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"The Name of Our Country is América" - Simón Bolívar

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October 23, 2001

Narco News 2001

Reporting on the "War on Drugs" from Latin America

The Narco News Bulletin:

Information Desk: Drug War Goes on Trial

Colombian Terrorists

Funded from... Miami

Money Trail Revealed

Montesinos Ran 120

Spies for US v. FARC

Audiotape: "U.S. Is Happy To

Maintain This Relationship"


U.S. Official Reveals

Colombia as Target

State Dept.'s Taylor at OAS:

The Andes is in Military's Sites

Both stories by Agence France Press

Citigroup's Rubin:

Banking on Terror

Citigroup Lobbies to Weaken Anti-Terror Legislation

Anti-Terror Controls Could Clip Bank Industry's Narco-Profits

Senator: Bank Lobbyists "are being very unpatriotic"

Time To Expose the "White Collar Terrorists"


By Al Giordano

Citibank Defends

Money Laundering

By Lucy Komisar

In These Times

Correction & Update

on Mexico Arrests

What's the Story With the Armed Men at the Congress?


U.S. & Media Lies

By Michael C. Ruppert

The So-Called

Evidence Is a Farce

By Stan Goff

Stan Goff Joined the U.S. Armed Forces in 1970 and Left in 1996

Part II of our series now online...


"Terrorist" List:

Road Through Afghanistan

Leads to Colombia

By Al Giordano

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

Follows Part I:

War on Terrorism: a

Recipe for Disaster

Washington and the U.S. Press

Declare War (Again) without

Defining the Enemy

"War on Terrorism"
...a test-tube clone of the "War on Drugs"


Building a Map to

Solve the Crime

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

(Catherine Austin Fitts is former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former managing director of Dillon Read. Today she is CEO of the Solari Group.)

AUC and Taliban:

U.S. Policy Backfires from

Colombia to Afghanistan

By Kim Alphandry

Special to The Narco News Bulletin

Drug Prohibition:

"Branch and Root" of Terrorism

By Dan Gardner


1991 Ticker-Tape Parade, New York ---- 2001 Palestinian Vigil, Jerusalem

Parade Rout

By Barry Crimmins

9/11: Day of Infamy in

the U.S. and in Chile

By Roger Burbach


Teach-In For América

U.S. vs. Democracy

in Colombia & Andes

A Narco News Special Report

Colombia's History of

Drug Reform Efforts

Colonial Policy by Washington Has Meddled

Repeatedly to Censor Nation's Public Debate

By Juan Gabriel Tokatlián


Anne Patterson threatens

these democratic institutions...

Colombia Congress

Debates Legalizing

"Prohibition is Narco's Greatest Ally"

- Senator Vivian Morales

Governors: End

Drug Prohibition

Historic Resolution by National

Assembly of Colombia Govs

Andean Parliament

Calls L-Word Summit

Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, join

Colombian Call for Regional Policy Change

And the U.S. Ambassador's Response?

Annie Freaks Out

Threatens "Problems" If Solutions Found

Texas Newspapers

Break Blockade

Narco News Broke the Story...

Dallas Morning News reports:

Many Colombians

Back Decriminalization

By Todd Robberson

And the Houston Chronicle reports:

Colombian Officials

Cooling on Drug War

By John Otis

And from Canada's top national daily...

Colombia Wearies

of War on Drugs

By Michael Petrou

Courting Disaster

in Colombia

By Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Fact-Checking Washington's Threats...

U.N. Treaties and the

Legalization of Drugs

By Peter Webster

He wasn't in Durban, South Africa...

Powell Made

Secret Panama Trip

U.S. Official Went to Air Base Last Week

A Narco News Global Alert

As a "Timesman" is Unmasked...

Atrocity's Apologist

NYT's Juan Forero Covered for Embassy

A Narco News Global Alert

Forero Failed to Disclose the Presence of U.S. Embassy Official During Interviews With Plan Colombia Mercenary Pilots

By Al Giordano

Special to the Narco News Bulletin

Drug War on Trial Updates:

McKinney Defends

to Akin Gump:

"A respected journalist telling the truth, at risk to his own safety, should not be facing a lawsuit meant to silence him. The lawsuit is without merit. Cease the case immediately and issue a formal apology."

- U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia)

Drug War on Trial

By Mark Schapiro

Ramírez Names Names of

Spies Against Narco News:


Hernández's Fears

Dirty Work by PGR Commanders: "They

Physically Followed the Journalists"

By Carlos Ramírez

Indicador Político

From the daily El Financiero of Mexico City

Nukes to Narcs

By Richie Davis

The Greenfield Recorder

"We Knew We Had Something

Special on Our Hands..."

A Special Commentary by...

Rolling Stone Summer Hot Issue names...

Hot Muckraker

By Mim Udovitch

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