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A Letter from Greg Berger

Eight Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Support Narco News and Help It Survive

By Greg Berger

October 6, 2005

Dear Readers and Compañeros,

It’s no secret: it is fundraising time for Narco News. Some of you may have enjoyed “Atenco: The Machete Rebellion,” “Gringo-thon,” and “Abortion Without Shame/Abortion Without Penalty,” three of my films which were made available free of charge to viewers worldwide thanks to the solidarity of Narco News. It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Narco News over the past several years. My strength to continue my work as a filmmaker working within democratic movements here in the Americas comes in part from the courageous dispatches filed almost daily from the best and most truly authentic journalists of the region.

In the last few days, you have heard urgent appeals to support Narco News from individuals whom I hold in great esteem. My words cannot say more than what theirs have already said. So I offer, instead, a brief list of eight reasons why you cannot possibly ignore Narco News’ urgent appeal for support:

1. There is no more comprehensive source for news on grassroots democracy movements in the Americas. Period. There just isn’t. Narco News is it. Any questions?

2. History will remember the initiatives launched by the Zapatistas in Mexico this year as part of their “other campaign” as one of the most innovative, ground-breaking, and truly democratic movements ever to emerge on the face of the Earth. And the corporate media have dropped the ball on these initiatives in the most pathetic and detestable way. One NY Times correspondent said stupidly to a fellow journalist friend of mine, “Unless the Zapatistas start shooting, it’s not news.” Can someone tell that guy I’m looking for him so that I can break my dining room chair over his thick skull? Actually, there’s no need to resort to such violence, because thankfully, Narco News has offered brilliant, in-depth coverage of the Zapatistas and what has been the longest and most diverse town meeting of the history of the continent, and its subsequent project to reinvent democratic participation in Mexico. Read it yourself!

3. The School of Authentic Journalism: Since participating in the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism in 2004, I have had occasion to travel throughout the Americas and visit many of the graduates of the school first hand, and see how their work has been influenced by the experience. Talk about a ripple effect! The School of Authentic Journalism is single-handedly responsible for a steady revolution in journalism across the Americas whose front lines are filled with J-School graduates.

4. War on drugs? “What war on drugs?” says the corporate media! U.S. military intervention in the Middle East has distracted millions of people from the continuing and burning reality of U.S. military interventions in Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, Bolivia, and throughout the continent, which have, as stated by Narco News from day one of its publication, been undertaken in the name of the War on Drugs — and which, as recited by Narco News like the rosary — is not about stopping the consumption of drugs. Narco News hasn’t forgotten, and is on the beat.

5. América is all of us: This is an important fact that many overlook. Can someone name for me another publication in this hemisphere that is published in English AND Spanish every single day, and intended to be read by people from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego? (And sometimes NN is even in Portuguese!) There is no other tragedy in the history of the continent greater than the artificial partition placed between North and South. In fact, we share a common destiny, not as “markets,” “producers” and “consumers” but as people looking for a better future united by history upon the most exciting and diverse — albeit scarred — continent on the planet. Narco News helps us to realize this destiny.

6. Narco News makes my films available for free to the general public. Hey, I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t among the reasons to support Narco News. Steal my movies now!

7. Narco News has suffered and has almost been crucified to protect the rights of journalists: Please remember, lest you forget, that Narco News scored a legal victory against the arrogant Goliath of Citigroup, which tried to sue them in a New York City court of law for having published stories linking Citigroup subsidiary Banamex to narco-trafficking and money laundering. The attempt failed, and Narco News scored a victory for ALL JOURNALISTS when the judge stated that Narco News as an online newspaper was and is entitled to the same rights and privileges as any newspaper, print or online. Thus, Narco News earned its place in journalism history, and in American legal history, and scored a victory against the enemy. (Hey Citigroup! Do you see us? We’re all thumbing our noses at you and chanting: “culero, culero...”)

8. Narco News cannot operate for free. No one is writing for Narco News for personal financial reward. Nevertheless Narco News cannot operate on good will alone. It needs your financial support. Bottom line: No money, no Narco News.

So please, friends, readers, compañeros… donate to Narco News any amount you can afford. You can do so online, via this website:


Or you can send your checks to this address:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism
P.O. Box 241
Natick, MA 01760 USA

Your friendly neighborhood Gringo filmmaker,

Greg Berger

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