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June 22, 2018 | Issue #67 - Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy from Latin America

The Authentic Journalist, a superhero

Unlike the great majority, we don't solve problems with violence. Our revolution against the media is peaceful.

By Debra Jansen
School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2015

March 2, 2016
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If you think I'm exaggerating with the title, in the following paragraphs I'll prove you the amazing resemblance between authentic journalists and superheroes. I'll also highlight some differences.

Let's just say we're like Superman, we just always dress like Clark Kent, figuratively, of course. I haven't met a single autentico that wears a suit and tie unless he has to or needs to. We're jeans & sneakers Clarks. No tight costumes, no cape (god forbid), most of us with bellies, but all of us just as capable in their tasks.

Our superpowers vary. Some of us arrive to the School of Authentic Journalism already knowing which they are, others discover them there; but absolutely all of us come out of that mutant academy having had an intensive training on practical implementation and reconciliation with our skills. I you think in the movies this happens in an unreasonable short time, well, at the SAJ we do it in 4 days. It is what it is, we superheroes are fast learners.

The causes that motivate us also vary, but they may all be encompassed under the words TRUTH and JUSTICE. We trust that good will prevail over evil and we fight the villains that want to take over the world.

¿Our archenemies? The media, mediation and middlemen. (To read more about this please refer to

¿Our kidnapped girlfriend? Information.

Guess what: have you seen in superhero movies that the police and the militia are usually against the hero? Well they tend to be against us too! I'm telling you, we're really similar!

As we all know, we, superheroes, are non-lethal. We can't kill the enemy just like that. He must somehow destroy himself. But have you ever heard of non-violent superheroes?

Unlike the great majority, we don't solve problems with violence. Our revolution against the media is peaceful.

At the SAJ you'll also find the inevitable wise old guy (originally from New York, cradle of most superheroes), kind of like an Alfred or Uncle Ben, only in this case it'd be an Uncle Albert? Yes, I'm referring to Al Giordano, cofounder and president of the School. He's probably the result of a science experiment gone wrong. He plays a very active role in the organization, but he's longing to delegate this responsibility and just play the role of that close person that gives you Yoda-style pep talks.

It sounds all very nice so far, right? But, like every superhero, we have our weakness, our Kryptonite. It our cases this comes down to limited funds... or a well-placed bullet. HUGE difference with those superheroes heirs of large fortunes and/or bulletproof.

Well then, while we try to dodge the bullets, we need you to give us a hand with the funds so that together we can continue helping humanity!

PS: You're a superhero too? Then don't hesitate to apply for our 2016 School.

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