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"The name of our country is America"

-- Simón Bolívar

The Great Chopper Robbery

Officials tried to blame the Zapatista rebels, but it was an inside job

Por Esto! reports from Mérida La Prensa from Managua

This was as the screen last appeared before our new issue booted up

Here, are 34 stories, 63 links, and a dozen unreported stories awaiting US media coverage.

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The Narco-Media:

Trouble at TV Azteca

TV Azteca owner must comply with subpoena on Monday

TV guards busted outside of Mexico City prosecutor's home May 7th were fed agents, spying on city prosecutor


"The conduct of the guards of the journalist went way beyond protecting their client and probably committed a crime"

-- Miguel Granados Chapa

May 12 column in Reforma

M6 NEWS: Assassinated "Journalist" Was a Cop

A30 NEWS: LA TIMES on Labastida's Narco State

Excelsior of Mexico City tampers with LA Times story

La Crisis: ¡Ya Publicado En Español!

El Universal: Carlos Ramírez confirms Narco News story
Se confirma el reportaje de Narco News por Carlos Ramírez en El Universal

Proceso: McCaffrey defends Labastida

"It's enriched every day, the internet page of Narco News... it's certain that its story provoked the Mexican pressure on the White House Drug Czar to certify Labastida."

-- El Universal, Sunday May 7th, Political Indicator

A25 NEWS: Vets Slam US Colombia Drug Plan

Wife to 60 Minutes: Colonel Cocaine and US Army Knew of my Drug Involvement

Meanwhile, many Mexican media outlets are doing a better job than their US counterparts in covering the drug war. The Mexican newsweekly, La Crisis, says that Narco News "without a doubt denounces what is silenced in the United States."
This Week 
A headline on the cover reads: "Excelsior and The News censor the Los Angeles Times, covering the tracks of Labastida in the narco:"

Last Week


A headline on the cover reads: "The errors of Washington's anti-drug policy:"
Issue #1: Launched on April 18, 2000 Updated April 23, 2000

"The world headquarters of drug trafficking"?

US Ambassador's Remarks Provoke Mexican Critiques of Drug Prohibition

Milenio: The Other Bomb Dropped by Davidow
La Crisis: Was CIA behind murder of Tijuana's police chief?
Mexican dailies: Labastida denies corruption accusations...
El Universal: ...but then appears in public with "narco-banker"
Dallas Morning News and NY Times disagree on Mexican elections
New: Washington Post weighs in on April 16th to offer a more truthful report
Por Esto! conquers New York City, calls US drug war a failure
La Jornada: US is "world HQ" of drug money laundering
Nexos, Letras Libres: The L-word is Legalización
Martha Chapa: Enough Already!
Narco News: Welcome to our nightmare

Is the Mexican Drug Czar Reading Narco News?...

...see the April 23 update in Shots of Grace

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