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August 15, 2018 | Issue #67 - Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America

LeBaron in Torreón, Mexico: "Do You See How Much Power We Have?"

"There Is Not a Hit Man nor a Kidnapper Who Would Dare Raise His Hand Here"

By Julián LeBaron and Antonio Cervantes
Caravan of Solace

June 10, 2011
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Do you all know why we are going to win?

Handwritten text of Julian LeBaron's parable, coauthored by Antonio Cervantes, on June 8 in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico. DR 2011 Marta Molina.
Do you know why I am more certain than ever that life will never let death win?

Because, last night, this caravan, after 2,000 kilometers on the road, grew wings. Last night, some place in Monterrey, wings of joy spread over us.

Over the pain, to protect us so that never again will it be forgotten, we all put a sheet over us of music, songs and dance.

Around midnight, in one of the most violent cities of Mexico, a little girl and a clown were leading us through the streets. The girl sang and the clown jumped. The police officers already didn't want to be police because, in their eyes, they were smiling.

Where were you last night?

The war went to sleep for three hours!

We are going to win because, to our pain, we can already add joy. And these two things together are called life.

And life, by definition, is unbeatable.

Now, look around you. Will the hit man among us raise his hand? Nobody? Is there a kidnapper? Although there might be one, he wouldn't dare raise his hand.

Do you see how much power we have?

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