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August 16, 2018 | Issue #28 - Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America

In Defense of Life and Democracy

A comuniqué from el Mallku, speaking for the Bolivian people in revolt

By Felipe Quispe Huanca
El Mallku de América

February 12, 2003
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The country is once again tainted with blood.

El Mallku with don Andrés Vásquez de Santiago in Mérida, Mexico (Feb. 12)
Photo: D.R. Jeremy Bigwood

The bad governors who yesterday sold all of our collective wealth, today have taken away the salaries of the workers - meeting the demands of the IMF - and assassinated in cold blood those who demand dignity and the right to work.

Once again the country is divided into an indigenous and working class majority that demand their rights, and a criminal, insensitive minority that is willing to do anything in order save their privileges.

Fourteen dead and eighty wounded have been added to the long list of assassinations during the last six months of the Sanchez de Lozada government; it looks as if he wanted to exterminate the entire populous prior to the end of his administration.

The MNR and the MIR promised actions, but they did not tell us that those would be in the cementary; they promised work, but only for the members of their party, they promised to better the economy, but until today they have had no coherent government plan, and the only thing they are efficient at is shooting innocent people.

Nevertheless, it is clear that neither indigenous people, campesinos, workers, neighbors, professionals, nor students are willing to take anymore of this. Road blockages, strikes, mobilizations, and the burning of public institutions make it clear that we are not willing to be subjugated.

Due to all these reasons, and after a detailed evaluation of the inability of the government to create a peaceful living conditions among Bolivians and better distribution of wealth, the Confederation of Unions of Farmers and Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB) has made the decision that the only way to defend democracy, demand the rights of indigenous people and the workers salaries, is to DEMAND THE IMIDIATE RESIGNATION of President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada and simultaneously CALL FOR A CONSTITUANT ASSEMBLY, which will enable the construction of a new social pact between Bolivians, between indigenous and mestizos, campesinos and city folks, and between all Bolivians with dignity, who are not disposed to continue being cheated, or living under the constant threat of death.

Because of the urgency and risk to the lives of Bolivians, we order every regional federation to:

1). Immediately organize a blockade of roads, and, gradually, a national economic blockade.

2). Stay alert, to act upon any instruction given by the CSUTCB.

Feburarry 12, 2003
From Merida, Mexico
Felipe Quispe Huanca, Mallku

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