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LeBaron in Chihuahua: May This Caravan Live Forever!

“Today I Get Off the Victims’ Bus to Be an Agent of Change and Work in My Community”

By Julian LeBaron with Antonio Cervantes
Caravan of Solace

June 12, 2011

(Remarks of Julian LeBaron delivered on June 8 in front of the Governor’s Palace of the state of Chihuahua.)

Julian LeBaron on the stage in front of the Governor’s Palace in his home state of Chihuahua, June 9, as citizens installed a plaque in memory of assassinated human rights defender Marisela Escobedo. DR 2011 Tyler Stringfellow.
We have come from a long journey and we have seen many faces and a lot of pain and a lot of sadness.

I never imagined the state where I was born would end up like this.

I could have said that this would be one of my worst nightmares: I am a victim of lethal violence. My brother died because that’s what some assassins decided would happen, and I have had to crisscross the country along with many other victims who have suffered similar pain. And as I speak here, other women and men are being attacked and wounded by people of their own nationality. What is this about?

Another victim more whom I am referring to is the family of our companion, Marisela.

Marisela Escobedo.

Here, where I am standing, is the soil where her blood was spilt. This blood is still wet on the ground of the entire state of Chihuahua!

I accuse the federal government of the murder of Marisela.

I also accuse all the members of the PAN party in the country.

And all the members of the PRI.

I also accuse the members of the PRD.

And those who don’t have a political party.

I accuse the churches of the death of Marisela.

And also those who do not believe in God.

I accuse the governors, the mayors, all parents and also their children.

And I accuse each and every one of you of the death of Marisela Escobedo.

I accuse myself, Julian LeBaron, of the death of this woman. Her blood is fresh on the ground and it is wet on my shoes. Her blood is on my hands! That’s because I should have been with her on that day. We all should have been with her. But we left her alone. Alone! That’s why they killed her. That’s why they keep killing more of our brothers and sisters. Because we left them, one after another, alone. And that is why I accuse myself today!

I have decided to look toward the future to stop this war. And I have held my pain in my heart, and also that of all of you.

Today I will come down from the bus of the victims. As it should be. Today I get off the victim’s bus. I can’t travel on it for the rest of my life. Now is the hour to be agents of change and to work actively in our communities so that those who are still not yet born can aspire to a future in peace.

May this caravan live forever!

Transcription by Marta Molina. Translation by Al Giordano.

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