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Jim Williams Out of Ecuador Prison: US Fight Ahead

Writes to Narco News, Calls US Drug War "A Sham"

Sunday, September 24, 2000


My name is Jim Williams. I received the Email that you sent my wife Robin
this morning. I have been back in the US for three weeks, after finishing an
eight year sentence for money laundering in Ecuador. My case was the first
case in Ecuadorian history that reach a condemnatory sentence without there
being any trace of drugs in the process. The Ecuadorian law is said by the
US Department of State to be weak concerning money laundering because it
conditions money laundering convictions on a prior narcotics conviction.

What the US DOS did not say was that with sufficient pressure from the DEA
and the DOS, Ecuadorian laws make not one iota of difference. I was
condemned and served an 8 year sentence simply because of pressure from USA
agencies. Initially they thought they could pressure me to lie to help them
convict a Colombian who I was doing business with. When this failed then it
became a matter of not losing face and I was taken to trial in Panama and
absolved, condemned in Ecuador and served an 8 year sentence getting out in
4 for good behavior; and now await the third trial for the same crime in the
US. I am financially ruined and the FBI well knows that if I cannot raise
the money (250 thousand) for a good defense in the USA they will condemn me
here. It would be hard to distinguish these techniques from those of the
Gestapo 60 years ago.

Meanwhile I spent 4 years in a Ecuadorian prison learning that the US
DOS/DOJ has no interest in resolving the drug problem, their only interest
is painting a politically convenient façade. Since they completely control
the judiciary in Ecuador this is not a difficult task. Furthermore their
closest allies in the WOD in Ecuador are some of the most notably corrupt
and drug related criminals/politicians. These politicians that have the
inclusive assistance of the USG are the same ones that have turned Ecuador
into the most corrupt Country in South America and in turn have created the
most fertile milieu for drug production/trafficking. The WOD in Ecuador and
perhaps other LA countries is nothing but a sham on the American people.

Jim Williams

The Free Jim Website has Background Info on this Case:

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