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European Union Turning Against US Plan Colombia

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"The name of our country is América"

-- Simón Bolívar

June 13, 2000 154,303 visits since April 18, 2000

Chiapas Part IX: Drug War Heroes of the Month

Part I: Welcome to Chiapas Part II: Tapachula: Gateway to the Cocaine Trail

Part III: Drugs, the Official Passport to the North Part IV: Why Some drugs Are Seized

Part V: The Rebels, Not the Government, Slowed the Drug Trade
Part VI: Chabal Tak'in: "There is no Money" Part VII: The Colonel and His Troops
Part VIII: The State Police Station

Based on three years of investigation, thousands of kilometers logged, and interviews with hundreds of sources

Top Mex Journalist Challenges NY Times

¡El corresponsal está bailando la Conga porque le metieron el chile!

Dillon Responds: he's going and the new boss arrives before the elections

Not all New Yorkers are so mercenary...

Juan González of the NY Daily News scorches the US drug war in Colombia and its harm to press freedom

U. Cal. Censorship of Colombia web site:

Anatomy of Censorship

We publish the private e-mails of university officials that led to the censorship

U. of Cal. Censors Web Site on Colombia Conflict

Global Web Mobilizes to stop University's Electronic Book Burning

U. Cal. Students Thwart Censorship by Taking Victory Into Their Own Hands


A communiqué from the Colombian guerilla

Reopen the file on assassination of Manuel Buendía

Dare to Legalize

A new journalistic tour-de-force from the daily Por Esto!

The latest in a long series of outstanding journalistic works on the drug war by the daily Por Esto! merits international attention. The Narco News Bulletin today declares:

Mario Menéndez Rodríguez:

May 2000 Hero of the Month

May 2000 Narcos-of-the-Month Mayo 2000 Narcos-del-Mes

The Outrageous NY Times Story in depth:

Fresh Air in Mexico City

NY Times Liberates Mexico Bureau from Sam Dillon

Our thanks to Jim Ledbetter's NY Press for featuring this story:

and also appreciation to Jim Romenesko's Media News

New Times Bureau Chief: Ginger Thompson New Correspondent: Tim Weiner

Cotts of Village Voice calls it a "Dream Team"

Dillon, instead of practicing authentic journalism, abused his power to threaten international freedom of the press

Troubles mount at TV Azteca

Ernesto Villanueva analyzes TV station's ethical problems


"Live Without TV"

El Chamuco, the MAD magazine of Mexico, salutes Narco News in issue #112: ¡Nuestros saludos igual, Chamucos!


TV Azteca pays murder suspect $50,000 pesos a month in his jail cell: the daily Reforma reports

The narco-media scandal in Mexico City has hit in New York City

Narco-corruption that poses as journalism

read our exclusive report:

on The Media Channel

Link Updated on June 5th

"Rockefeller Center?

We have a problem...."

Giving journalism a corrupt name: TV Azteca host Lilly Téllez

Conflict of Interest

She has federal espionage agents for bodyguards and a state-owned vehicle:


"The conduct of the guards of the journalist went way beyond protecting their client and probably committed a crime" -- Veteran journalist speaks out 


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updated on May 27, 2000

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This Month's Top Story

As voters in the Dominican Republic went to the polls on May 17th, their fate was already sealed: Electoral fraud and drug corruption, directed by the United States and its Narco-Ambassador.

At 12:48 a.m. the morning after the election it was announced that the computer system counting the vote -- which would have forced a run-off election -- fell. By the time the vote count reappeared in cyberspace, the chosen party of Washington and US ambassador Charles Mannatt had won. And Washington talks about "democracy"?

For the next few days the vote tally of the Washington-backed candidate -- Hipolito Mejía of the Dominican Revolutionary Party -- swayed over and under the all-important 50-percent mark. The confusion gave Washington time to broker the withdrawl from the race of the other two candidates. Thus, the final tally, so as not to draw too much international attention to the suspicious election night fall of the computer system, placed Mejía just under 50 percent. But by then there was no one to run against.

Electoral Fraud.

Two words to know.

Two words that could repeat themselves on July 2nd in Mexico.

Narco News publishes the US Department of Justice letter that tried to silence this special report:

This letter, from US Attorney David M. Barasch to former US Congressman Don Bailey, attorney for John McLaughlin, was written on February 14th of this year. It says:

Dear Don,

It has come to my attention that your client, John McLaughlin, may have disseminated the document "The Dominican Threat: A Strategic Assessment of Dominican Drug Trafficking" to Michael Ruppert, publisher of the newsletter "From The Wilderness." This suggests that your client does not appreciate the seriousness of possible further dissemination of the material to drug traffickers. To protect this sensitive information to the extent still possible, I am requesting that you provide me with a list of any other persons or entities to whom Mr. McLaughlin or any of your clients have released the report or any part of the report.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



David M. Barasch

United States Attorney

Mary Katherine Frye

Assistant United States Attorney

Special to The Narco News Bulletin:

The Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline

Charles Manatt, Clinton's New Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Demonstrates the Importance of Drug Money to Election 2000 and to Al Gore

by Michael C. Ruppert


For information on how to subscribe to From The Wilderness:


If you can break him there, you can break him anywhere....

McCaffrey Explodes!

Drug Czar's media tantrum on ABC, CBS, and NBC has boomerang effect

The New Yorker can't print 'em fast enough

New Yorker statement to the press Boston Globe on air war


Max Frankel's Call of the Andes answered by Narco News

"This is a media alert for editors and television producers who thought they could safely ignore all news outside the United States: the permanent drug war is going military... Alert media, however, will want to prepare to field Spanish-speaking correspondents...

"It would be unwise to expect trustworthy information from Washington...."

the words of Max Frankel

Authentic Journalist of the New York Times

our response to Max Frankel


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