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August 25, 2001

Narco News 2001

The Narco News Bulletin:

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

August 25, 2001 5,441,984 Hits Since April 18, 2000

Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

Atrocity's Apologist

NYT's Juan Forero Covered for Embassy

A Narco News Global Alert

Forero Failed to Disclose the Presence of U.S. Embassy Official During Interviews With Plan Colombia Mercenary Pilots

By Al Giordano

Special to the Narco News Bulletin


of the Empire...


By Danny Morrison

With Introduction by The Narco News Bulletin

Related Story from Earlier This Week:

Plan Colombia

Propaganda Fails

FARC Corrects the Press

"All they can say is that we are alive, that we continue to bother them, that we remain on our feet and in combat until the ultimate victory, and that they await our official announcement of victory."

-- Gabriel Angel

Exclusivo para Narco News...

Carlos Hank González

The End of an Era

By José Martínez M.

José Martínez M., a nationally syndicated columnist in Mexico, is author of The Professor's Teachings: Investigation of Carlos Hank González (1999, Oceano Books), and a regular contributor to The Narco News Bulletin.

Read Government Documents on Hank in Spanish

Friction Magazine Goes to México...

The Drug War Game

By Keith David Hamm

From Panamá...

Panama Time Bomb

Drawn Into Colombian War

By Okke Ornstein

And, from Laissez Faire City Times...

and Costa Rica?

U.S. Military Wants In

By Zola

From San Diego...

Narco-Corruption at

U.S. Customs Service

Ex-Agent Files Federal Lawsuit

A Narco News Global Alert

US Customs Whistle Blower John Carman

Accusation: $250,000 bribes to let Cocaine

Trucks Pass and Sec. Rubin Did Nothing

Editorial by Al Giordano

Also: Read the Carman v. Customs Lawsuit

From Mexico...

Salinas Again

Raul Worried About Carlos

Narco-Clues Reach to Expresident

By Carlos Ramirez

From Canada...

The Pincer Effect:

Canada... One

Step Closer to


By Alejandro Busto

Canadian Correspondent

From Ecuador...

Gearing Up for War

By Peter Gorman

Perú Correspondent

From Colombia...

Bad Beginnings

Aerial Fumigation in Colombia

By Alfredo Molano Brava

Alfredo Molano

From Perú...

U.S. State Cover-Up

Forced Into Light

"Does the State Department really expect anyone to believe that the aircraft carrying Veronica Bowers and her 7-month-old daughter that day was "accidentally" shot down? How does one "accidentally" strafe an unarmed aircraft?...The solution to America's drug problem lies in taking the money out of the business… But until a national politician takes first step toward breaking America's addiction to the drug war, it will just be business as usual in the Andes and on the streets of America's towns and cities."

By Michael Moran

MSNBC News Special Projects Director

Read the State Dept. Cover-Up Report

From Jamaica...

Jamaica Government Panel

Says Legalize Marijuana

"My gut feeling is that the commission's recommendations will be followed," said Ralston Smith, an aide to Prime Minister P.J. Patterson...

The Response from Washington:

U.S. Makes Threat

Against Jamaica

Democracy? What Democracy?

From Florida...

Live From Miami

Fact-Check the Herald!

A New Service from Radio Progreso

"Journalism is such a noble profession that we're saddened to see how it is practiced at The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, where commissions and omissions are made in pursuit of political and even misleading ends. To help our readers, we include here a permanent section where we decipher the B.S., or "Bilingual Scam" - the art of reporting differently in English than in Spanish, so often practiced by The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald."

- from Radio Progreso "B.S. Report"

From México...

The Communiqué

FARP Takes Credit for Bombing Banamex

"The sale of Banamex to Citigroup is not a simple, tax-free, stock deal. It is a criminal act..."

- Revolutionary Armed Forces of the People (FARP)

Mexico City, August 9, 2001

From Argentina...

Congresswoman Issues

Money Laundering Report

Guess Which U.S. Bank Was Named?

"Whistle-blowing Argentine Congresswoman Elisa Carrio on Friday delivered a preliminary report on money laundering that implicates domestic and foreign banks and business executives. Carrio helped a U.S. Senate investigation probing money laundering by Argentine banks, among others, and has been under police guard after receiving threats earlier this year.

"``This is not against serious business people, this is not against serious bankers, this is against the thieves who have seized Argentina in recent years,'' Carrio told a congressional investigative commission as supporters cheered.

"The banks named range from local institutions such as Banco Republica and Banco Piano to foreign banks such as Banque Nationale de Paris to Citigroup Inc. unit Citibank."

Drug War on Trial Updates:

"We Knew We Had Something

Special on Our Hands..."

A Special Commentary by...

The Razor Wire:

David vs. Goliath Drug War Story

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Rolling Stone Summer Hot Issue names...

Hot Muckraker

By Mim Udovitch

And, more cool statements about heat...

Drug War on Trial is "Hottest

1st Amendment Case in Years"

By JoAnn DiLorenzo

Cross-Fire in the Drug War

Narco News Publisher Warns of

Chill to Free Speech

By Amy Langfield

Online Journalism Review

With Sidebar:

"Mexican Bank, Mexican

Website, New York Court"

Related from KenLayne.Com...

"Because I'm not an editor or even on the staff of Online Journalism Review, I assigned Amy Collins-Langfield to cover the trial in New York. She turned in two solid stories: a good Q&A with Web publisher-hellraiser Al Giordano and a courtroom dispatch. Read 'em both.

"All those stupid, money-grubbing jackoffs in Silicon Valley are convinced the Internet is 'over' when it comes to 'content.' Fools. It's just beginning. The Giordanos of the world won't get rich, but they're going to take down a lot of swine."

- Ken Layne, August 2nd web log entry

Roberto Hernández


The Banamex-Narco News War

By José Martínez M.

Mexican Nationally-Syndicated Columnist

Translated by The Narco News Bulletin

Citigroup-Banamex Merger

Angers Mexican Taxpayers

by Mark Stevenson, Associated Press

Now Available in Limited Edition...

The Mexico Papers

April 18, 2000 - August 9, 2000

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