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August 20, 2001

Narco News 2001

Plan Colombia

Propaganda Fails

FARC Corrects the Press

"All they can say is that we are alive, that we continue to bother them, that we remain on our feet and in combat until the ultimate victory, and that they await our official announcement of victory."

-- Gabriel Angel

From the ANNCOL news agency

Translated by The Narco News Bulletin

The commercial media - that is, the Colombian media of psychological warfare and distortion (the Caracol news agency, RCN, El Tiempo, El Espectador, El Colombiano, El País, etc.) and the news wires of the international agencies (Reuters, EFE, ITT, ect.) - reported to the Colombian people and to the world about an operation of dimensions never before seen against the guerrilla movement of the FARC-EP, claming the death of more than 100 of its combatants and the capture of dozens of them, as well as the seizure of a large quantity of weapons.

There is no lack of those, like the radio chains, Caracol and RCN, who opened their militarist and pro-paramilitary oligarchic networks of internet access, under the pretext of "Opinion Columns," to military intelligence and paramilitaries to claim that "the operation against more than 3,000 members of the FARC continues." They characterized the military officials as "heroes of the nation" and others said "the hour has arrived to annihilate the FARC." Another said, "On to Caguan and death to the FARC." Another said "They should continue to Caguan, if the president doesn't stop them." Another said, "Use an iron fist: There is no other place for these delinquents than the grave." There was no lack of saber rattling by the military intelligence agencies.

From the United States they said, "Long live Colombia, and get those agents of subversion" and other messages stated that "officials of the Air Force, the Army and other security forces want you to serve your country and terminate the guerrilla of the FARC and ELN and all the others who are the same" (they refer to the labor, farmer, student and worker groups, fathers and mothers of families, opposition political organizations and social organizations, and also independent human rights organizations).

Others, below the sign of the cross, said, "Congratulations to the Army of my country that God blesses." That is how they responded through cyberspace, and the cited radio stations of Colombia. The pupils of the Santo Domingo and Ardila Lule groups (including its aggressive security chief, but with very solid connections with the military hierarchy and its paramilitary strategy) published messages that came from military intelligence and its parrots, completing this round of psychological warfare, to develop a National Security doctrine with the tactic of dirty warfare and low-intensity conflict.

Psychological warfare and operations against the FARC have been the constant factor, the reason for Military Forces in defense of State Terrorism to exist. They were conducted in large operations before: in 1964, under the line of the LASO "Operation Marquetalia", when 16,000 soldiers backed by gringo helicopters and bombers. And they were attempted again, in the 1970s, with the regional operations intended to destroy the structure of the FARC.

On August 19, 1980, there was the "Giant Operation of Extermination." In December of 1990, "Operation Greenhouse" was conducted to clean the path and impose total neoliberalism and the continuation of the evil two-party dictatorship in Colombia. Later, in 1997, they attempted "Operation Destroyer II," with its enormous fiasco for the Military Forces and, today, the "7th of August" Operation, put in march on Saturday, August 18th, accompanied by a great publicity campaign on television networks across the world.

The European TV chains in Sweden, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc., said that the Colombian Army achieved a great victory over the FARC-EP. The daily El Tiempo (voice of the right wing) exhibited, on its front page, three guns with some arms dealers and reported that graves with the corpses of guerrillas had been found. Thus, we have many questions:

Who is the Colombian Military hierarchy trying to convince with its story of victory in combat and the supposed military defeat of the FARC-EP?

How much did the "August 7th Operation" that mobilized 3,500 military soldiers against 1,300 troops of the FARC-EP in the demilitarized zone cost?

A high ranking military official tried to convince the Colombian people that the military budget must be increased from 4% of the gross national product to 5% or 6%, as well as an increase from 40% to 45% of the national budget.

In a new communiqué from Los Pozos by Gabriel Angel, member of the Issues Commission of the FARC-EP, he answered ANNCOL's question about the recent battles, and spoke with authority on the situation: "All they can say is that we are alive, that we continue to bother them, that we remain on our feet and in combat until the ultimate victory, and that they await our official announcement of victory."

Dissing the Disinformation