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The Narco News Bulletin

"The Name of Our Country is América"

-- Simón Bolívar

Shots... of Grace

(Tiros de Gracia)

12/22/00: Remember Acteal

12/18/00: Liberty Denied to One is Liberty Denied to All

12/15/00: Last summer, children were massacred by the Colombian government, client of Akin Gump. Their memory is our client. Narco-Lobbyists: Consider yourselves served.

12/10/00: A Week That Will Live in Infamy

12/04/00: On to Mexico City!

12/02/00: The Lighter Side of Globalization: No Hiding Place for War Criminals.

11/26/00: "Autonomy is the concrete expression of the exercise of the right to self-determination"-- San Andrés Accords

11/24/00: Silly Narco-Lobbyists: The Truth Star is Fully Operational!

11/05/00: The Action on Tuesday in the US is in the Referenda, not the Candidates

11/04/00: Our Vote is that Next Tuesday, the US "Electoral College" Declares One Party a Winner, and the Popular Vote Declares Another: Neither of Those Guys Deserve the Legitimacy of Both

11/01/00: U.S. Custom's Holds an Auction of Drug Dealer Supplies on Puerto Rico: Crazy Uncle Sam! His Policies are Insane!

10/31/00: Sorry, no pumpkins or goblins on this home page: We cover the drug war in Latin America, where it's Halloween 365 days a year.

10/30/00: Clinton just lost in 30 states, a week before the US elections: The Conservative Party of Colombian President Andrés Pastrana went down in flames Sunday, losing every state in the nation. The Colombian people have soundly rejected Plan Colombia.

10/24/00: In the Stock Exchange of Journalistic Credibility, Gary Webb is up, AP and APME are down, and ex-AP Bolivia correspondent Peter McFarren, bankrupt, is no longer even traded.

10/23/00: ¡Viva la revolución del periodismo auténtico en contra a los para-periodistas!

10/18/00: To the Paramilitaries of Journalism: You've enlisted in the Drug War for personal gain. Lay down your weapons and your conflicts of interest, or be prepared to fight to defend the territories you have stolen. Today we declare an insurrection of Authentic Journalism against the "Para-journalists."

10/16/00: Gore campaign officials, fearful of the Nader vote, are spreading rumors through the LA Times and NY Times that after the US elections, "Plan Colombia" will be cancelled. Don't believe the hype. US Ambassador to Colombia Anne Patterson recently signed contracts between the US and Colombia that commits the spending of $1.3 billion dollars, thus pre-empting the next US Congress from stopping the military plan.

10/11/00: Memo to Judge Garzón in Spain: Why not put a warrant out for the arrest of US Ambassador Manuel Rocha in Bolivia before his war crimes shame humanity?

10/10/00: US Embassies and Consuls in Latin América closed on Monday to celebrate "Colombus Day." What next from the State Deparment? A celebratory pig roast in Jerusalem for Hanukkah?

This is your war. This is your war on drugs. Any questions?

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