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Davidow Shocker!

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow

On the eve of the July 2, 2000 Mexican Elections, US Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow Is Found Again at the Center of an International Scandal:

Who Killed Charles Horman?

Davidow was the Political Officer of the US Embassy in Chile from 1971-1974.

In Chile, Davidow was responsible for the case of assassinated US journalist Charles Horman (subject of the 1982 Academy Award film "Missing" by director Constantin Costa-Gavras).

Just hours ago, on June 30, 2000, the widow of Charles Horman appeared in Washington at the National Press Club.

Joyce Horman's statement was the top story Friday on National Public Radio in the United States.

Also on this date, The National Security Archive announced the publication of a secret White House document that implicates US officials in Chile in the cover-up of the assassination of journalist Charles Horman.

The Narco News Bulletin hereby publishes this declassified document, from the "White House Situation Room" in 1987, which speaks of a confidential informant and witness to the Horman assassination. The source's name is "blacked out" on the document:

"(The Source) was very critical of the role of Embassy officials in the days following the death of Charles Horman. He said that Embassy officers showed little interest in the case and did not help the family..."

US officials said of the source:

"We have no doubt that he is who he says he is. He has provided documentary proof of that and his information on the Horman case and his own history have checked out (sic).... (the US officer) leans toward the belief that (the source) is legitimate...."

The Narco News Bulletin now publishes the declassified document that rocks the US Embassy in Mexico only hours before Mexico's historic presidential election, in which the US Embassy and the State Department have been meddling, as documented by recent Narco News reports:

To read page two of this document, click here.

The Narco News Bulletin, reporting tonight from inside of Mexican territory, holds US Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow and the US State Department responsible for any reprisals against us for publishing this story of a current US official's role regarding the assassination of a US journalist in Latin America, and for exposing the narco-ambassador's current role in protecting widespread election fraud.

To return to our ongoing reports on the July 2nd Mexico Elections and the US-imposed drug war in Latin America click here.

Narco News also makes an announcement in our ongoing struggle to resurrect Authentic Journalism in América:

On Sunday, July 2nd, when all the polls have closed in Mexico (9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time), The Narco News Bulletin will offer virtual live coverage and analysis of the election results, with an eye on US efforts to impose election fraud, as Washington has already imposed this year in Perú and in the Dominican Republic.

If our reports do not appear every 15 minutes on Sunday night, our disappearance will be due to official interference.

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