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Autonomous Spaces Endangered in the CCH Vallejo (Mexico City)

A New Attack Against Regeneracion Radio (formerly Radio Pacheco)

By Regeneracion
Translated by Kristin Bricker

May 11, 2007

To the Other Campaign
To the People of Mexico in Resistance
To the University Community

On May 9, 2007, at 3pm, in the CCH Vallejo promenade, companyeros from the Marxist Leninist Circle collective (CML in its Spanish initials) rallied around the issue of student spaces within the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in its Spanish initials). In addition to the participation of other collectives within CCH Vallejo, the Regeneracion Radio collective supported the rally and the proposal of the CML to seek a space for students.

At the end of this rally and after a march on campus, the CML mobilized, took, and occupied a cubicle in the “N” building, which didn’t have a real purpose in the department. This space is used for unknown purposes by some academics and there were signs of lack of use such as a lot of dust on much of the furniture, and it should be pointed out that a liter of Tequila was found in the cubicle, “surely used for pedagogical purposes.”

In response, the authorities, lead by the director of the department, Laura Lucia Munoz Corona, tried to take over the cubicle of building “D”, which is right next to the Regeneracion Radio collective’s radio station. The collective prevented the authorities from kicking us out of our space, resisting the blows and shoves from the department’s security team and complicit academics. Using a megaphone, the director of the department began to scream “we’re going to throw you in jail,” “you people sell drugs,” and called a meeting for Friday, May 11 whose only topic is “to get the organized groups out of the department.”

At about 9:30pm some academics arrived and lied, saying that in that cubicle there had been an envelope containing $20,000 pesos, which they had left inside a folder, and no one knew about it because it was going to be a surprise for the academics in celebration of Teachers Day. In this case the department’s lawyer argued that it would have to be shown that this quantity of money was there in order to legally proceed. The academics threatened to issue a criminal charge.

For the first 6 hours of the occupation of the cubicle, it was never mentioned that there was money there. It is clearly an idea that occurred to them and that they want to use as a tactic to legally act.

Whenever a problem arises within the department, the response of the authorities is to attack the Regeneracion Radio collective. Clearly the orders of Laura Munoz Corona, director of CCH Vallejo, are, at all costs and as the first priority, dismantle the Regeneracion Radio collective and get rid of the autonomous spaces that they are a part of: a student cubicle in building “D” and the self-constructed and self-managed radio booth in the CCH Vallejo promenade.

We denounce that the CCH Vallejo authorities, lead by Laura Lucia Munoz Corona, have for months carried out a campaign to discredit and defame the Regeneracion Radio collective.

  1. Publicly assuring that the members of Regeneracion Radio sell drugs in the CCH Vallejo promenade.
  2. Through academics who have sold out to the authorities, students who participate with Regeneracion Radio in the creation of radio programs about many different issues are threatened.
  3. On May 9 Laura Lucia Munoz Corona publicly threatened to throw members of the Regeneracion Radio collective in jail.
  4. The rumor that the collectives want to strike or an indefinite work stoppage is a lie. The director toys with the students’ feelings, in particular those in their sixth semester. We are not promoting a work stoppage; this is just a tactic to discredit us. In fact, the real work stoppage happened on Thursday, May 9, when management cut the electricity and evacuated all of the students, academics, and workers without explanation.
  5. Some academics are selling out academic education by offering their students extra points on their final exam for participating in the meeting that was called in order to destroy the student spaces. In this case it is a shame and a complete lack of ethics on the part of these academics who lower the standard of instruction, learning, and critical thinking in the school, an issue which the demented director of the department promised to tackle as her primary goal when she signed her papers for the director’s position with her superior, the director general of the CCH’s, Bazan Levi.

It’s important to remember that two months ago the collective suffered an attack by agent provocateurs, which the director turned into a new attack against the collective. The agent provocateurs were those who seriously injured two of our companyeros, and the director began a new attack against us in order to defend her buddies, the members of the criminal March 3 agent provocateur group

We ask that the Other Campaign, the organized people of Mexico, and the university community stand in solidarity with us and be alert in the face of what we view as the beginning of the strongest attack against an organization in this department, an organization with a very strong history of struggle.

Regeneracion Radio Collective

Communication against the power For the liberation of all people of the earth Against the Era of lies, the current weapon of the Right Laura Lucia Munos Corona, You’re going down!

P.S. The previous account does not properly convey the intensity of the maliciousness of those in power at CCH Vallejo. We now add the threats of the alcoholic chief of security, Jose Tellez, who threatened various companyeros, saying that outside the department was something else entirely, and that we should be careful. We hold this man, dressed as chief of university security, responsible for the physical well being of collective members.

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