La Crisis reports on Narco News

Mexico's respected news weekly announces the launch of The Narco News Bulletin

The red ribbon headline on the cover says:

"The errors of Washington's anti-drug policy"


in the April 29 - May 5 issue

by Leda Flores

a few translated excerpts:

"Tribune of critical journalistic works on the subject of drug trafficking, The Narco News Bulletin puts in evidence the errors of the anti-drug policies of the US government in Latin America."

"With a wide understanding of the anti-drug fight in Latin America, former Boston Phoenix political reporter Al Giordano has expressed that the extermination of the drug market has resulted a failure, in part, because the United States public is so badly informed."

"In this thesis, the outstanding editor and political analyst expressed: We are out to force these stories into the headlines of the United States press."

"Without a doubt, The Narco News Bulletin denounces what is silenced in the United States."

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