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August 11, 2002

What the Critics Are Saying About Narco News

Narco News '02

Authentic Journalism on the "War on Drugs" in Latin America

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

CPJ's New Report

on Venezuela

Committee to Protect Journalists,

Responds to our Open Letter

For the First Time, CPJ Denounces

Attacks vs. Community Media

New York-based CPJ Declares that

Media Owners to Blame for Attacks

and Censorship vs. Journalists

New CPJ Report Is Not Perfect, but

is a Radical Shift from Prior Stance

Day 12: "Press Freedom" Orgs Still Silent

in Defense of Jailed Journo Nicolás Rivera

Lettre ouverte à Robert Ménard
de Reporters sans Frontière

"Committee to Protect Journalists" in New York,

"Inter-American Press Association" in Miami, and,

"Reporters Without Borders" in Paris

One (Almost) Down, Two to Go

The New Face of

Bolivia Appears

Congress Will Never

Be the Same as Before

By Luis Gómez

Fourth and Final Part of the Series...

Bolivia: The Power of the People

En Español...

Aparece la Nueva

Cara de Bolivia

Oh, Canadá...

Spotlight On


A Crash Course on

Fighting the Narco-Warriors

By Alejandro Bustos

Narco News Canadian Correspondent

Immedia Summer Explodes In Venezuela:

A Narco News Global Alert

Free Nicolás Rivera:

Journalist in Jail

Community Media, the Voice of the

Venezuelan People, Under Siege

Narco News Opens an International Dialogue

About the Role of "Press Freedom" Organizations

Part I of a Series

By Al Giordano

¡Ya, en Español!

Los Medios Comunitarios, la voz del

pueblo venezolano, están cercados

Read Our Open Letters to:

Committee to Protect Journalists


Inter-American Press Association


Reporters Without Borders

Free The "Press Freedom" Orgs!

J-Student: Venez

Media Unethical


Vheadline also Names Names

Behind April 11 Coup Attempt

TIME: Evo Morales'

Clout in Bolivia

Mag admits: US-Funded Troops

shot Casimiro Huanca in the Back

By Tim Padgett

History of Chávez:

Why He Upsets DC

By Brad Carlton

The Baltimore Chronicle

Stan Goff on Colombia as Vietnam

Latuff on Paramilitary Assassination

of Journalist Efraín Varela Noriega

Bolivia, Part III:

The Power of the People

Yungas: Paradise


The Narco News Interview

with Dionicio Núñez

En Español: Yungas,

Paraíso Recobrado

By Luis Gómez

Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

The Ambassador's Tango

and Other Stories

¡En Español!

El Tango del


Previously: Part I...

The Power

of the People

¡En Español!

El Poder

del Pueblo

Coming Soon: Reports from...

Al Giordano in Venezuela

¡de vuelta!

América's Back!

And so is Narco News...

Hugo in Venezuela, Evo in Bolivia

Fotos: D.R. 2002 and 2001 by Al Giordano

Mexico's Machete Rebellion Grounds Airport:

"The Zapatistas Are Our Inspiration"

By John Ross

"Controlled Delivery" Endangers Air Safety:

DEA Drug


By Bill Conroy

San Antonio Business Journal

Colombia Indigenous Oppose Massive Aerial

Herbicide Spray Slated to Begin on July 28

Looking for Last Month's Reports?

Narco News Issue #21

Where did Narco

News Come From?

The Masses

vs. The Media

A Revolution for a

Narcotized Society

By Al Giordano

Lea Ud. el Masa-fiesto en Español:

Las Masas vs Los Medios

The New Introduction to the 1997 Text

and the Secret History of Narco News...

The Medium is the Middleman

Three Immediate Questions

Salón Chingón...

...are you cordially invited?

"Narco News, its website, and the writers who post information, are entitled to all the First Amendment protections accorded a newspaper-magazine or journalist... Furthermore, the nature of the articles printed on the website and Mr. Giordano's statements at Columbia University constitute matters of public concern because the information disseminated relates to the drug trade and its affect on people living in this hemisphere..."

-- Supreme Court of the State of New York

December 5, 2001

The Drug War Went on Trial

From somewhere in Rio de Janeiro... a drawing by Latuff

Narco News

Beat Banamex

Victory Extends to All Online Journalists

Detailed Info on case & 90 Links in Our War Room

Now on the EFF website:

Read the Court's

Historic Decision

It Protects You, Too

Sign the Victory Guestbook!

What is The Narco News Bulletin?

The Narco News Bulletin works to tell the truth. We call it as we see it. Yet we are conscious that it's our truth. The whole truth can only be constructed by the participation of the people. Thus, we strive to work together, to collaborate, with your truth and the truths of others, "to make a bigger truth."
We invite your comments, corrections, criticisms, news tips and participation. Narco News accepts letters from our readers. Contact us with your truth.
-- From the First Day of Publication, April 18, 2000

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