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Mexican Computer Hackers to the Rescue of Democracy

Translated excerpts from today's Proceso online:

With "hackers," the PRD party seeks the PRI's password in the Fobaproa matter

Mexico City: The PRD faction in the federal Congress is already working with "hackers" and five computers in search of the combination of numbers and letters to know what is the password of the PRI that would permit knowing the names of who appears in the list of Fobaproa.
PRD Congress member Dolores Padierna announced that it is now known that there are not five keys to the CD disk, but rather six.
The sixth password, beyond that for each of the five factions in the Lower House, belonged to the Canadian auditor Michael Mackey.
The "hackers" have already obtained it, Padierna informed, and said that the password that the PAN gave through Vicente Fox had been altered: "They changed a letter, they don't know who did it or how it happened, but this is also being investigated and will be made public."
Padierna said that the hackers are working around the clock and that it's not a simple task, but neither is it impossible that they will have the key at any moment.
...The legislator said she trusts that if they could break the code of the Canadian auditor Michael Mackey, it is also possible to find that of the PRI.
The "hackers" with whom they are working will remain anonymous, she said... "They are simply technicians, they don't have legal immunity and we're not going to place in risk their names nor prestige, but they are people who are truly qualified."
June 19, 2000 copyright Información y Comunicación SA de CV
Narco News Commentary: If the hackers succeed in breaking the code before the July 2nd election, the Mexican people will have, for the first time, knowledge of the interlocking world of bank corruption, campaign finance, drug money and electoral fraud.
The impact could well be explosive and determinative in the elections.
For background on what FOBAPROA -- the bank fraud bailout that cost the Mexican people $80 billion dollars -- has to do with the drug war, see our recent report:
1994: The Consolidation of Narco-Power

Also in Today's News:


Calls to Investigate Labastida Money

This Ad Appears in the June 19 issue of Milenio Magazine

Full Translation of Ad Text:

"What Are the PRI-istas Hiding?

In the Congress, the PRI legislators, based on a press story, pushed an investigation into the resources of our candidate Vicente Fox

If we're going to use press stories, The Washington Times published that Francisco Labastida "has maintained connections with drug traffickers since he was governor of Sinaloa."

The Senators and Deputies of the PAN voted in favor of the investigation of Fox.

The legislators of the PRI voted against investigating Labastida.

He who owes nothing fears nothing.

What Are the PRI-istas Afraid Of?

The Senators and Deputies of the PAN

Congress of the Union"


Thirteen Days to the July 2nd Election.

And the delicate question of drug war corruption, campaign finance and electoral fraud has now entered the public fray.

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