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More Demons Loose in Bolivia

The Reappearance of the Nazis

By Luis A. Gómez
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

November 2, 2005

LA PAZ: They weren’t dead, kind readers, just hiding in their dung pile. The Nazis (the Radical National Socialist Union of Bolivia, or UNRSB in its Spanish initials) have taken advantage of these days of uncertainty to return to the public stage. And this correspondent cannot believe that it is just a coincidence. Because while the political class (the political parties of all stripes and the state powers) dedicate themselves to negotiating in the darkness, while gas becomes scarce in the homes of the city of El Alto (for nearly a month supplies have been short), while the Santa Cruz oligarchy makes its latest efforts to maintain its system of life, men (and perhaps women) appear who display the most decedent and repugnant traits of our recent history: the fascists, the racists, the liars, the genocidal…

It is well known that in South America, during various countries’ bloody periods of dictatorship, a generation of military men harbored strong and sometimes well-hidden sympathies for Adolf Hitler and his ideas. In Bolivia, where racism is typical fare (in La Paz, in Santa Cruz, in Cochabamba, and in other cities), this correspondent has seen more than one “white power” skinhead… and in fact, the famous Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was found in Bolivia, where he lived and “worked” for years helping run the state’s secret police.

Now, this is hardly surprising… for generations, the whites in this country have lived off the labor of the indigenous peoples and other ethnic groups, exploiting them and treating many human as beasts of burden. They are less than twenty percent of the population (at most), but they keep insisting on their “right” to govern, to rule unquestioned, to put the common wealth of the Bolivian people at their own disposal.

In any event, we cannot let the opportunity pass to reveal the monstrosity that has, as always in such cases, come to term in the very bowls of the “white democracy.”

The URNSB “Era”

These potential killers did not appear today. Around three months ago, the Bolivian Permanent Human Rights Assembly made a public denunciation of the appearance of a URNSB website, demanding an investigation. Military sources confirmed to Narco News at that time that the website was under investigation by the armed forces. But the Bolivian Nazis, being the cowards that they are, disappeared from the ‘net. For several weeks, the only thing from the organization that could be admired was its “01/05 Communiqué,” which among other things accuses Indymedia Bolivia of promoting “racial hatred.” In the page’s background, one could see an image of a Nazi demonstration in Germany (during the zenith of Hitler’s power) adorned with the words “Ein Reich, Ein Führer” (“one empire, one leader”).

This week, they returned to the ring. Yes, kind readers, we have been waiting for them. And now that they are here, amidst so much unrest in the country, they have arrived with a manifesto, because these savages are worried about the current situation. In it, they write: “Bolivia, a country battered by an alarming social and political crisis, sees how its children’s’ destiny is being squandered by the inability of its politicians to see the reality of the Nation.”

They really seem concerned by what is happening in this country with a population of nearly 80 percent non-white indigenous. They complain about how the liberal politicians that “destroy and auction off” the nation to “foreign corporations,” as well as how the financial institutions put it into debt. They complain about the right wing and about the “loony” left that uses “the working people, the peasants and the indigenous, to bring the Nation into a chaos that is impossible to stop… We do not accept Marxist unionism that converts the worker into a tool of struggle and separates him from his true purpose within the Nation.”

Aside from their obvious stupidity, forgetting that their privileges as rich whites come from that same liberal politics that they detest, the Bolivian Nazis do not explain what the worker’s “true purpose within the Nation” would be…

And so they make their proposals, their thickheaded proposals, for ending this crisis. Under the national socialist “ideal” and “respect for that natural, implicit laws of man,” this little group of white Bolivians proposes:

  • Working to forge a decent Nation that instills ethical and moral values, and above all respect for the Nation.
  • Searching for respect through racial and cultural conservation, through administrative self-determination for the existing races within the Nation.
  • Working for a state that truly rules based on the destiny of the Nation, and that watches over the common interests of Bolivians.
  • Completely rejecting any posturing toward diving the people into social classes; we believe that the economic system should provide better living conditions for all citizens.
  • Convert Bolivia into an industrialized and self-sustaining country, whose economic pillar is its agriculture.

Wow, they are impressive… any misguided soul could get interested in their nonsense. Because, kind readers, even the most humble indigenous person in Bolivia wants a decent nation of values and respect. Now, if “racial and cultural conservation” means “administrative self-determination” for the peoples that now coexist quite poorly in the country (though the term raza, “race,” sounds a bit strange, many indigenous use it as well)… well, that wouldn’t be so bad.

But no, it’s not really like that. Just calmly spend a little time looking through the URNSB website to find out what kind of idea the Nazis have of race. Among the documents that these white Bolivians offer appears one with the “ten commandments” of National Socialism. The sixth says:

VI. Love your racial brother: Let your most intense emotion be the love for your racial family, to which you give your life. Do not fear the sub-humans — the race enemy — and do not persecute them. You are their superior, but not their owner. If you must combat the sub-humans, never loose your temper because of hate. Relentlessly and totally destroy, however, your enemies — those of your race. Fight in this kingdom of lawless violence, and spread your words of truth about the sub-humans and the threat that they represent to your white family.

It is clear that whoever is not white and Bolivian is to them “sub-human,” inferior, and can be destroyed if he becomes an enemy, because he is a threat to the “white family.” I don’t think there’s much more to say about that…

At this point it would be worth speaking a bit about jurisprudence, kind readers. The URNSB, in appearing on the Internet, claims that National Socialism is “legal in Bolivia and several European countries,” and appeals to rights established in the Bolivian constitution, particularly those articles that guarantee individual freedoms. In that point, they may be correct, because Nazism is not specifically prohibited under Bolivian law.

But, according to Dr. Rogelio Mayta, a (non-white) Bolivian lawyer who is coordinating the efforts to bring former president Sánchez de Lozada to trial, with “ideas” like those expressed in their commandments and other documents, “what they are doing is defending crime. Inviting people to commit crimes… they are making excuses for genocide.” Excusing genocide, the crime of which the former president is accused… just like they did before, just like Nazis will always do.

Now, coming back to the administrative self-determination the Nazis speak of, it would not be such a bad thing if such a right applied to every social and ethnic group. But not the rights envisioned by these savages, of course… only with special privileges would these white Bolivians learn to live in peace.

In any case, so you can see that they are true Nazis, just as there are in Chile, Perú, and in the Old World, the members of the URNSB sign their manifesto “at 116 years of our era,” making them coincide (ah, how affectionate they are) with the year of Hitler’s birth. Are you disgusted yet, kind readers?

Nazis, Cambas, and Other Aberrations

Just like the so-called Movement of the Camba Nation — which usurps the moniker “camba” from the peasants and indigenous of popular extraction in Santa Cruz but is made up of rich, white people — the URNSB is one of the organizations that protects the desires of whites in Bolivia. Both groups, with different degrees of viciousness, talk of the future and what it holds for their “people,” whether it be supremacy or the complete control of the department of Santa Cruz. And they can’t be too far from each other, despite the efforts of the Camba oligarchy not to appear racist: in the House of Culture in Santa Cruz, right on the city’s main avenue (24 de Septiembre), there is a revealing photo: a carnival group, in which the participants, in order to “dance and make merry,” have dressed up as Ku Klux Klan members. (Has Sergio Antelo, intellectual leader of the Camba Nation, seen this? Could they be relatives of his?) So, the white “aristocracy” of Santa Cruz is not beyond such demonstrations.

However, in this correspondent’s opinion, the two rightwing groups most resemble each other in their loudness and deviancy. Not being a majority, or even legal in their actions, they have nothing left but to create pressure with extortion and threats of force. While some, the most cowardly, hide behind their constitutional rights, others appeal to revisionist versions of Bolivian history to make us believe that they are the truth and the life. Or as this editorial from the Camba Nation states: “we can guarantee that we are in charge here, and that we will keep being Bolivians as long as we want, and only if we want…” Ah, right, as if they were the owners of a land that they have misappropriated for years, received as a gift, or simply stolen from the Guaraní and Guarayo people, from the Amazonian groups and the poor peasant farmers… they have been the partners of drug traffickers, growing off of dirty money…

Anyway, kind readers, that’s enough for now. We leave you with this alert: that the right is mobilizing all its flanks, even these bastards, and not exactly for dialog. Stay with us…

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