The Narco News Bulletin

For Immediate Release
April 18, 2000
Contact: Al Giordano, publisher

Narco News Bulletin Premiers on Internet

Offers Investigative Reports and Translations from Latin America
Challenges White House Drug Office to Disprove Allegations of US Wrongdoing
MEXICO CITY, APRIL 18, 2000: The Narco News Bulletin made its "shot heard 'round the world" today with the publication of an internet web site that reports on US drug policy in Latin America.
The site is available at:
In its first issue, Narco News offered reports of official wrongdoing by US Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow, by US Coronel James Hiett (who commanded US anti-drug forces in Colómbia), by the White House drug czar's press office and by other government, banking and media officials throughout the hemisphere.
The internet site also translates, for English-speaking readers, drug war reports from Latin American media that go unreported in the United States. "We hope to force these stories onto the dockets of the North American press," says publisher Al Giordano, a veteran US political reporter who investigates the drug war in Latin America. "The drug war is a disaster, in part, because the US public is so badly informed."
In the publisher's column, titled "Shots of Grace," Giordano took aim at recent attempts by the White House drug czar's office to silence two online journalists (the cases of journalists Michael Massing and Daniel Forbes - and the official attacks upon them - are addressed in the column). Narco News fingered White House "anti-drug" spokesman Bob Weiner as the hidden hand behind the attacks.
Narco News exposed that Weiner, press aid to General Barry McCaffrey, has a long history of "McCarthy style" attacks on political opponents dating from Weiner's 1988 congressional campaign in Massachusetts. "Weiner was repudiated by the voters precisely because he made untrue personal allegations that he later could not defend," said Giordano. "We at The Narco News Bulletin, on the other hand, are so sure of the facts in our stories that we offer the White House press office its own page on our internet site. If they don't like what we publish, let them try to disprove our reports."
The White House has not yet responded to the offer, but Narco News makes available Mr. Weiner's telephone number - (202) 395-6618 - to the press and public. "We're not afraid of the White House or anyone," says Giordano. "To the contrary, we challenge them to disprove our charges against Weiner and to rebut our investigation that reveals that the US Ambassador to Mexico cavorts with white collar drug traffickers."
The Narco News Bulletin, with its first issue, inaugurates two awards: Narco-of-the-Month and drug war Hero-of-the-Month, and accepts nominations for the May 2000 "Narco Awards" at its internet address:
The Narco News Bulletin accepts no advertising, makes no profit, supports no candidate or political party, and has no paid staff. "It's a labor of love," says Giordano, former political reporter for the Boston Phoenix who has published in the Washington Post, American Journalism Review and other journals, and formerly directed an on-line forum for the Delphi internet service. "Love of democracy, of sovereignty, of human rights and of authentic journalism."