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The Other Campaign on the Other Side Calls for Meeting

Gathering June 4 in Downtown Los Angeles Will Discuss Government Repression Atenco and Throughout Mexico

By Ángeles Barrios Cabrera
AMATE, Agencia de Medios Alternativos y Taller Editorial

May 22, 2006

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (AMATE) May 22, 2006: Groups in this North American city that support The Other Campaign launched by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) are convoking a general meeting, which will take up, among other issues, the government repression against the people of San Salvador Atenco and adherents of The Other Campaign throughout Mexico and the suspension of the tour led by Subcomandante Marcos.

A communiqué by The Other Campaign on the Other Side said it makes “a cordial and fraternal call for people, groups, collectives, organizations, clubs, etc. to participate” in the general meeting to be held in Los Angeles on June 4 beginning at noon. It will “be held at the Centro de Acción Popular, 425 W. 11th St. between Grand and Hope Streets in the center of the city,” says the document.

“Events in Mexico at the beginning of May – the government repression against the people of San Salvador Atenco and adherents of The Other Campaign throughout Mexico and the suspension of the tour begun by Delegate Zero – make more urgent than ever the work that we committed ourselves to as individuals, collectives and organizations on this side of the border, making up The Other Campaign on the Other Side,” emphasized the communiqué.

It announced that during the meeting “reports will be given on the activities that we have carried out so far this year, information will be provided about the agreements made at state-binational meetings that have taken place in Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada y San Quintin, Baja California and working commissions will report back on the diverse responsibilities undertaken and the work that is still to be done.”

The working agenda of the meeting includes, among other points, a General Session of questions, answers and proposals by adherents, sympathizers and interested parties.

Organizers said to call (323) 854-2060 for more information, or to send an email to infodelaotra@yahoo.com.mx.

A call made by Subcomandante Marcos from Mexico to repudiate the police repression against Atenco and in favor of the liberation of those detained during the events has had broad repercussions in the United States and in other parts of the world.

The newspaper La Jornada, in Mexico, said that over the weekend some 50 people protested in Berlin, while activists held a protest outside the Mexican consulate in New York City.

“International mobilizations were held for a third consecutive day in Europe and different parts of Latin America, after two weeks of solidarity actions with those arrested in San Salvador Atenco and those from other parts of the world with the other campaign. In public plazas and in front of Mexican diplomatic headquarters, dozens of solidarity groups, workers’ and migrants’ organizations have continued to pressure the administration of Vicente Fox to liberate political prisoners, to punish the leaders, police, rapists, and torturers, and to end the repression against Mexico’s social movements,” said the newspaper.

Last Friday protests around the world targeted Mexican Embassies and Consulates and included information campaigns. Among these, the newspaper cited Venice, Rome, London, Oslo, Barcelona, Paris, Toulouse, San Diego, Oxnard New York and Washington as well as actions in Bahía Blanca (Argentina) amd Cochabamba (Bolivia).

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