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July 31, 2001

Narco News 2001

The Narco News Bulletin:

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

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Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

The Great Debate...


and Un-American

Readers Respond to U.S.

Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow

& "Response" from Embassy

"A little tolerance toward drugs brings many undesired visitors."

- U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow

Speech Against Drug Legalization in Mexico
Mexico City, June 2001

Jeffrey's Euro Vacation

Experts Give U.S. Ambassador

to Mexico a Tour of the Facts

Socrates v.Davidow

"We must also recognize that evil can use absolute liberty. I myself would have a different point of view with respect to the right of Socrates to drink hemlock, which I sustain in how much and how wise it would be to permit 12-year-old adolescents to be able to acquire alcoholic beverages."

- U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow

Speech Against Drug Legalization, June 1, 2001, Mexico City

Responses From...

Eric Sterling, Esq.

Also, Professors Francisco Gil-White,

Lyn Isbell and Attorney Mike McIntyre

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow claimed in June 2001 that, "the consumption of drugs would rise with legalization."

Our first witness in The Great Debate is former Colombian Attorney General and Ambassador to Mexico Gustavo de Greiff.

Plan Colombia and

the War on Drugs

By Gustavo de Greiff R.

Our First Witness in this Historic Cyber-Debate

provoked when...

U.S. Ambassador Exploded vs.

Drug Legalization in Mexico

It's Ambassador v. Ambassador

in The Great Debate!

Join the Debate! Send your Comments to:

Historic Letter from Colombia Guerrilla

FARC Writes

to Narco News

Submits Column for Publication

"They Should Not Cry Later"

The Nefarious Effects of Repressive

Logic and the War on Drugs

By Gabriel Ángel

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"On the 27th of June, 1996, I left my house and headed to work on a second-class bus of the Transporte Figueroa lines, from Cintalapa to Tuxtla. There was a police operation... There were boxes of marijuana down below. I had brought only a backpack. But they said the boxes were mine. I was arrested by the public security police. I denied it repeatedly. They threatened to shoot me with guns and beat me if I didn't say it was mine. It was fabrications. And so I came to Cerro Hueco and now I'm fighting. We are going to obtain liberty."

- Gustavo Estrada Gómez, April 1998

Free Gustavo Estrada

& The Nine Remaining Zapatista Prisoners

Another Despot at the Citi-Laundromat...

Carlos Menem Laundered

Money Through Citigroup

See Also Last Month's Narco News Investigation:

Montesinos & Citigroup, Inc.

and in James Petras' Analysis...

The Citibank-Salinas Story

What Dictator Hasn't Banked There?

Mr. Johnson Goes

To Mexico

Gary Johnson, Governor of New Mexico:

The Decriminalization of Drugs:
"An Alternative Combat Policy

By JIM CASON and DAVID BROOKS, Correspondents

The national daily La Jornada, Mexico City

And the Border meeting result...

Mexican Governors: Drugs a

Problem of Health, not Crime

More Innovation in South than North...

Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

City Cures Addiction

(U.S. Authorities Still Deny Access to This Breakthrough

in Treatment for Cocaine and Heroin Addiction)

Iran-Contra Guns-for-Cocaine

Airline Flies for Plan Colombia

Eagle Aviation is DynCorp Subcontractor

By Ken Guggenheim, AP

Peter Romero: Defender of Corruption

State Dept.'s Peter Romero

Defends Corrupt Argentina Prez

By Marcela Sanchez, Washington Post

Drug War on Trial Updates:

by Carlos Ramírez...

The Memory

of Journalism

By José Martínez M...


"Smells Like Narco"

About this handsome...

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(And besides... THEY ALL ARE!)

Narco News Discourages All Vandalism, Especially...


Meanwhile, more Narco News from Our América...


As The Big Apple Bites Back...

Community Group Sues to Stop

Citigroup-Banamex Merger

By Inner City Press

"Know Your Plaintiff!"

NEW! CitiGroupGrope

A Companion Archive/Research Tool to the...

AkinGumpDataDump Museum

Don't Forget to Study The Dossier...

Operation Casablanca


Check Out Rainforest Action Network's Citigroup Campaign

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We went to Court on July 20th...

NY Supreme Judge

"Looked Askance" at

Banamex Arguments

"If Friday's oral arguments are any indication the (Narco News Bulletin) defense will probably come out on top."

- Wired News

"Net Reporting At Stake"

By Mark K. Anderson

Christian Science Monitor:

"A Precedent-setting Case"

By Alexandra Marks

"A precedent-setting case that raises fundamental questions about free speech in the globalized world of cyberspace, as well as the role of the independent journalists in a media world increasingly controlled by corporate giants."

- Christian Science Monitor, July 24, 2001

"Banamex was not narco-pleased"

By Ben Winters

from In These Times

NEW Legal Briefs Now Online

Read the EFF Amicus Brief

"The new independent journalists of the Internet, as personified by Al Giordano, play a crucial role in preserving the democratic aspirations of First Amendment protection. The role of such journalists is especially salient as mainstream media is increasingly in the hands of fewer and fewer large corporations."

- Electronic Frontier Foundation Amicus Brief

in support of Narco News motion to dismiss

Read New Narco News Legal Memorandum


Defend Narco News

The Village VOICE Reports:

"Media Trial of the Summer"

By Cynthia Cotts

The Guardian of London Reports:

"Forum Shopping" by Banamex

By Sean Dodson

Narco News Needs You!

"Make no mistake. This court fight isn't about any particular story NarcoNews has done. It's about ALL of them, and all of the ones yet to come. And it's a battle over the continued independence of Internet journalism as well. The silencing of Al Giordano and NarcoNews isn't a theoretical possibility that might happen a couple years from now. It's already happening. Al and his volunteer lawyers are hip-deep in it right now. And they need our help."

- Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Gary Webb

March 16, 2001

A Message From Gary Webb

Legal Memoranda:

"Banamex Threatens Entire Internet"
The Narco News Legal Brief vs. Banamex Lawsuit
(Filed by Attorneys Tom Lesser and Leonard Weinglass)
"There Was No Defamation"
The Distortions and Lies of Akin Gump
(A Pro Se Memorandum by Al Giordano)

We have gone into debt to file these important motions

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Drug War on Trial

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