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-- Simón Bolívar

Gunmen Walk After Attack on Cancún Newspaper

It's only a crime to shoot at journalists if they result killed or wounded, say officials

Authorities say they "forgot" about the bag of cocaine in possession of the gunmen before releasing them onto the streets

from the daily Por Esto! of Quintana Roo

September 1, 2000

The Five Waiters are Free

-- Shooting firearms is not classified as a crime in the state, the argument

-- In spite of the evidence of the Harrison Test, they walked

-- It seems as if authorities are waiting for victims before they prosecute

-- High official "forgot" about the envelope presumably with cocaine

-- Arrest warrant for Amado Orta, still active

By Lizandro Coronado y Ramón Uresti

The five subjects who accompanied the fugitive delinquent Amado Orta, who shot at Por Esto! of Quintana Roo, were liberated because judicial authorities "did not find elements of guilt" as the 48 hour constitutional limit on detention to place charges passed.

In spite of counting with convincing evidence and that two of the five waiters detained tested positive in the Harrison Test for having shot a firearm, illogically they were let go below the argument that "sufficient elements" to place charges were not found. This aggression put the lives of hundreds of workers who labor daily at this newspaper at risk.

....Among the irregularities of the investigation is underlined that the legal director of Public Security, Alejandro Pérez Ortega, "forgot" on his desk a plastic envelope (seized from the defendants) that appeared to contain cocaine. It was not presented as evidence to the prosecutor's office...

On Thursday the director of Public Security, Pablo Lucio Quiroga Rios, had to call upon him for an explanation of why he didn't deliver it (the cocaine evidence) and he said it was because he was "distracted."

This infantile explanation, given the gravity of the facts, caused that the waiters could not be investigated for possession of narcotics, taking in account that a person accused of selling drugs in their restaurant "Yuppie's" last week was detained.

...One of the waiters involved in the shooting attempt against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo, Christián Galindo, said that he had no idea what happened.

He said that Amado Orta Vélez fired the shots and that he doesn't know why he did it. "All I know is that they did not let him enter the city jail because he smelled like alcohol when he went to visit Marucio Sánchez" (ex-waiter of Yuppie's Sport Café, detained recently for distributing drugs in the bar).

"I have no idea how he was able to escape the place where they detained us, and I don't know why he shot at Por Esto!" he said as he left detention accompanied by his family members.

What is fact is that the behavior of the authorities demonstrates for the umpteenth time the lack of protection that the citizenry confronts.... It is a fact that Amado Orta belongs to a well organized gang of drug dealers that move in the Hotel Zone under protection by the authorities...

Meanwhile, refusing to be intimidated, Por Esto! of Quintana Roo -- the most read newspaper in that state -- published three more investigative reports:

-- a related story about how officials protect drug dealing in the Hotel Zone of Cancún (where the shooters worked as waiters)

-- a new bombshell from Holbox Island on a fugitive from justice involved now in a land dispute that involves Banamex and has divided the island's population. (Since Banamex bought 11 kilometers of beach on this fishing and eco-tourism penininsula of Holbox, the place has become another key entry point for Colombian cocaine boats.)

-- another expose of how the federal Attorney General is abusing his power against citizens in the "Cancún Case" looking for more solid evidence against fugitive governor Mario Villanueva

These stories available in Spanish on the Por Esto! of Quintana Roo web site:

A Chronology of Unprotected Journalism:

Gunmen Attack Por Esto!

Attack by Group of Delinquents Connected with Drug Trafficking

For Immediate Global Release: August 31, 2000

On Tuesday morning gunmen attacked the new Cancún offices of Mexico's third-largest daily newspaper, Por Esto!

Five of the perpetrators have been apprehended: all are waiters at the same tourist bar in Cancún. A sixth perp, the head waiter and presumed chief of a narco-trafficking operation, Amado Orta then led his companions to, of all places, the parking lot of the city jail, where another co-worker of the waiters is held on drug charges, and Orta escaped. Orta remains a fugitive from justice.

The facts of the case are under constant investigation both by authorities and by the valiant journalists of Por Esto!, who are friends of The Narco News Bulletin and have published various works of ours in Spanish throughout the Mexican Southeast.

The facts point already to other interests behind the attack. But as the facts are still unfolding, we will simply publish here the full translations of the stories in Por Esto! on Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31, before offering our own more detailed analysis in the days to come. We welcome further inquiries from other news and free expression organizations.

We also draw the reader's attention to two previous stories on Narco News.

The first, was our May 2000 award of Drug War Hero of the Month Mario Menéndez Rodríguez -- editor and publisher of the same daily Por Esto! -- with a history of this courageous journalist:

The second contains the history and facts, with links to more facts, about Por Esto's investigations into one of the most powerful white-collar drug traffickers in the world and his protection by presidents (and presidents-elect) of Mexico and the United States:

Menéndez and Por Esto! have, for four years, taken on the most powerful and corrupt levels of the narco trade while at the same time making clear their position: Only by legalizing drugs will the violence and corruption cease.

We call upon colleagues worldwide and international press freedom organizations to rise to the defense of freedom of expression by this uniquely serious and popular news organization -- Por Esto! -- to protect them and their important ongoing journalistic work.

Whether one agrees with Por Esto's position against high level official drug traffickers and against drug prohibition itself, we remind that an attack on free expression by one newspaper is an attack upon everyone's free speech.

Here are the first two days of full translations of the facts reported by Por Esto! of Quintana Roo in the wake of the attack by gunmen against this journalistic institution:

-- Al Giordano


The Narco News Bulletin

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Day One

From Por Esto! of Quintana Roo
August 30, 2000

Gunshots Against Por Esto!

Attack by group of delinquents connected with drug trafficking

-- A sterile and absurd attempt to scare the journalistic work of investigation and accusation

-- A cowardly aggression as the day's work had just begun

-- Demonstrates the mentally unstable hatred that organized crime has against this editorial publication

By Ramón Uresti and Lizandro Coronado

A group of delinquents connected with the sale of drugs in the Hotel Zone of Cancún shot at the offices of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo yesterday morning in a sterile and absurd attempt to scare the journalistic work of investigation and accusation practiced by this editorial publication.

Since 1995, when the Por Esto! daily newspapers removed the cloak over drug trafficking in Quintana Roo, federal authorities and narco-trafficking organizations have systematically tried to silence the investigative work about the "grand businesses" of the dominant plutocracy.

Those same attacks increased in 1997 when the newspaper filed legal complains against the president of the banking consortium Banamex-Accival, Roberto Hernández Ramírez for connections with drug trafficking.

The facts of what happened yesterday morning confirm: This was not about a "drunken joke" or a "mere coincidence" that a group of delinquents in vehicles with México City license plates shot at the editorial building of this daily as the reporter corps and administration had just begun their daily labors.

Three waiters of the video-bar "Yuppie's Sport Café" in the Hotel Zone shot, from a vehicle, at the installations of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo around 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday. Two of them have been arrested: the driver and owner of the automobile, identified as Amado Orta, the head waiter of the restaurant who fired the shots, "strangely" remains at large.

The cowardly action against this media institution happened when the three individuals were on their way to the municipal jail to visit Mauricio Cruz, the waiter who was detained by elements of the federal Attorney General's office (PGR) last August 18th inside the aforementioned video-bar, for selling psychotropic pills and the drug known as ecstasy or "tachas."

That information was made public by the daily Crónica of Cancún newspaper through a slim press release delivered by the local Attorney General's office.

The mentally-unstable hatred that organized crime demonstrates against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo once again reveals itselt, since the story (of the drug bust) was not published here - because it came from a slim press release like those that the local PGR office is accustomed to writing - and our refusal to print it in turn caused anger among the PGR's followers.

The gun shots were witnessed by reporter Ramón Uresti Hernández when he left the offices and by a youth identified as Víctor Manuel Jiménez, 24, who found himself only 15 feet from where the vehicle stopped and the driver Amado Orta fired the shots.

The young witness to the facts was cutting hay when he heard the detonations and headed for the sides for fear of being injured. The Por Esto! of Quintana Roo reporter, alerted by the gun shots, saw the auto from where the shots were fired. A transport bus of the Autocar company on Route 97-99 also stopped in front of the gravity of the events and fearful that the delinquents would shoot against that vehicle.

The public security police were immediately notified and four patrol cars appeared three mintues later at the installations of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo. They rapidly inspected the place of the facts and began an immediate search operation to locate the auto described by reporter Ramón Uresti.

Soon afterward and having located the Autocar bus that had been present during the gun shots, the municipal police passed by the city jail and there the reporter observed the champagne colored Intrepid vehicle with license plates 166-GVN of Mexico City with the individuals who had fired the shots.

Upon searching the vehicle only two individuals - Christian Galindo Pérez and Alfredo Martínez Contreras - were found, showing signs of intoxication and alcohol, wearing t-shirts of the video-bar Yuppie's Sports Café.

Upon being questioned they declined to respond and said they didn't know whose vehicle it was or who had driven it, and stuttered that they had entered the area to visit a friend detained in the jail and that other companions of theirs had entered the jail to visit him.
Continuing with the revision of the Intrepid vehicle, a drivers license in the name of Amado Orta was found. But in a "strange" development he was not found in the area and later it was said that he had fired the shots.

The agents revising the vehicle found in the glove compartment a .22 Magnum firearm with a box of bullets, a sharp knive, and nobody said to whom they belonged.
The public security agents immediately inspected the other vehicles parked at the jail and found a green Chrysler Caprice, 1998 model, with license plate USE-5876 of Quintana Roo, that also formed part of the aggressor group.

The detainees from that car are named Armando Pech Ortega, Jorge López González and Marco Antonio Pastrana, who were intercepted when they left the city jail to be interrogated about the facts.

As none of them spoke or revealed the driver or owner of the auto, perhaps for fear to accuse him and to avoid the consequences of that, opted to remain silent. Now apprehended for their cowardly act, the five waiters of the video-bar were detained at the city jail by the public security police.

At around 11:30 a.m, a group of state judicial police appeared at the offices of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo led by assistant director of investigations Miguel Angel Kim Martínez and assistant director of investigating affairs Daniel Dante Valezzi, who were put in charge of the investigation.

Accompanied by the newspaper's comptroller Mario Menéndez Cámara and other personnel of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo they conducted a wide and careful inspection of the instillations to collect evidences of the attack.

Within an hour and with the testimony of the daily's administrator José Manuel Rodríguez Camelo, reporter Ramón Uresti and chief editor Lizandro Coronado, they went to the state attorney general's office to place charges against those responsible.

"I've been deceived and I have to accept responsibility": Kurt Hansen, director of the video bar

Interviewed in the video-bar, Kurt Hansen, operating director of Yuppie's Sport Café, expressed his feeling of deception and stated decidedly that those responsible for shooting against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo must respond and assume the consequences of what they did.

"We are collaborating with the authorities. We cannot condone these acts and as businesspeople we totally divorce ourselves from these unfortunate events."

For his part, the general director of Yuppie's Sports Café, Alfredo Romero Pasos exhibited his concern over the mentioned facts and said that the guilty parties will have to pay the consequencss of their actions. "Already they have lost their jobs, they will be fired. To tolerate these actions would be akin to rewarding them.

Both said they knew the waiters and warned them every day that if they got involved with any type of problem they would have to take responsibility "and we cannot help in the most minimum way, they would not be taken care of."

To that, Kurt Hansen added that if they got involved in problems that affect "us, we ourselves will collaborate directly with the authorities, because they are affecting with their actions the image of the business."

"Systematic aggressions against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo"

This latest act of aggression against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo demonstrates once again that organized crime intends to stop the investigative journalism and citizen accusation that we engage in day after day in the collective work of this editorial publication.

The constant aggressions by the federal Attorney General's office (PGR) cannot be forgotten. In place of supporting and investigating accusations of drug trafficking that are made day after day by the Por Esto! dailies, they harass us with the sole objective of silencing the commitment we have acquired with society.

It fits to recall that this systematic campaign of persecution by organized crime and the Attorney General was evidence again when in the place where the cadaver of the waiter at the Casa Maya Hotel, Rafael Hernández Cámera (involved in Caso Cancún) were also found various informative documents of the PGR. In those documents the PGR delegate for this area Jorge Peña Sandoval told his superiors about the infamous criminal accusation that the Salinista neo-banker Roberto Hernández Ramírez made against the publisher and a group of reporters of this daily for defamation of character.

They left the documents (by the cadaver) in such a way as to threaten and try to silence the objective truth that has been reported day to day in the Por Esto! dailies. Together with those documents were also found boxes with official PGR files of still active cases.

The threats continue but far from frightening us, instead the oblige us to continue working day after day with the objectivity that characterizes us and with our commitment to society.


Day Two

August 31, 2000

Unanimous Condemnation

Demands to investigate the roots of the gunfire against offices of Por Esto!

Respect for freedom of expression in benefit of society, say social and political leaders.

By Lizandro Coronado Alcocer

Cancun, Q.Roo, August 30: The unanimous repudation by Quintanarroense society of the shooting against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo is a clear demonstration of the concern and backing of the informative labor that this media organization conducts in this region.

Diverse demonstrations of support by representatives of the political, business, and citizen sectors, and by competent authorities, together were received in solidarity and respect for the work accomplished by this collective of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo.

The assistant attorney general of justice on the state level ordered an arrest warrant for the waiters captain of Yuppie's Sports Café, Amado Orta. At the same time, the Harrison Test applied upon the five detainees who have confessed, found two who tested positive, which opens the possibility that there were two firearms and not one as they confessed upon being captured.

As reported in yesterday's edition about the gunshots that Por Esto! of Quintana Roo received from six waiters of the Yuppies Sports Café restaurant, who, in reprisal for the detention of one of their partners shot bullets against the building of this editorial publication on Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo in Region 97 of this city.

The detainees, Alfredo Martínez Contreras, Amando Pech Ortega, Marco Antonio Pastrana Aldan, Jorge López González and Christian Galindo Pérez, as of last night, were still being detained by the state attorney general¡s office although the case was turned over to federal prosecutors to make the pertinent investigations.

At the same time, the public security police informed that inside the Intrepid vehicle (from where the shots were fired) a plastic bag that appears to contain cocaine was found and "strangely" was not delivered to the prosecutor when the police elements handed the detainees over to them.

Dante Daniel Valezzi, assistant director of investigative services of that agency, explained that Christian Galindo Pérez, 30, and Armando Pech Ortega, 27, both from Mexico City, tested positive on the Harrison Test which proved that they had shot firearms within hours before they capture.

On their part, family members of the detainees who appeared at the state prosecutor's office said that these defendants were used by Amado Orta to attack the Por Esto! of Quintana Roo newspaper, but did not explain how or why.

All of the defendants blame the head waiter, now fugitive from justice, saying it was he who shot against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo and that moments after the attack he escaped.

With new evidences the investigations reaffirm what Por Esto! of Quintana Roo reported yesterday about the possibility that the attack was not only meant to intimidate the journalistic labor of investigation and accusation of this collective editorial publication, but rather had other motives that the authorities will have to explain.

The family members of two waiters said in an interview conced to Por Esto! of Quintana Roo that their relatives were used by Amado Orta (now fugitive), who days earlier was angry about report that had been made (see related story.)

It's a fact that the "ant's work" trafficking of drugs in the nightclub section of the hotel zone has incremented considerably without the competent authorities doing anything to impede it. Information given by a "burrero" (small scale drug seller) mention that there are more than ten establishments that openly engage in this illicit activity and they have there center of activity in the zone near Party Center in Punta Cancún.

The discomfort that the informative work of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo causes to organized crime and drug trafficking gangs has caused grave damages to the structure of these delinquent groups that are protected below the banner that the beach zone is a territory where police presence affects the image of the tourist destination. Below the protection of some authorities and with impunity this has become a grand center of drug distribution.

The lamentable thing of this case is that the cancer of drug trafficking not only injures tourism but also thousands of youths from Cancún who weekly go to the nightclubs located there where they are at the mercy of the delinquents.

The PGR will begin investigations

This Wednesday afternoon the assistant director of investigations, Miguel Angel Kim Martínez, turned the case over to the federal prosecutor.

…it was determined that the firearm (22 caliber Magnum) that the aggressors carried is classified as a violation of federal law, the reason for which the PGR has taken on the case.

The assistant director of investigation services, Daniel Dante Valezzi, explained that the disappearance of the bag containing cocaine that had been seized at the moment of detention is a key piece of evidence to trace the lines of the investigation about the motive of the attack, because with this proof it can be determined if the drug was for personal use or to sell at the place of work.

It's worth specifying that according to the report of the public security police, the Intrepid vehicle (licence plate 166 GVN of Mexico City) used for the attack contained a black bag that had inside five gold rings, a necklace, two gold chains as well as two cellular phones and a wallet with personal documents among other things.

Also seized from the auto were containers of pharmaceuticals Redoxon and Centrum.
According to the investigations by state prosecutors it was determined that the revolver pistol had a five cartridge capacity with a brown hardwood handle, 22 caliber Maghum, and was used to attack the offices of Por Esto! of Quintana Roo. It's range and potency are lethal for the objective with a type of bullet that penetrates the body of a person and the damage multiplies because the bullet doesn't stay only in the place where it impacted.
Amado Orta had other reasons to shoot:

According to the lines of investigation that police have developed they have rejected the idea that the gunshots made by the waiters of Yuppie Sports Café were mere coincidence or a drunken joke, because the declarations made by those involved in the case reflect that Amado Orta acted in a premeditated manner. He also fooled his companions as he never visited the city jail as he had told them when they left the video bar where they had worked until last Tuesday morning when the events occurred. In exchange, he disappeared the moment that his companions were detained at the gates of the city jail.

Another determinative point in the investigations is that the two vehicles used by the aggressors (the Intrepid and the Caprice) are both property of Amado Orta. It still is not known why he had brought his companions to the other place.

That the two waiters who tested positive on the Harrison test live in exclusive apartments n the Hotel Zone of this vacation center also draws attention.

Finally, the police authorities mentioned that the two autos were not robbed. And they are investigating now the location of the head waiter Amado Orta.


August 31, 2000
Related story:

Families: "They Were Used"

The detainees didn't know why the fugitive suspect shot at the office of Por Esto!

-- Amado Orta, head waiter of Yuppie's Sport Café," named as the person who fired the shots

-- The two autos, his property

-- He was bothered by a press report that appeared in a newspaper

-- Two detainees test positive in the Harrison test

CANCUN, Q. Roo, August 30: The state's assistant attorney general Ricardo Adrán Samos Medina stated that the lines of investigation have widened to clarify the real motive of the shooting attempt at Por Esto! of Quintana Roo, as well as to capture Amado Orta, accused of the aggression by his own companions.

Families of the detainees who appeared at the state attorney general's office said that the suspects were used in the shooting attempt against the newspaper Por Esto! of Quintana Roo for reasons that Amado Orta never explained to them (the detainees).

All the detainees blame the head waiter, now fugitive from justice, Amado Orta, saying it was he who fired the shots against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo and that he fled moments after.
The family members of the detainees said that the two cars that are currently seized by the prosecutor are the property of Amado Orta.

At the same time, they commented that the head waiter of Yuppie's bar and restaurant, days before, was very upset about a press report that appeared in a newspaper. His rage had already passed but, nonetheless, they did not explain why the fugitive fired the shots in front of the editorial publication.

Interviewed again by different communications media of the state, attorney Ricardo Adrián Samos Medina, assistant justice prosecutor in the northern zone, said that there are not yet sufficient evidences to close the case.

He said that necessarily there would have to be a series of investigations and tracings with relation to the vehicles to find if they are or are not of dubious origin.

He clarified that this part of the investigation of the crimes for which five subjects were apprehended has not ended.

For the moment, the detainees have not been turned over to the federal attorney general. They are analyzing the situation although the intention is to hand them over because the primary crime is a firearms offense.

The time that they can be detained locally is 49 hours until the prosecutor resolves the legal situation.

An arrest warrant has still not been issued for the apprehension of the intellectual author of the crime because we are still point in the legal process.

Interviewed in the prosecution offices when he left a meeting with the assistant prosecutor, Gorge López Karam said that because they don't have the documentation to see if the good seized are legal a report has been solicited from Mexico City authorities.

We necessarily have to see if these vehicles have been reported in any robbery or, to the contrary, that they give us a description of the vehicle that corresponds to the licence plates of the seized autos and whether they seem to belong to the fugitive from justice.

"WE know that they shot against the offices of a newspaper. We have to investigate if all the facts are related or not. These are the lines of the investigation that the state judicial police are pursuing," said the assistant prosecutor.

(Ramón Uresti Hernández)

Cancún: from "trampoline" to consumer

Political parties: Not just tourists look for drugs; also local youths

By David Sosa Flores

Cancún and some other cities of the state have been allowed to be used as simple transit routes of drugs, and now not only tourists consume them, but also local people, principally youths.

For leaders of the PAN, the PRI and the PRD, as well as citizen organizations, the crime committed by a group of youths to attack the Por Esto! of Quintana Roo collective is synonymous with the social decomposition caused by the lack of an urgent program of social development.

They also said that labors to prevent the trafficking and consumption of trucks should also increase the penalties to offenders, and a true investigation must be made to eradicate the narco-trafficking network that has been seated in Quintana Roo.

It's not just a police problem

Miguel Paz Paredes: "In the issue of the trafficking and consumption of drugs in Mexico, the parameters have changed in recent years. We've gone from being a producer country to a consumer country."

"Before, it was said that Mexico served as a trampoline for the transport of drugs toward the United States and other countries, but now many of these drugs stay in the country.

"The consumption of drugs is rising in the urban centers and in the case of Cancún the problem has worsened with the accelerating population growth and the heterogeneity of the inhabitants, not just the tourists.

"This issue was left as only a police problem, but it is also of crime prevention and cultural development.

"Still, the authorities have a vision very far from that the citizenry demands. For example, we see first that the city has a theater, but not a cultural project.

"Evidently, the street level dealing of drugs has increased and responds to a well organized network that has expanded its radius of action.

"This is not only a problem for the PGR, but also the Secretary of Education and other agencies."

Integral Development:

José Antonio Abascal: "As a citizenry that reads the newspapers and watches the television, we have learned of the alarming growth of drug trafficking and consumption, particularly in the tourist centers of the state.

"If this is not attacked at the root, in short time the consequences will be suffered.

"Crimes should not be committed, but they seem to advance more than the development of the region.

"On the other hand, we see that social inequality and zero development are provoking problems like suicides, that are growing in number.

"For example, we see cases of workers in the tourist industry that are sanctioned in their places of work if they don't water the gardens with potable water, but when they get home, there is no potable water to consume, nor basic services, provoking social imbalance and grave conflicts when citizens suffer from a lack of services."

Abascal called for the creation and putting into march an urgent plan of integrated development.

"They shouldn't give permits like crazy at City Hall when they are delivered by means of bribes."

"There are gangs of 12 and 13 year old adolescents that have not been given a place to achieve their whole development as human beings. There are not enough schools, nor recreation places for the culture, nor for sports, and for this the youths are tempted to commit crimes and-or drug themselves."

The number of suicides that have happened in recent years in this state, principally in Cancún, is alarming.

This is not only a problem in that tourism already doesn't come to Quintana Roo, but also the social barbarity that is being provoked, to permit and not to attack the trafficking and consumption of drugs, nor work on an integrated development plan.

Foment culture, education, sports and recreation:

Alejandro Ramós: "To avoid the consumption of drugs, that generally promotes other crimes, it is necessary that the authorities of the three levels of government foment cultural, sports and recreational activities.

"In addition to urgent and effective prevention actions, penalties for the consumers and distributors of drugs should be increased.

"In the same manner, there must be true investigations into drug trafficking and in the case of the attempted shooting suffered by Por Esto! of Quintana Roo, the newspaper of dignity, identity and sovereignty, to get to the root of the case, that is the existence of a drug trafficking network.

"This is the cause célebre of ex governor Mario Villanueva, who during the last siz years permitted the operation of drug trafficking in the state.

"It's certain that he protected not only the local mafias, but also the international ones, and it is said that there are not proofs to incriminate Villanueva Madrid, but they said the same in Colombia about Pablo Escobar, who was capo de los capos in the South American nation who enjoyed the protection of federal authorities. Something similar is happening here with the fugitive governor.

Better Vigilance

Enrique Alcocer: "It's necessary to have more vigilance in the nightclubs, discos, bars and restaurants in tourist zones, but also in the city's most conflicted neighborhoods.

If more drug consumption is being registered, the authorities must increase their preventive labors, constant vigilance and frontal attack, of an integral manner.

The attack on Por Esto! of Quintana Roo is one proof more of the damage that is made to the social fabric by the presence of the narco. The law must be applied and the image of Cancún and Quintana Roo must be cleansed.

Courageous Journalism:

Julian Ricalde: "We know that the cowardly aggression against Por Esto! of Quintana Roo in its offices will not intimidate you nor your team of collaborators, because these demonstrations materialized in criminal acts are the language of those who feel "affected" in their illegal business and those who, undoubtedly, are exposed by courageous journalists.

"We call for the authorities to find the guilty parties and sanction them accordingly so that these cowardly acts seen only in barbaric societies do not continue with impunity."