by Allrighter, YouTube
04/10/2011 11:09 pm
How to Walk Like an Egyptian: Tahrir, April 8

Al Giordano: On January 28 the Army and its tanks were welcomed into Tahrir Square by the people. Now they have made themselves non grata. Very moving to see how when citizens surrounded a lone soldier they contained him without trying to hurt him physically, even when they had the upper hand. Take notes, “First World” anti-globalization protesters: Nobody is throwing rocks or molotovs, none have gas masks or bullet proof vests. But in 8 minutes these unarmed Egyptians nonviolently trick and defeat the Army militarily. This is your “anti riot porn manual” to get you off your boring same-old tactics and learn how to defeat dictatorship, Egyptian-style!

Here is what happened: Hundreds of thousands had flooded Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday in a demonstration “to purge the government of the remnants of the old regime.” After the 2 a.m. military curfew, a thousand or so protesters remained in the Square with 23 uniformed military defectors. At 3:30 a.m. the Army came in with tanks, looking for the uniformed defectors, and to “clean the Square” of any unsightly democracy.

But the young people had a strategy! And they had tactics! They created a diversion, made the Army think its defectors were in tents in the middle of the square. When the soldiers came in shooting and beating (at least two civilians are reported dead) the protesters already had a plan! They taunted the Army with slogans and flags and fists, but not with rocks or weapons! They “detained” some lone soldiers without beating the crap out of them, as bait to try and lure the Army down one of the side streets. Within six or seven minutes, they succeeded in luring the soldiers down one street while, voila!, other civil resisters retook Tahrir Square from the (now absent) Army.

And they’re still there. The following night, after curfew, the Army didn’t even bother to come. The people chanted “Why is the Army late tonight?”

Study this video, and the tactics deployed. And you will understand why so many “activist” protests lose militarily to the uniforms, while the Egyptians keep winning. And apply these advances in your own nations and communities. Here it is, in eight minutes: How to walk like an Egyptian! And win!