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Supermodels for Oaxaca (APMO) to Oppose the Miss Universe Pageant at the Monte Albán Ruins in May 2007

Auditions to be Held April 18 in New York City Toward a Protest with Poise Aimed at Donald Trump and NBC

By Cha-Cha Connor
Spokesmodel, Popular Assembly of Models for Oaxaca

March 8, 2007

In solidarity with the APPO of Oaxaca – Models of the world, unite! Photos by Jesus Dominguez, © 2007 Cha-Cha Connor.
Be a part of the most attractive picket protest in history!

Ulises Ruiz, dictator of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, wants to use the beautiful and talented supermodels of the Miss Universe pageant to justify brutal repression against local social movements.

But we supermodels won’t let it happen.

Join us in New York City on April 18th to audition for the most stylish, the most poised, and the most elegant picket line that Donald Trump and NBC have ever seen.

Design for the APPY awards trophy by Latuff of Rio de Janeiro.
In May 2007, the Donald Trump Organization and NBC plan to impose the “traditional costume” competition of the world-renowned Miss Universe pageant in the sacred ruins of Monte Albán, Oaxaca. In that same month, local teachers and social movements will be marching in Oaxaca City, as they have each month of May for the past quarter-century, for jobs, dignity, and, for the past year, the fall of the dictator Ulises Ruiz, who now thinks he can use models to justify calling in the police, and brutalizing the teachers in the month of their march.

But we models aren’t the cheap props of dictators.

Last November, while documenting human rights abuses in Oaxaca – arbitrary detentions, beatings, rapes – I wondered: how could an end be put to a regime as brutal and ugly as that of Ulises Ruiz?
For this reason, we have formed the international movement of Supermodels for Oaxaca (APMO, in its Spanish initials). Audition on April 18th to be part of the only social movement that will topple tyranny with beauty and poise – and the only red carpet picket line worth auditioning for.

All APMO models will receive worldwide exposure in a major media event in New York City. Following the APMO strike against Donald Trump and NBC, on a date to be announced, we will present the first ever APPY award to the creator of the most effective action to liberate Oaxaca from the dictatorship. The APPY winner will receive a free trip to Oaxaca, and may also be eligible for world peace. (If the winner is a resident of Oaxaca, the prize will be a free ticket out.)

Design for the APMO tiara by Latuff of Rio de Janeiro. The three symbols rising from the tiara signify liberty, justice and democracy.
APMO is an equal opportunity international models movement. We welcome models of any age, gender, orientation, race, color, religion, creed, class, problem, whatever. But you’ve got to look great and be elegant, and know how to walk the runway / picket line like a pro. APMO is interested in international solidarity with poise, talent and sex appeal. READ: If you’re ugly, apply for a press pass and get over it.

April 18th, strut and show us that you’ve got what it takes, to topple tyranny and promote world peace.


To audition to be an APMO supermodel, please send at least 2 headshots, 2 full body photos and 2 photos of your choice, as well as a letter expressing your desires to audition, to Spokesmodel and Director Cha-Cha Connor at models@narconews.com. All photos should be professional and of you alone.

Imagine my shock when I read that the Miss Universe competition would hold its traditional costume competition this year in Oaxaca City, during the same month as the teachers’ strike. I was horrified – how could Miss Universe support this dictator?
Photographers, hair and makeup stylists, fashion designers, personal trainers, manicurists and pedicurists, likewise send examples of your work along with a letter expressing your desire to volunteer in this project to Spokesmodel and Director Cha-Cha Connor at models@narconews.com.

Reporters, fashion magazine editors, theater and cinema directors, performance artists, paparazzi, voyeurs, gawkers, bodyguards and human rights observers, please contact Ms. Connor’s Press Secretary Al Giordano at narconews@gmail.com.

If, as press reports say, Donald Trump and NBC are going to misuse the talents of beautiful models in this way, then we just can’t cooperate anymore. We’ve got to start our own workers’ movement as models, fire our bosses, and get back to our real business of promoting peace, justice, and solidarity throughout the world.

Asamblea Popular de Modelos por Oaxaca – Supermodels for Oaxaca

Apply NOW to audition on April 18th in New York City for the most elegant red carpet picket line in history! If you can’t make it to New York City, start your own APMO chapter wherever you are. Let us know what you’re doing to end the dictatorship in Oaxaca at models@narconews.com


Download the APMO Casting Call (.pdf document, two pages.)

Español – Descargar Descargar la Llamada de Selección. (archivo de .pdf, dos páginas.)

Deutsch – Aufruf zur Auswahl herunterladen (pdf-Datei, zwei Seiten)

Français – Télécharger APMO l’appel à sélection (archive pdf, deux pages)

Italiano – Scaricare l’Appello per la Selezione (archivio . pdf, due pagine)

Nederlands – Download de APMO oproep voor de selectie (pdf-document, twee paginas)

Português – Faça o download da Convocatória para seleção da APMO. (arquivo em PDF, duas páginas)

See also: Mexico Seat of Miss Universe 2007 (Univision, en español)

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