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October 13, 2002

Coming in a Few Hours to a country called América...

Narco News' All New Design

To be Unveiled Later TONIGHT!

Community station Radio Perola in Caracas, Venezuela, from where

where journalist Nicolás Rivera was arrested by rogue pro-coup police

Photo D.R. 2002 by Charles Hardy, Columnist,

It's not a "Favela," it's a...


Life in the Ghettos of Brazil

No favela,


By Luis A. Gómez
Narco News Andean Bureau Chief
From Sao Paulo, Brazil

So, What Happened

Thursday in Venezuela?

Caracas is Calm:

An Eyewitness Account

By G.G.

Brazil's Time

Has Come

By Jesse Jackson

Salon, PBS, Run

from the Big Story

Florida 2002 Election Fraud

too Hot for "Alterna-Media"

By Danny Schechter

The News Dissector

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

Related Story about Why No Serious Journo

Should Want to Write for Corrupted

How They Sold Me Out

By Jason Leopold

Guerrilla News

Mario Menéndez Rodríguez -- Gary Webb -- Renán Castro Madera -- Annie Harrison -- John Gilmore -- Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar -- Jeremy Bigwood -- Gustavo de Greiff -- Maria Botey Pascual -- Jules Siegel -- Peter Gorman -- Lisandro Coronado Alcocer -- Gonzálo Subirats García -- Maximilien Arvelaiz -- Juan Ramírez -- Valerie Vande Panne -- Anthony Lappe -- Stephen Marshall -- Luis Gómez -- Dan Feder -- and Al Giordano...

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February 10 to 20, 2003

On Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula


Six Scholarships

in Journalism

to work reporting on the...

Out From the Shadows Legalization

Summit in Mérida, Yucatán

Read the...

Opening Remarks from

Your College President

Meet Your...

J-School Faculty

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November 15, 2002

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Seis Becas en el

Periodismo Auténtico


Bienvenida de su Rector


Encuentra a su Profesorado

The Authentic Journalism

Renaissance is Here to Stay!

What the Critics Are Saying About Narco News

Narco News '02

Authentic Journalism on the "War on Drugs" in Latin America

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

U. of Cal. Backs Down

(Again) on Web Censorship

UCSD Finally Consulted its Lawyers

from the San Diego Union-Tribune

See, also, Earlier Story from September 25th

About UCSD's Censorship Follies

Lula's Election Would End

Neoliberalism in LatAm

(And He's Going to Win in Brazil)

By Mark Weisbrot

The Nation

Exiled Colombian Congressman

Names Paramilitary Politicians

Uribe: The Crime Boss

By Luis Ernesto

New Colombian News Agency (ANNCOL)

Olé, Olé, Olá

Lula! Lula!

And Almost...

Lula and Brazil Wait
For October 27th

Y, casi...

Lula y Brasil

esperan el 27

By Luis A. Gómez
Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

From Sao Paulo, Brazil

"DRUG LORDS, gang leaders and Western investors trembled as

the erstwhile steelworker 'Lula' da Silva headed for victory...

- from today's Independent of London

Yesterday's Election Day Report from Sao Paulo...

Lula Might

Govern Brazil

The Workers

Want the Power

Lula puede

gobernar Brasil

Los obreros

quieren el poder

Por Luis A. Gómez
Oficina Andina de Narco News

"The global war on drugs is now causing

more harm than drug abuse itself"

- Lula da Silva, 1998

The "Distorters

Without Borders"

The Two Roberts, Cox and Menard: Threats to Press Freedom

Venezuela: "The Show Must Go On!"

IAPA: Complicit in 1973 Coup in Chile

By Thierry Deronne

Reporting from Venezuela

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

Another Coup Attempt Next Week?

On Venezuela

and Democracy

Part I: Overview of

the Conflict

By Ron Smith

A Letter from

Cristín McCauley

Wife of Irish Prisoner in Colombia

Calls for Observers, Fair Trial

Kangaroo Court Proceedings Begin

Gary Webb Strikes Back:

The Website That Refused to Die

Gary Webb is the Ricardo Flores

Magón Chair in Authentic Journalism

Readers Rap About Eminem

See World Premier of White America Video

Narco News Announces

Journalist-of-the-Year for 2002...

Marshall Mathers

Eminem's Antidote

to September 11th

The Rapper "With a Plan to Ambush this Bush

Administration" Conquers the Music Charts

By Al Giordano

Looking for all of Last Month's Reports?

Narco News Issue #23

Where did Narco

News Come From?

The Masses

vs. The Media

A Revolution for a

Narcotized Society

By Al Giordano

Lea Ud. el Masa-fiesto en Español:

Las Masas vs Los Medios

The New Introduction to the 1997 Text

and the Secret History of Narco News...

The Medium is the Middleman

Three Immediate Questions

Salón Chingón...

...are you cordially invited?

"Narco News, its website, and the writers who post information, are entitled to all the First Amendment protections accorded a newspaper-magazine or journalist... Furthermore, the nature of the articles printed on the website and Mr. Giordano's statements at Columbia University constitute matters of public concern because the information disseminated relates to the drug trade and its affect on people living in this hemisphere..."

-- Supreme Court of the State of New York

December 5, 2001

The Drug War Went on Trial

From somewhere in Rio de Janeiro... a drawing by Latuff

Narco News

Beat Banamex

Victory Extends to All Online Journalists

Detailed Info on case & 90 Links in Our War Room

Now on the EFF website:

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Historic Decision

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