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The Narco News Bulletin works to tell the truth. We call it as we see it. Yet we are conscious that it's our truth. The whole truth can only be constructed by the participation of the people. Thus, we strive to work together, to collaborate, with your truth and the truths of others, "to make a bigger truth."

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Narco News is a project in authentic journalism. We do not accept advertising. We do not charge a price for our reports.

Narco News has no bank account. During our legal battle against Banamex-Citigroup in the New York Supreme Court, we did have a defense fund, titled Drug War on Trial, exclusively for our legal expenses. We were victorious in that battle, but are still in debt and preparing a countersuit to collect our damages from this frivolous narco-lawsuit.

In sum, Narco News makes no profit, raises no funds, and seeks to keep free speech free from economic pressures.

The annual budget of Narco News -- $270 U.S. dollars for the website -- is paid for by our publisher, Al Giordano.

Beginning in January 2002, our publisher funded our Andean Bureau in La Paz, Bolivia, out of his own pocket.

Because we believe in full disclosure by journalists and periodicals, our publisher also discloses, on this page, the sources of his own income as a freelance journalist, researcher and translator.

Our publisher receives grants for his work through:


Our publisher has received grants from:

The Tides Foundation

The Angelica Foundation

John Gilmore

We also received $3,500 in small contributions, averaging $50 apiece, from readers to purchase new computer equipment when our laptop died in the summer of 2002.

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We were introduced to Voxel by:

DRCNet - the Drug Reform Coordination Network

Our publisher sometimes sells stories to:

The Boston Phoenix newspaper

The Nation Magazine

The Philadephia City Paper

The Lindesmith Center

Note: The Lindesmith Center has recently expanded and is now called:

The Drug Policy Alliance

And the prestigious literary journal:

Evergreen Review

Our publisher also subsidizes the work of Narco News by performing as a musician with his guitar in nightclubs somewhere in a country called América.

In recent years, our publisher has also lectured at:

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Columbia University Law School, New York City

George Washington University, Washington DC


Important Spanish Language Publications:

El Boletín Mexicano de La Crisis

Por Esto!

Vive Con Drogas

Acción Andina


We Subscribe to the Following Newsletters and Frequently Use Facts and Analysis Provided by Them:

Money Laundering Alert

Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness Newsletter

DRCNet's The Week On Line

Trans National Institute's Drugs and Democracy Mailing List

Colombian Labor Monitor

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

The Colombia Report

The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site

Narco News is recommended by...

Let Em Talk radio program, WBAI New York

The Drug Money Times (edited by Dan Hopsicker)

Common Sense on Drug Policy

National Security Archive

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The Narco News Bulletin accepts no advertising nor editorial pressure of any kind.

Thank you for tuning in to The Narco News Bulletin. We invite you to add our site to your favorite links, and to spread the word about our existence. We grant permission to other web sites to link to ours.

We're new at designing web sites and will constantly expand and improve upon this site with your suggestions, to better win the fight for true democracy, sovereignty and human rights.

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Al Giordano