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Q. Why Didn't Al Gore Pick John Kerry For Vice President?

A. Kerry knows too much?

(A Journalist's Guide to Inconvenient Facts)

Selections from the Senate Committee Report on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy chaired by Senator John F. Kerry

Mother Jones timeline of Contra cocaine scandal

Senator KERRY: What did you do with those drugs?
Mr. MORALES: Sell them.
Senator KERRY: What did you do with the money?
Mr. MORALES: Give it to the Contras.
Senator KERRY: All right.

"What was the response when the Kerry Committee report was released? According to a Lexis-Nexis search, only four major papers reported the committee's findings -- none on the front page." -- Mother Jones

Columbia Journalism Review analysis:

"Even when a special Senate subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations, chaired by Senator John Kerry, released its long-awaited report, Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy, big-media coverage constituted little more than a collective yawn. The 1,166-page report -- it covered not only the covert operations against Nicaragua, but also relations with Panama, Haiti, the Bahamas, and other countries involved in the drug trade -- was the first to document U.S. knowledge of, and tolerance for, drug smuggling under the guise of national security. "In the name of supporting the contras," the Kerry Committee concluded in a sad but stunning indictment, officials "abandoned the responsibility our government has for protecting our citizens from all threats to their security and well-being."

"Yet when the report was released on April 13, 1989, coverage was buried in the back pages of the major newspapers and all but ignored by the three major networks. The Washington Post ran a short article on page A20 that focused as much on the infighting within the committee as on its findings; The New York Times ran a short piece on A8; the Los Angeles Times ran a 589-word story on A11. (All of this was in sharp contrast to those newspapers' lengthy rebuttals to the Mercury News series seven years later - - collectively totalling over 30,000 words.) ABC's Nightline chose not to cover the release of the report...." -- Columbia Journalism Review

Declassified documents from The National Security Archives

DEA agent Cele Castillo Interview by Webster Tarpley, Radio Free Michigan archives:

"…at that time, Jan. 14, 1986, to be exact, George Bush was in Guatemala City. At the same time that George Bush was there, I also saw Calero, head of the Contras, and Oliver North. And I met George Bush at the cocktail party at the ambassador's residence, and basically, what he was doing, was walking around, shaking hands with everybody. And he came up to me, and asked me what my job description was as DEA agent. And I told him that I conducted international narcotics investigations on traffickers down in Central America. I also advised him that I was the agent in charge of reporting for El Salvador, and I forewarned him that there were some funny things going on at Ilopango Airport, with the Contras. He shook my hand, he smiled, and he just walked away from me, without saying another word. From that moment, I knew he knew something about the Contras."

Consortium News analysis:

"When this important report was issued in April 1989, the Post buried the information in a scant 700-word article on page A20. And most of that story, by Michael Isikoff, was devoted to Republican criticisms of Kerry, rather than to the serious evidence of contra wrongdoing. Other establishment publications took the cue that it was safe to mock Kerry. Newsweek dubbed him a "randy conspiracy buff." -- Consortium News

How the Contras Invaded the United States by Dennis Bernstein and Robert Knight: a WBAI radio NY report

Third World Traveler: How Establishment Newspapers Do Damage Control for the CIA

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein wrote that "the agency's relationship with the New York Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. From 1950 to 1966, about 10 CIA employees were provided Times cover under arrangements approved by the newspaper's late publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. The cover arrangements were part of a general Times policy - set by Sulzberger - to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible." -- Third World Traveler

Narco News: From Mexico to Colombia, the Times still does the CIA's dirty work on behalf of the corrupt war on drugs

From the Boston Globe: August 6th, 2000

"But Kerry and Gore remained at odds on some issues. In 1991, in one of the most important votes of Gore's career, the Tennessean voted to support President Bush's request to use force in the Gulf War.

Kerry voted against the resolution. He said he wanted to give economic sanctions more time to work ''before rushing headlong into war.''

By some accounts, Gore's vote helped him secure the vice presidential spot. Bill Clinton had waffled on whether he would have voted for the use of force, and the governor of Arkansas was searching for a running mate with foreign policy experience who had backed the Gulf War.

Kerry's name came up in the initial search for a running mate, but he was not seriously considered, partly because of his voting record and his opposition to the Gulf War resolution. Indeed, Kerry's Gulf War vote has been a sore point with some Gore aides in the current process."

John Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War testimony: April 23, 1971, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Open Letter to John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, Boston Phoenix, September 11, 1997, by the publisher of Narco News, from somewhere in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast...

Q. So why did John Kerry vote for Plan Colombia?

A. Because he was running for Vice President?

Text of Kerry Speech in Support of Plan Colombia.

Second Open Letter, Much Shorter:

Dear John,

Sometimes it takes a tap on the shoulder to wake up and smell the herbicide.


Al Giordano


The Narco News Bulletin

Extra Credit:

(Because US Official Narco-Collaboration is Worse Today Than Ever)

Al Gore's Party with Narcos

From Part II of the City Paper story:

"In October 1996, prominent members of Dominican drug trafficking organizations - people assigned special DEA identity numbers - attended a fundraiser for the New York Democratic Party at an Upper West Side tavern.

The guest of honor that night was Vice President Al Gore...."

Read Part I...

US Officials Protect the Narco

And bonus points:

The Importance of Drug Money to the Campaign of Al Gore

by Michael C. Ruppert

Narco News May 2000 Story-of-the-month

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