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August 15, 2018 | Issue #67 - Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America

The Kind of Work Ethic I Can Relate To

Narco News Tells the Truth and the Story the Way It Is, Without Spin

By Ela Stapley
Class of 2011, School of Authentic Journalism

May 4, 2011
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"You're going to do what?" My parents are a little taken back by the news of my acceptance offer from the Authentic School of Journalism. I hadn't told them I was applying. I figured discovering the scholarship offer just three days before the deadline would hamper my chances. But not being one to turn my back on a challenge, I got down to work.

Ela Stapley
In truth, I have been springing surprises on my parents for the last twelve years. And the blame, in part, has to do with my interest in languages. I was not born into a bilingual family or brought up in another country and it was only in my late teens when it hit me, languages are essential. Speaking a language well needs dedication and the ability to laugh at yourself, both of which I have in abundance. Words have taken over my life, I teach, write, translate and study them. They have taken me to new countries and enabled me to meet new people. And after working as a teacher, translator and researcher it was only natural that they would lead me to journalism. Journalism, after all, is about other people and their words.

Upon graduating in print journalism I discovered that getting the story out no longer involved just submitting an article. Whereas before you would have other team members to do the job, now you, as the journalist, were expected not only to write but also to take pictures, record and shoot video. I needed new skills and I needed them fast. So I went off to Spain to work in local radio, I became involved in online websites and I got up to date with the ever-changing face of social media.

I am now staring a new opportunity in the face. Narco News and the Authentic School of Journalism offers me the chance to learn yet another new way of telling stories. This scholarship means I will receive valuable training in video production from people who know what its like to work in the field. And while I am a little apprehensive about putting words to one side, I realize that images have the power to tell a story that words alone cannot do.

Narco News is concerned about telling the truth and telling the story the way it is, without spin. This is the type of work ethic that I can relate to. But I have to confess it's not only the new skills that interest me, but the other students, each of them with a story to tell.

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Ela Stapley

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