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June 6, 2002

Five Truths About the

Coup in Venezuela

By Roldan Tomasz Suarez

Back by Popular Demand...

With New Introductions by

Lisa Fithian and Al Giordano

Steal This Introduction!

Immedia Summer 2002

It's Just a Shout Away:

Narco News To Launch Phase II

of Our Project in Coming Days

Free At Last!

Erika Zamora Leaves a Mexican Prison Yesterday

After Four Years of Unjust Imprisonment

Erika was finally freed after members of Colectivo Libertad
(Liberty Collective) Ofelia Medina, Begoña Lecumberri,
Ana María Vera Smith, Ana Cecilia Lazcano, Raquel
Gutiérrez, Luz María Marván, Ana María Iturbe, Aurora
Domenech and Oralba Castillo Nájera, launched a public
fast last Sunday to call for her release.

Wally Nelson, ¡Presente!

March 27, 1909 - May 23, 2002

Friend, Teacher, Troublemaker Extraordinaire

En Memoria: Caroline Knapp

To Mark, to the Knapp family, to Lucille, and to our colleagues from the Phoenix newsroom during the years of Caroline's big change:

Somewhere in América today the raindrops fall, the gods themselves can't stop their tears. Alice K. was a larger than life figure to us, and then we met Caroline; Introverted, dignified, quiet, taking inventory of herself and her world with an intensity that only the most bravest warriors and pioneers have dared attempt; Caroline, alchemist of the self.

In 1994, we read Cornell professor Richard Klein's Cigarettes Are Sublime, which he wrote as "a love letter" to his former mistress, tobacco, and Caroline was seized with the gutsy inspiration that became her magnum opus and her transformation: Drinking: A Love Story. And from Boston, where alcohol is King: Courage like that doesn't often grow on the trees of such literary talent. How fortunate we were to sit in her silent graceful shadow, typing mere journalism while she penned immortal literature. Caroline, our friend, our leader… our inspiration to reach higher: Long Live Caroline Knapp. ¡Viva!

Al Giordano

What the Critics Are Saying About Narco News

Narco News '02

Authentic Journalism on the "War on Drugs" in Latin America

"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

In Colombia

His Campaign Manager, the DEA,

and the Case of the 50,000 Kilos

Ya, en Español:

Un Narco Candidato en Colombia

De GMP Productos Químicos S.A...

Una Respuesta

(GMP Chemical Products Sent us a 22 page Response

in Spanish: We've offered to publish it in English, too)

"Uribe was without doubt the favoured candidate of the United States."

- from the BBC Colombia gives Asylum

to Dictator-for-a-Day Carmona

"Before Uribe was even declared the winner, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson went to a hotel where he was holed up with campaign workers to congratulate him."

- from Associated Press

Plan Colombia Documents:

Hastert: "Ignore

Human Rights"

National Security Archives Unearths

The Secret History of Plan 1988-2000

Docs Show U.S. Collusion with Paramilitaries,

and Knowing Lies by Washington on Drug Trade

"Narco Dollars for

Real Dopes (TM)?"

An Email Exchange

with Corporate America

Venezuela Bombshell...

How Ali Rodríguez

Foiled the Coup

By Greg Palast

From The Guardian of London

"U.S. Has Lost the

War on Drugs"

The Narco News Interview with

Peruvian Journalist Róger Rumrrill

Part III of a Series

By Luis A. Gómez

Narco News Andean Bureau Chief

Lea Ud. la Entrevista en Español

You Can't Take It With You...

Narco-Dictator Hugo Banzer of Bolivia

May 10, 1926 - May 5, 2002

"Hugo Banzer Was


The Narco News Interview

with Father Gregorio Iriarte

Lea Ud. la Entrevista en Español

Part II of a Series:

Did you see Part I?

Be With Them:

Bolivian Civil Society

Resists the War on Drugs

Part I of a Series

Estar Con Ellos en Español, también

Former Attorney General of

Colombia Makes the Case:

A Failed Strategy:

The War on Drugs

By Gustavo de Greiff

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

A Narco News White Paper:

Three Days That

Shook the Media

Online Journalism's Finest Hour!

Consult the Archives of

América Reborn

Narco News Issue # 19: March 19 - April 30, 2002

Up-to-the-Minute Venezuela

News from

Colombia Discussion Boards Now Open at...

Narco News Opens South America Office

Meet Luis Gómez

Andean Bureau Chief

for Narco News

Presenting Luis in English

Conozca a Luis en Español

Why Authentic Journalism?

See our Original Report: Ethics Problems at Alternet

Where did Narco

News Come From?

The Secret History...

...About to Be Revealed

Phase Two:

It's Showtime

Coming Next to Narco News...

Immedia Summer 2002:

The Fall and Rise of

an Immedia Project

"Narco News, its website, and the writers who post information, are entitled to all the First Amendment protections accorded a newspaper-magazine or journalist... Furthermore, the nature of the articles printed on the website and Mr. Giordano's statements at Columbia University constitute matters of public concern because the information disseminated relates to the drug trade and its affect on people living in this hemisphere..."

-- Supreme Court of the State of New York

December 5, 2001

The Drug War Went on Trial

"And in the cause of journalism we're also pleased about a recent ruling by Judge Paula Omansky of the New York State Supreme Court dismissing libel charges against Mario Menendez, a Mexican journalist, and Al Giordano, editor and publisher of Narco News, an Internet magazine (, published in Mexico, that reports on corruption and the drug war in Latin America.... Banamex took him to court in Mexico and lost. The bank then sued Narco News, along with Menendez, in New York. Again they lost in what is a stirring victory for freedom of speech on the Internet. Narco News has broken important stories on the drug war. If it had lost, a chill could have settled over the web."

-- The Nation magazine

Issue of January 28, 2001

From somewhere in Rio de Janeiro... a drawing by Latuff

Narco News

Beat Banamex

Victory Extends to All Online Journalists

Detailed Info on case & 90 Links in Our War Room

Now on the EFF website:

Read the Court's

Historic Decision

It Protects You, Too

Sign the Victory Guestbook!

What is The Narco News Bulletin?

The Narco News Bulletin works to tell the truth. We call it as we see it. Yet we are conscious that it's our truth. The whole truth can only be constructed by the participation of the people. Thus, we strive to work together, to collaborate, with your truth and the truths of others, "to make a bigger truth."
We invite your comments, corrections, criticisms, news tips and participation. Narco News accepts letters from our readers. Contact us with your truth.
-- From the First Day of Publication, April 18, 2000

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