblo defiende su democracia contra el poder mediático

December 10, 2002

The People Rise Up Against Venezuela's Commercial Media

Peaceful Demonstrations that Frighten the Corrupt and Powerful

By Alex Main
Special to the Narco News Bulletin

December 10, 2002

The Authentic 25

What Our Students Are Saying

By Al Giordano

December 2, 2002

Why Are the Coup Plotters So Impatient?

…And How Venezuela Can Defeat Them Legally

By Heinz Dieterich Steffan

en español... ¿Por qué la urgencia de los golpistas venezolanos?

December 8, 2002

Chronicle of Predicted Deaths

Gunmen in Venezuela Tried to Provoke a Crisis After "Strike" Failed

By Thierry Deronne, Maximilien Arvelaiz, and Paul Emile-Dupret

en español... Crónica de muertos anunciados

December 7, 2002

FARC: We'll Keep Fighting

Colombian Rebels vs. Uribe's "Total War"

By the FARC General Command
A Communique from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

December 6, 2002

“Rich Man’s Strike” Fails in Venezuela

Anti-Strike Multitudes Flood Open Market to Defend Democracy

By Al Giordano
A Narco News Press Briefing

December 2, 2002

Junkies of Technology

Reflections from Bogotá, Colombia

By Laura del Castillo Matamoros
Scholarship recipient at the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism

en español... Yonquies de la Technologia

December 1, 2002

President-elect Lucio Gutiérrez Photo: D.R. 2002 by Linsey McGoey, Narco News

Lucio Wins in Ecuador

The Colonel of the People, President-Elect

By Luis A. Gómez - Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

en español... Lucio ya ganó

November 24, 2002

Ecuador: The Final Round

Part IV in a Series

By Luis A. Gómez - reporting from Ecuador

en español... El Último Round

November 24, 2002

Another Coup Foiled in Venezuela

“I was fooled when they told me that they sought a democratic solution and what had really been intended was a secret pact between (union boss) Carlos Ortega and (ex-General) Medina Gómez that a general strike… would try to generate disorder, violence and death so that the Armed Forces could take political control of the country. For that, they have accumulated weapons below Plaza Altamira and the Four Seasons Hotel…” – Army Captain Pedro Sánchez Bolívar, minutes ago, breaking from the “dissident” ex-military commanders in Caracas Listen to the audio recording of the press conference

Alfredo Peña's Little Army

The "Take-Over" of Caracas Police HQ Was Necessary

By Alex Main - reporting from Caracas, Venezuela

November 20, 2002

Ecuador: Zero Hour at Zero Latitude

Part I: From the Ashes

By Luis Gómez - reporting from Ecuador

en español... Ecuador: latitud cero, tiempo cero

November 19, 2002

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