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August 8, 2001

Birthdate of General Emiliano Zapata

Narco News 2001

The Communiqué

FARP Takes Credit for Bombing Banamex

"The sale of Banamex to Citigroup is not a simple, tax-free, stock deal. It is a criminal act..."

- Revolutionary Armed Forces of the People (FARP)

Mexico City, August 9, 2001

Translated by The Narco News Bulletin

Thursday, August 9, 2001, 07:14 p.m.

To the media;
To the Mexican people;
To the peoples of the world:

My General Zapata: Here we are and here we continue for your ideals and example that still live in the memory of the Mexican people.

The actions of the limited military attack realized by troops of our Armed Revolutionary Forces of the People have as their goals:

1. To reject and condemn the sale of the Mexican bank to foreign interests. The sale of Banamex to Citigroup is the largest financial deal in the history of Latin America. The deal for $12.5 million dollars includes important cultural treasures that should be the property of the nation.

The sale of Banamex is not a simple, tax-free, stock deal. It is a criminal act that lacerates and offends the dignity and decorum of the Mexican people.

The dance of the millions seduces and charms the national and foreign oligarchy, while the grand majority of the Mexican people see their life expectations more reduced every day with despair and anguish.

2. To demand the live presentation of all the disappeared political dissidents. Fox is obligated to resolve this elemental demand of justice. The worry, uncertainty and prayers of the families of the disappeared must end. The guilty parties must be unmasked and punished. Our country can not aspire to democracy without having resolved this painful and repugnant debt.

3. To express our rejection of the constitutional counter-reform that is the Indigenous Rights and Culture Law. The insensitivity, closed-mindedness, authoritarianism and lack of real will for dialogue and peace is evident. The campaign promise to resolve the situation in Chiapas remains forgotten. We can see with satisfaction that the political attitude of the Fox government toward the EZLN gives us arguments to justify armed struggle. But we also live with the hope for dialogue and possible peace in Chiapas.

However, the warlike attitude of the state is visible. The war is not good for anybody, nor desired by anybody. War must not be the path to seek democracy, justice and freedom. But the government, the traditional and right-wing political class, as well as the oligarchy, are guided by their compulsion to maintain their privileges forever.

4. To refuse the fiscal reform proposal of Fox. Because, it does not contain real solutions to the economic and social problems of the Mexican people, but rather privileges the interests of those who have everything.

5. To call upon the farming people to organize and fight against the mistaken and unfair government farming policies. It is clear that we are confronting and oppressive government that is only concerned with defending the interests of the powerful, resulting in more poverty to those who are always exploited.

6. To condemn and reject the presence of Gari Prado as the Bolivian Ambassador in Mexico. We do not accept the presence of one of the assassins of the internationalist revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara in our country.

If the justice system of the powerful punishes and assassinates the noble and just revolutionary men it must also be applied against criminals.

7. To condemn the repression by the Italian government against the anti-neoliberal movement in Genoa, Italy. We renounce the assassination of the youth, Carlo Giuliani.

8. To call upon the revolutionary, democratic and progressive organizations, parties and armies to make our best effort to combat the old practices and political attitudes that harmed the movement and to seek relations and necessary political agreements to advance toward coordination and unity.

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Pueblo

Mexican Republic
August 9, 2001

Communiqué of the Military Sector

To the media;
To the Mexican people;
To the peoples of the world:

On the 8th of August of the present year, military troops of our Armed Revolutionary Forces of the People realized three actions of limited military attack, of a propagandistic nature, against the same number of offices of Banamex.

After the completion of these actions the troops retreated and reported themselves without casualties.

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Pueblo.
Mexican Republic, August 9, 2001.

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