by Mexican Students of
06/05/2012 8:30 pm
For an Authentic Democracy! I am 132

“Your country and mine is suffering, we live submerged in a deep crisis… There are plenty of bullets, plenty of misery, but we are lacking awareness. We will not accept this situation any more. We unite our voices to demand our right to impartial and transparent information. We demand real competition in the mass media… As a movement we demand that all the presidential candidates commit to the end of the television duopoly that prevents access to information… Mexico Needs us… For an Authentic Democracy! I am 132!”

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In Mexico, Finally, a Revolt Against the Media, by Isadora Bonilla & Al Giordano (June 1, 2012, Narco News)

The Medium Is the Middleman: For a Revolution Against the Media, by Al Giordano (1997)