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"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

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December 1, 2001

Narco News 2001

Reporting on the "War on Drugs" from Latin America

The Narco News Bulletin:

Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

FARC Calls Peace Talks

Invites Colombian Government and Civil

Society to Rebel Territory on January 15th

COHA to Fox:

Honeymoon's Over

Deeds, not Words, Mr. Mexican President

The "Terrorist" is

Manuel Rocha

Bolivia Regime, in Desperate Move,

Labels Bolivian Protests as "Terrorist"

US Ambassador Participates in

"Terrorism" Fest, but Only Provokes:

Businessmen, Labor, Farmers

Call National Strikes/Blockades

Oscar Olivera: They Picked on the Wrong Guy

A Narco News Global Alert

Bolivia Regime

Goes After Olivera

The Viceroy Overplays Hand with Repression

As Resumption of Coca Eradication Threatened

Global Hero for the Environment

and Workers Detained on Monday

"What the US Embassy Says, Goes"

-- ret. Colonel, Bolivian Armed Forces

Previous Bolivia News:

Coca Growers

Study Proposal

Bolivia Coca Summit Ends;

US Ambassador Mocks Talks

Government Threatens to Begin
Forced Eradication This Week

And Sunday's Press Briefing...

Bolivia Suspends

Coca Eradication

Historic Talks Begin but

US Embassy is Enraged

Congress Members Write...

"We are Disturbed"

by Bolivia Policy

U.S. Reps Tell Ambassador Rocha that

Military Violence is Unsatisfactory:

And Our November 16th Press Briefing...

Bolivia Burning:

A Nation on the Verge of

U.S.-Provoked Uprising

By Al Giordano

News from Mexico...

Montiel & Cabrera Are...

Free At Last!

The First Narco News "Heroes

of the Month" Obtain Liberty

The 4th World War

By Subcomandante Marcos

Catherine Austin Fitts Writes...

Part III: Drugs

as Currency

Final Chapter of the Series...


for Dummies

"How the Money Works"

in the Illicit Drug Trade

Missed Part I? Click Here

Part II? Click Here

Part III: Drugs as Currency

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Vietnam Generals:

"This War Fails, Too"

Gen. Van Tie Dung: "War

Doesn't End the Hate"

Afghanistan: "A Quagmire"

By Agence France Presse

from somewhere in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast...

Shadows & Light

Communiqué on the Assassination of

Mexico Human Rights Attorney Ochoa

By Subcomandante Marcos

1st Communiqué from Zapatistas Since April

Our Publisher Speaks in...

Take Bin Laden Halloween

Mask Off Anthrax Threat

(Add your comments in the Phoenix Forum)

By Al Giordano

and in...

Never Shut Up,

New York

By Al Giordano

Excerpted from:

Back by Reader Demand:

Bin Laden Special Song

Teach-Ins for América Begin!

Gorman's View from Peru:

Aftermath: the

Jungle Bungle

Photo by Alan Shoemaker, Iquitos, Peru, Special to Narco News
Cockpit of Downed Missionary Plane in Peru
Joint US/Peru Report Lays Blame for

Shootdown at Missionary Pilot's Feet?

By Peter Gorman

Narco News Peru Correspondent

Update on Terror Money Trail...

State Dept's Reeker

Claims Ignorance

Tells Press he's "not aware" of

Miami Bank checks to Colombian AUC

U.S. Bank Identified: It's Barnett Bank

Remembering Dan

Another Drug Fugitive Bites the Dust

By Stan Gotlieb

Transcript of the Interview:

"You've Got To

Be Up Front"

The Stan Goff Interview

By Mike McCormick

Stan Goff Speaks

Master Sgt. author of

"The So-Called Evidence is a Farce"

(Published last month by Narco News)

Radio Interview by Mike McCormick

Opportunist Annie

Admits 9/11 Game

U.S. Ambassador

to Colombia, Anne Patterson:

“Certainly, Sept. 11 has enabled us"

Part I of Our Series on WOD & WOT:

War on Terrorism: a

Recipe for Disaster

Washington and the U.S. Press

Declare War (Again) without

Defining the Enemy

And Part II...


"Terrorist" List:

Road Through Afghanistan

Leads to Colombia

By Al Giordano

And Our Editorial...

Citigroup's Rubin:

Banking on Terror

Citigroup Lobbies to Weaken Anti-Terror Legislation

Anti-Terror Controls Could Clip Bank Industry's Narco-Profits

Senator: Bank Lobbyists "are being very unpatriotic"

Time To Expose the "White Collar Terrorists"


Meanwhile, Drug War is Still On Trial...

Drug War on Trial Updates:

McKinney Defends

"A respected journalist telling the truth, at risk to his own safety, should not be facing a lawsuit meant to silence him."

- U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia)

"We Knew We Had Something

Special on Our Hands..."

A Special Commentary by...

Hot Muckraker

By Mim Udovitch

Rolling Stone

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