Date of transcription 5/5/92

JACINTO JOSE TORRES (protect identity) was interviewed

March 19, 1992 at the United States Attorney's Office, 312 North

Spring Street, Los Angeles, California. Present during the

interview was EDGAR TORRES, brother of JACINTO TORRES. Also

present during the interview was Special Agent (SA) CHARLES JONES

of the Drug Enforcement Administration, ANNE T. LUNA, Internal

Revenue Service, and Detective RONALD E. HODGES of the Los

Angeles Police Department. TORRES voluntarily provided the

following information:

TORRES advised that he knew DANILO BLANDON, a

Nicaraguan male, residing in the San Diego, California area, to

be heavily involved in cocaine trafficking activities.

TORRES advised that in approximately 1980, he and his

brother EDGAR, doing business as Torres Used Cars, 444 South

Atlantic Boulevard, East Los Angeles, California, hired BLANDON

to work at their car lot. BLANDON left Nicaragua shortly after

the 1979 fall of the Somoza regime. BLANDON and his wife,

Ci-LAPITA (phonetic), had moved to Los Angeles from Miami, Florida,

in early 1980. TORRES stated that BLANDON only worked at Torres

Used Cars for about a two week period. TORRES stated that

shortly after BLANDON moved to the Los Angeles area BLANDON was

introduced to NORWIN MENESIS in the San Francisco, California

area, by DONALD BARRIOS. In approximately 1980 DANILO BLANDON,

FRANK VIGAL, and DOUGLAS DIAZ travelled to the San Francisco area

where they obtained two kilograms of cocaine from MENESIS.

BLANDON, VIGAL, and DIAZ returned to the Los Angeles area where

they had thirty days to sell the cocaine. TORRES stated that

BLANDON and the others only sold a few ounces of the two

kilograms to someone in the San Diego area. They gave the rest

of the unsold cocaine to RAUL VEGA.

TORRES advised that BLANDON continued to work with

VEGA, VIGAL and DIAZ through 1983, however, their cocaine

dealings wer'e small due to the fact that they did not have many


As of approximately 1984 BLANDON was involved in

cocaine sales in the Glendale, California area. BLANDON'S

supplier as of 1984 continued to be NORWIN MENESIS. One of

BLANDON's "runners", who used to deliver the cocaine from San

Francisco was RAFAEL ESPINAL. As of 1984, BLANDON'S cocaine

business dramatically increased. NORWIN MENESIS, BLANDON'S

supplier, as of 1983 and 1984 routinely flew quantities of 300 to

400 kilograms from Miami to the west coast. BLANDON eventually

"separated" from MENESIS and obtained other sources of supply.

TOREES estimated that between 1980 and 1991 BLANDON

moved over 5,000 kilograms of cocaine.

TORRES advised that in approximately October of 1991,

he flew from the Los Angeles area to the San Francisco Airport.

He was picked up at the San Francisco Airport by DANILO BLANDON

who drove a small white Ford Tempo. After leaving the airport

BLANDON drove him to a storage house which was located approxl-

mately fifteen minutes south of the San Francisco Airport. On

arrival at the house TORRES met DON SANTIAGO. TORRES stayed at

the house for approximately three days with BLANDON, DON

SANTIAGO, and MAURICIO GONZALEZ-LANZAS. On the second day of his

stay, TORRES, BLANDON and SANTIAGO went to a bar owned by JOSE

TORRES on El Camino Real. While at the bar BLANDON met a Mexican

male by the name of JOSE MARIA, also known as DON CHEMA. DON

CHEMA was accompanied by three other Mexican males. During the

meeting BLANDON and CHEMA talked about a cocaine deal. The

discussion pertained to money owed by CHEMA who had previously

been provided with 86 kilograms. TORRES stated that as a

"pretext" he was introduced as the owner of the cocaine.

TORRES further advised that he knew DON CHEMA to be the

head of a Mexican group in the San Jose area that regularly

obtained cocaine from DANILO BLANDON.

TORRES recalled that at the meeting DON CHEMA indicated

to BLANDON that he would be getting a loan on a house to pay the

balance owed on the 86 kilogram deal.

TORRES stated that he knew RAFAEL CORNEJO to have been

in the business (cocaine) with DANILO BLANDON for a long time.

TORRES advised that based on conversations that he has had with

BLANDON he believed that over the past year CORNEJO obtained at

least 100 kilograms of cocaine per month from BLANDON.

TORRES stated that as of the end of 1991 he resided at

7806 Teesdale Avenue, in North Hollywood, California. He stated

that in approximately September or October of 1991, CORNEJO and

his half brother, SALVADOR AVILES, drove from the San Francisco

area to his North Hollywood residence, 7806 Teesdale Avenue. He

recalled that CORNEJO and AVILES stayed at his residence for a

two day period during which time CORNEJO negotiated with BLANDON

regarding the purchase of a multi-kilogram quantity of cocaine.

As of September and October, 1991, BLANDON resided with TORRES at

7806 Teesdale, telephone number (818) 765-5200. TORRES recalled

that CORNEJO and AVILES drove to the Hollywood area in an older

model vehicle (make and year unknown to TORRES). During the stay

AVILES frequently "snorted" cocaine. CORNEJO mentioned to TORRES

that he lived in a "beautiful" home which was about a forty-five

minute drive from the storage house south of the San Francisco

Airport. TORRES also stated that CORNEJO told him that he once

had a problem with the "IRS" and had done time.

TORRES further stated that CORNEJO and AVILES came to

the North Hollywood area with $300,000. After waiting for two

days, CORNEJO and AVILES departed North Hollywood and drove back

to the San Francisco area without having obtained the cocaine

from BLANDON. TORRES advised that CORNEJO left the $300,000 at

7806 Teesdale, for BLANDON.

TORRES advised that approximately one day after CORNEJO

and AVILES departed North Hollywood, California, BLANDON sent

twenty-seven (27) kilograms of cocaine to CORNEJO in the San

Francisco area. The 27 kilogram shipment was followed within

about two weeks by two additional and separate 27 kilogram


Each of the three separate shipments of 27 kilograms

were transported from North Hollywood, California, to the San

Francisco area in a blue Nissan station wagon which has a hidden

compartment large enough to hold 27 kilograms built into the

driver's side rear wheel well area.

One of the 27 kilogram shipments was driven to the San

Francisco area by MAURICIO GONZALEZ, a "runner" for BLANDON. The

other two 27 kilogram shipments were delivered to the San

Francisco are by "runner" ARMANDO REYES.

TORRES recalled that on REYES' first delivery REYES

called him at about 6:00 in the morning, at which time REYES

indicated that he was in the Burlingame area and advised that he

was having trouble getting a hold of MAURICIO and/or anybody in

the San Francisco area. TORRES advised that REYES eventually

hooked up with MAURICIO who gave the 27 kilograms to CORNEJO.

TORRES stated that he believed that the three 27

kilogram shipments sent to CORNEJO were in fact sent to the

storage house that he (TORRES) had previously visited south of

the San Francisco Airpert. TORRES further advised that when

DANILO BLANDON stayed at his house during the latter part of

1991, BLANDON received telephone calls from Colombia. BLANDON

also used TORRES' cellular telephone to call Colombia as well as

to call numbers in the San Francisco area. DANILO BLANDON

frequently called MAURICIO GONZALEZ' pager number and would

instruct MAURICIO to get a hold of CORNEJO.

TORRES stated that during the late summer of 1991,

DANILO BLANDON sent a 200 kilogram shipment of cocaine to the

storage house south of San Francisco. The 200 kilogram shipment

was split between DON CHEMA, CORNEJO, and a third individual

(identity unknown to TORRES).

BLANDON's buyers have remote controlled garage door

openers for the storage house.

TORRES further advised that he witnessed the loading of

the three 27 kilogram shipments into the blue Nissan station

wagon which was parked in his driveway. On each of the three

occasions MAURICIO GONZALEZ and ARMANDO REYES unloaded cocaine

from a gold/brown Jeep Cherokee and placed the cocaine into the

hidden compartment of the Nissan.

A photograph of MAURICIO ANTONIO GONZALEZ, also known

as Mauricio Gonzalez-Lanzas, was displayed to TORRES. After

viewing the photograph, TORRES positively identified GONZALEZ as

the runner who drove the 27 kilogram shipment of cocaine to the

San Francisco area.