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Senator Kelly Adopts Strategy of Drug Czar McCaffrey

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"The name of our country is América"

-- Simón Bolívar


Colonel Cocaine Slapped on Wrist

Update on our April 2000 Narco of the Month Colonel James Hiett:

Who Killed Jennifer Odom?

Salon.Com Reports: "Jennifer briefed Hiett on her mission on July 14th. Nine days later the crew was dead," says her grief-stricken mother, Janie Shafer."

Salon's Bruce Shapiro Widens the Inquiry

The latest development in the Colonel Hiett case...

US Embassy in Colombia Covers-up for Corrupt DEA Agent

Reuters is complicit by striking agent's name from the story

Arianna Huffington reports on lobbyists who pushed "Plan Colombia"

We don't know Arianna Huffington (although we enjoyed her Picasso biography years ago before her adventures in politics), but these reports, documented with facts, are authentic journalism. Judge for yourself:

Helicopter Hypocrisy

Narco-Lobbyists Behind Plan Colombia

"Whacky, Whacky, Whack-a-Mole... Whack 'em, Sack 'em, You Gotta Attack 'em!"

Rohter Rooter: And Away Goes Journalism Down the Drain...

And after Clinton signed the $1.3 Billion Colombia War Package Thursday, New York Times propagandist Larry Rohter (lobbying for narco-publicist of the month?), finally reported on the El Salado massacre of 71 civilians by paramilitaries that happened last February -- they were protected during the attack by the same Colombian Army that will receive the bulk of US aid -- the Timesman let the War Criminal McCaffrey get away, unquestioned, with this cynical quote:

"The paramilitaries are some of the worst of the
terrorists who profit from drugs in Colombia, and in
no way can anyone justify their human rights
violations," said Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, the White
House drug policy director. But he said "the Colombian
military is making dramatic improvements in its human
rights record," and noted that the aid package
includes "significant money, $46 million, for human
rights training and implementation."

América At the Brink

Waste Deep in the Big Muddy, and the Corrupt Media Says Push On....

Documented Facts:

Mexican Hackers Crack The Narco-Code!


But Canadian Auditor Michael Mackey Still Protects 90% of the Crime

New Hackers Update Still Being Fact-Checked

Our most-read story:


El Universal Reports that Mexican Prez Elect Vacationed on Narco-Property

Updated July 10: La Jornada Confirms the Story

What do you think?

Letters About This Story from Readers in Cozumel and Oaxaca

Roberto Hernández Elected?

Translation of the National Column by Isabel Arvide that Has Everyone Talking

and from the Campaign HQ in Dallas, Texas....

"Democracy Watch" Exposed By Their Own Words

It's not all bad news....

Portugal Decriminalizes!

Brazil's Mother Country Offers First Euro-Response to "Plan Colombia"

Mainstream Jamaica Churches Call for Legalization

Frente Zapastista Speaks on Mex Elections

Drug Prohibition: Threat to American Democracy

A Hemisphere in Crisis

Analysis of Mexican elections and more: The long awaited...

Shots... of Grace

A Column in Five Parts

I. México and the Fall of the PRI II. Colombia: The Battlefield is All América III. Texas: The Controlled Substance Behind the Conflict IV. Washington: Drug Money Laundering as Campaign Finance V. Hackers, Human Beings and Authentic Journalism in América

More on the US narco-ambassador to Mexico...

Davidow Shocker: New Documents from the Ambassador's Adventures with Pinochet

Inconvenient stories on the Mexican elections:

101 Acts of Fraud final update July 1 at 14:00 hours

US Consultants Like "Rock Stars" in Mexico, Violate Ethics:

"El Buzz" on the Political Hotline

the facts... US Pollsters in Mexico Revealed as Electoral Delinquents In Violation of Law

Narco News Story of the Month:

A Message from Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos

June 26 Hacker Update...FOBAPROA Passwords Published!

How Do You Say "FOBAPROA" in French?

Mexique : des hackers au secours de la démocratie

June 22.... Citibank, US Checks, Found in Vicente Fox Money Laundering Route

A Tale of "Spurious Opposition" Documented by a Paper Trail

... meddling in the Mexican elections

June 21... Andrew Rosenthal's Messy Maneuver Backfires ...

Times Tries to Gag Ramírez

Where does the money come from? US Pollsters Draw More Fire

AP Reports on Censorship at The News

Censored reporters of The News tell all on new internet site

Hackers still working "round the clock"


June 19... Pollsters seek meeting with Narco News

June 18...US Agenda Exposed

June 17... 1999: The Stealing of Guerrero

June 16... 1994: The Consolidation of Narco-Power


¿ 2 de Julio, 2000 ?

Here they go again...


The US, Not Mexico, Is the Problem

Xochipilli: Prince of Flowers -- Before Prohibition the plants on this statue were legal


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Chiapas Series and June 2000 Drug War Heroes of the Month

The Fall of the NY Times Mexico Bureau Chief

U. of Cal. Censors Web Site on Colombia Conflict

Drug Money in US Elections by Michael C. Ruppert

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